Merge pull request #420 from apache/hotfix/dm_cmp_coverity_issues
[celix.git] / RELEASE_NOTES
2020-09-18  Roy Bulter- Revert RELEASE_NOTES change
2020-09-18  Roy Bulter- Fix connection loss when receive buffer is not filled
2020-08-30  rbulterMerge pull request #5 from apache/master
2020-01-09  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'master' into develop
2019-12-16  Pepijn NoltesUpdates version info and documentation for release
2018-02-02  Roy LenferinkMerge branch 'endpoint-format' into develop
2018-01-30  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'master' into develop
2018-01-24  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'release/2.1.0' into feature/CELIX-417...
2018-01-24  Pepijn NoltesCELIX-412: Updates celix version rel/celix-2.1.0
2018-01-18  Pepijn NoltesMerge commit 'ee29b00d7a80af43d351e61916d5a5aa90f97e46...
2018-01-16  Pepijn NoltesCELIX-412: Updates release notes
2018-01-15  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'develop' into release/2.1.0
2018-01-11  Pepijn NoltesCELIX-412: Updates version and RELEASE_NOTES for 2...
2016-12-02  gricciardiMerge branch 'etcdlib' of
2016-11-21  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-11-21  Pepijn NoltesCELIX-382: Update version of most compnents and update...
2016-10-26  Pepijn NoltesMerge tag 'rel/celix-2.0.0.rc1' rel/celix-2.0.0
2016-10-11  Pepijn NoltesMerge branch 'develop' of
2016-10-10  Pepijn NoltesCELIX-282: Removes unused folders, updates release...
2014-01-14  Alexander BroekhuisCELIX-108: Added/Updated files for 1.0.0 release.