descriptionApache Celix - An implementation of the OSGi specification adapted to C and C++
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 28 Jun 2022 13:35:40 +0000 (15:35 +0200)
5 days ago  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #424 from apache/feature/print_funct... master
5 days ago  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #423 from apache/feature/update_defa...
5 days ago  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #422 from pnoltes/feature/alt_c_hashmap
5 days ago  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #421 from apache/feature/update_comp...
7 days ago  Pepijn NoltesAdds print functions for dependency manager and dm... 424/head
8 days ago  Pepijn NoltesRefactors the DefaultExecutor of celix::Promises so... 423/head
8 days ago  Pepijn NoltesUpdates and refactor celix shell documentation 421/head
8 days ago  Pepijn NoltesFixes some mem leaks in the updated celix array list 422/head
10 days ago  Pepijn NoltesFixes issue in hash map test suite
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesFixes issue with array list removed callbacks.
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesUses array list with removed callback for dm.
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesAdds removed callback support for array list and adds...
2022-06-19  Pepijn NoltesSplit celix hash map header in 2 headers (string and...
2022-06-18  Pepijn NoltesFixes function renames
2022-06-18  Pepijn NoltesUpdates celix hash map doxygen
2022-06-18  Pepijn NoltesUpdates utils benchmark to also measure hash map fill.
2 years ago rel/celix-2.2.1 Celix release X.Y.Z
2 years ago rel/celix-2.2.0 Celix release 2.2.0
4 years ago rel/celix-2.1.0 Tagging the celix-2.1.0 release
5 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0 CELIX-282: Tagging celix-2.0.0
5 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0.rc1 CELIX-282: Tagging celix-2.0.0.rc1
6 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0.alpha1 CELIX-282: Retagging celix-2.0...
6 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0.alpha2 CELIX-282: Tag of Celix version...
7 years ago celix-1.0.0.incubating celix-1.0.0.incubating
7 years ago celix-0.0.1-incubating celix-0.0.1-incubating
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5 months ago feature/add_pubsub_udp
7 months ago dm_cmd_with_plantuml_output
5 years ago feature/event_admin
5 years ago Documentation
6 years ago feature/CELIX-265_discovery_improvement
6 years ago feature/CELIX-247_android_support