descriptionApache Celix - An implementation of the OSGi specification adapted to C and C++
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 24 Apr 2022 06:00:24 +0000 (14:00 +0800)
2022-04-24  PengZhengMerge pull request #414 from xuzhenbao/fix_rsalist_race master
2022-04-24  xuzhenbaoremodify log level 414/head
2022-04-20  xuzhenbaochange a log level
2022-04-20  xuzhenbaoreplace with celix_ prefixed array list api, and add...
2022-04-19  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #412 from pnoltes/feature/update_doc...
2022-04-19  Pepijn NoltesRemoves TODOs, will be addressed in separate pull request 412/head
2022-04-18  xuzhenbaouse a single mutex to refactor topology manager
2022-04-14  xuzhenbaoMerge branch 'apache:master' into fix_rsalist_race
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #398 from rlenferink/add-asf-yaml
2022-04-13  Roy LenferinkEnable require pull requests 398/head
2022-04-13  xuzhenbaokeep rsaRemoved and rsaAdded strictly reverse order
2022-04-12  Pepijn NoltesUpdates documentation based on review comments
2022-04-12  Pepijn NoltesMerge pull request #413 from xuzhenbao/fix_RSA_use_afte...
2022-04-12  xuzhenbaofix rsalist race
2022-04-12  xuzhenbaorename variable name 413/head
2022-04-12  xuzhenbaorename variable name
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5 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0 CELIX-282: Tagging celix-2.0.0
5 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0.rc1 CELIX-282: Tagging celix-2.0.0.rc1
6 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0.alpha1 CELIX-282: Retagging celix-2.0...
6 years ago rel/celix-2.0.0.alpha2 CELIX-282: Tag of Celix version...
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