2015-04-11  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-982: fixed package in export-package declaration
2015-04-11  Reto GmuerRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.1"
2015-04-11  Reto GmuerRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next develop...
2015-04-11  Reto Gmür[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2015-04-11  Reto Gmür[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.1
2015-04-11  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-983: changed casing to match incubating common...
2015-04-09  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-982: renamed packages
2015-04-09  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-982: moved files for new packages
2015-04-05  Reto GmürCLEREZZA-951: language tag normalized to lowercase...
2015-03-30  Reto GmürCLEREZZA-981: selecting only the vars used in query
2015-03-29  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-973: fixed export-package statement to export...
2015-03-24  Reto GmuerUsing release clerezza 6 parent, fixed
2015-03-24  Reto GmuerUsing release clerezza 6 parent
2015-03-22  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-966: changed names to reflect hierarchy
2015-03-22  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-977: generating correct HashCode for literals.
2015-03-22  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-974: removed depndency on slf4j
2015-03-22  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-973: creating OSGi bundles
2015-03-19  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-959: moved graph isomorphisms tests to here
2015-03-18  Reto GmuerCLEREZZA-958: Using clerezza parents
2015-03-18  Reto Gmuerswitching to clerezza parent causes tests to fail.
2015-03-16  Reto Gmuerremoved outdated claim that BlankNodes aren't supported yet
2015-03-15  Reto Gmuerallowing queries with bnodes
2015-03-15  Reto Gmuerhandling similar bnodes
2015-03-15  Reto GmuerBack to git