5 days ago  Rohit Yadavconfig: Fixes #35 fix panic due to inappropriate config... master
8 days ago  Rohit YadavREADME: fix golang version
10 days ago  Rohit Yadavnetwork: remove nested quotes in parameters
12 days ago  Rohit Yadavcli: use cyan as selected colour, don't bolden the...
12 days ago  Rohit Yadavvendor: update vendoring dependencies
13 days ago  Rohit Yadavnetwork: fix segfault 6.0.0-testing-beta2
13 days ago  Rohit Yadavcmk: add git sha and build timestamp from makefile
13 days ago  Rohit Yadavconfig: bump internal version to 6.0.0-beta2
13 days ago  Rohit Yadavcli: only show autocompletion options when tab is pressed
13 days ago  Rohit Yadavcli: allow parameter completion to be disables
13 days ago  Rohit Yadavconfig: add debuggability using -d flag
13 days ago  Pierre-Luc... config: create home configdir if not exist (#30)
2018-10-25  Rohit Yadavcli: implement heuristics based completer as a fallback
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcmk: implement file lock for config read/write
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcmk: implement command line flags support and usage doc
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcli: implement command line history support
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcli: fix pipe based output in shell
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavcmk: shlex input, new columnar output, refactorings
2018-10-21  Rohit Yadavtravis: fix build go mod vendor
2018-10-20  Rohit Yadavcmk: rewrite CLI using go-prompt
2018-10-20  Rohit YadavMakefile: use -mod=vendor to build using vendor
2018-10-20  Rohit Yadavcmk: disable search bar by default on tab-tab completion
2018-10-20  Rohit Yadavvendor: update dependencies
2018-10-19  Rohit Yadavcmk: switch to go mod
2018-09-18  Rohit Yadavnetwork: fix variable name to fix lint error
2018-08-21  Rohit Yadavnetwork: handle login session management and expiry
2018-08-16  Rohit Yadavnetwork: Fixes #24 split args to API in two parts
2018-07-02  Rohit Yadavoutput: fix lint issue to fix build failures
2018-06-26  Rohit Yadavoutput: implement and refactor json, csv, table, text...
2018-06-26  Rohit Yadavcmk: rename references to `cmk` and update README
2018-06-26  Rohit Yadavconfig: fix lint issue and travis failures
2018-06-25  Rohit Yadavnetwork: expire cookie jar based on initial log-in...
2018-06-25  Rohit Yadavconfig: several refactorings and interactive fixes
2018-06-25  Rohit Yadavcmd: handle errors well, throw non-zero exit code on...
2018-06-23  dahnMakefile: Fix gopath in command (#21)
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavnetwork: Fix glint error
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavconfig: add inbuilt API precache
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavcmd: on async job error, also print job response
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavnetwork: implement asyncblock for polling job results
2018-06-23  Rohit Yadavconfig: enable asyncblock by default, fix double space
2018-06-20  Rohit Yadavconfig: change default prompt to :cat:
2018-05-09  Rohit YadavFixes #17: handle errors when unable to connect
2018-05-04  Rohit Yadavapi: fix linting issue and order by filter keys
2018-05-04  Rohit Yadavconfig: allow custom prompt
2018-04-25  Rohit Yadavvendor: add missing go-runewidth dependency
2018-04-22  Rohit Yadavapi: wip refactor output code, using output type, respo...
2018-04-22  Rohit Yadavhelp: don't display the 'fake' filter option in api...
2018-04-22  Rohit Yadavset: display server profile details when profile is...
2018-04-22  Rohit Yadavcompleter: use response keys to show filter options
2018-04-22  Rohit Yadavcache: add API response keys in API cache for filter...
2018-04-21  Rohit Yadavcmd: introduce poc text and table outputs
2018-04-16  Rohit Yadavcmk: fix presentational issues
2018-04-16  Rohit Yadavclient: implement login based API calls, simplify config
2018-04-14  Rohit Yadavset: autocompletion for set parameters
2018-04-14  Rohit Yadavhelp: fix help to work with -h and help <api>
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavlint: introduce lint and fix lint issues
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavprompt: emoji-roulette on new shell
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavabout: add separate go file for cli name, version
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavconfig: implement ini based config same as legacy cloud...
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavvendor: merge readline forks, add go-ini for config...
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavdocs: display better formatted help with 80char width
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavtravis: enable travis for build checks
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavconfig: use a cross-platform compatible monkey emoji
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavcmk: on error return non-zero exit code
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavcli: improve docs output
2018-04-13  Rohit Yadavcli: improve selector and autocompletion
2018-04-12  Rohit Yadavcli: implement auto-completion for apis
2018-04-11  Rohit Yadavvendor: introduce vendoring and build system
2018-04-10  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: initial Go port (cmk)
2018-04-10  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: purge legacy files
2016-11-20  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: update precache against latest CloudStack...
2016-07-15  Rohit YadavMerge pull request #13 from phillipkent/fix_bug_windows... 5.3.3
2016-04-26  Phillip Kentfix bug in using readline in Windows 13/head
2016-04-07  Rohit YadavMerge pull request #11 from phillipkent/fix_urllib_quot...
2016-02-10  Rohit YadavREADME: add pip install method using git repo
2016-01-19  Rohit YadavMerge pull request #12 from 'waegemae/master'
2016-01-19  Rohit YadavCHANGES: update changes file
2016-01-19  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: print csv rows based on what's available
2016-01-19  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: manually print csv header
2016-01-13  Eric WaegemanSummary: Allow 'sync' as a verb without overriding... 12/head
2016-01-12  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: return autocompletion suggestions sorted...
2016-01-08  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: zsh styled history invocation using !
2015-12-19  Phillip KentUpdate 11/head
2015-12-16  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: add new command history to see history
2015-08-19  Rohit YadavRevert "Fix some parameters are double encoded" 5.3.2
2015-08-14  Rohit YadavCHANGES: update changes since 5.3.1
2015-08-14  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: update precache
2015-08-11  Rohit YadavCHANGES: update changelog wrt 5.3.2
2015-08-05  Nuno TavaresFIX responses /contain/ word "response", but may not...
2015-07-14  Rohit Yadavrequester: handle error when no response is found in...
2015-07-04  pdion891remove whitespace. This close #7
2015-07-04  Pierre-Luc... remove from image path, update doc
2015-07-04  Pierre-Luc... cleanup, remove commented lines
2015-07-04  Pierre-Luc... Update contribution howto, add Docker howto
2015-07-04  Pierre-Luc... build cloudmonkey at docker build
2015-07-04  Pierre-Luc... initial Dockerization files
2015-06-29  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: aggregate keys from response items to...
2015-06-19  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: fix csv output to correctly output UTF8...
2015-06-05  Rohit YadavCHANGES: add note on csv output display
2015-06-05  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey: add a new output format CSV