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2015-03-07  Pierre-Luc Dion4.5 update url for systemvms
2014-12-15  hannibal20added -f and a note about enabling VTx
2014-10-18  Pierre-Luc Dionminor update for 4.4.1 release 4.4.1
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2014-07-28  Alex HitchinsCentOS Link Broken
2014-07-15  pdion891CLOUDSTACK-6880: rewrite cloudstack-usage installation
2014-06-30  Sebastien GoasguenAdding zh_CN translations and pot files to master
2014-06-30  Sebastien GoasguenNew tx/config and pot files in preparation for 4.4 cut
2014-06-28  Carlos Reateguifix apt repository setup
2014-06-24  Sebastien GoasguenMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-06-24  Sebastien Goasguenfix reference to wrong pkg name in qig
2014-06-20  Carlos Reateguifix sudo command to create debian Packages file: This...
2014-06-18  Rajani Karuturicorrected the java version to 1.7: This closes #15
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2014-05-06  Rajani Karuturidoc for enabling CSP support on xenserver 6.1
2014-04-29  Sebastien GoasguenAdding mo files
2014-04-29  Sebastien Goasguenfix conf file for localization
2014-04-29  Sebastien Goasguenpulling zh_CN strings from transifex
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