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24 <section id="cpu-sockets">
25 <title>Reporting CPU Sockets</title>
26 <para>&PRODUCT; manages different types of hosts that contains one or more physical CPU sockets.
27 CPU socket is considered as a unit of measure used for licensing and billing cloud
28 infrastructure. &PRODUCT; provides both UI and API support to collect the CPU socket statistics
29 for billing purpose. The Infrastructure tab has a new tab for CPU sockets. You can view the
30 statistics for CPU sockets managed by &PRODUCT;, which in turn reflects the size of the cloud.
31 The CPU Socket page will give you the number of hosts and sockets used for each hypervisor
32 type.</para>
33 <orderedlist>
34 <listitem>
35 <para>Log in to the &PRODUCT; UI.</para>
36 </listitem>
37 <listitem>
38 <para>In the left navigation bar, click Infrastructure.</para>
39 </listitem>
40 <listitem>
41 <para>On CPU Sockets, click View all.</para>
42 <para>The CPU Socket page is displayed. The page shows the number of hosts and CPU sockets
43 based on hypervisor types.</para>
44 <para>CPU sockets are displayed for XenServer version 6.2 and beyond, KVM, Hyper-V and VMware
45 hypervisors.</para>
46 <para>This feature is not available for XenServer versions prior to 6.2 as they don't support
47 retrieving CPU socket information. Additionally, this feature is not supported for
48 Baremetal.</para>
49 </listitem>
50 </orderedlist>
51 </section>