Merge pull request #3 from sureshanaparti/inclusivity-changes
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2015-04-13  Ian DuffyAdd apache license to python files. closes #9
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Merge branch 'unittest_addition' of
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Add tests to travis
2014-05-07  BroganD1993Make travis happy
2013-10-13  Ian DuffyChange package name
2013-09-12  Ian Duffyset travis config to install pep8 and pylint
2013-09-12  Ian DuffyAdd force for travis
2013-09-12  Ian DuffyUpdate travis config
2013-09-12  Ian DuffyAdd travis config