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[cloudstack-gcestack.git] / pyoauth2 /
2015-04-13  Ian DuffyAdd apache license to python files. closes #9
2014-07-28  BroganD1993Add pyjwt to dependencies, remove unnecessary arg
2014-07-27  BroganD1993Upgrade database definition
2014-07-25  BroganD1993Finish support for updated gcloud
2014-07-24  BroganD1993Begin support for updated gcloud
2014-06-04  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-04  BroganD1993Fix logging in provider
2014-05-15  BroganD1993Remove travis issues and Bump version number
2014-05-07  BroganD1993Make travis happy
2013-09-07  DarrenMerge pull request #1 from NOPping/userpassauth
2013-09-04  Ian DuffyTest accepting a auth token
2013-08-25  Ian DuffyAdd foundation for OAuth2 Provider implementation based...