retirement announcement
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2015-04-13  Ian DuffyAdd apache license to python files. closes #9
2014-09-11  BroganD1993Bumo version
2014-08-05  BroganD1993Bump version number
2014-07-28  BroganD1993Add pyjwt to dependencies, remove unnecessary arg
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Bump version
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Add *ini files in migrations to package data
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Add debug flag to 'gstack'
2014-06-23  BroganD1993Improve test coverage, clean operations
2014-06-20  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-16  BroganD1993Extract database out of project, add alembic config
2014-06-11  BroganD1993Begin refactoring process, messy template usage
2014-06-08  BroganD1993Add project tests
2014-05-29  DarrenFix bug in that causes error when deploying
2014-05-29  BroganD1993Allow for dynamic config file creation
2014-05-29  DarrenIncrement version number
2014-05-29  DarrenMerge pull request #3 from NOPping/gce_ga_support
2014-05-27  BroganD1993Fix weird bug in first time setup
2014-05-15  BroganD1993Update project URL
2014-05-15  BroganD1993Remove travis issues and Bump version number
2014-05-13  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-05-13  BroganD1993Extract user configuration to external config file
2014-05-07  BroganD1993Make travis happy
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenupdating version to 0.0.2
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenrename to gstack
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenrename to gstack
2013-10-13  Ian DuffyFix broken urls
2013-10-13  Ian DuffyChange package name
2013-10-04  Ian DuffyMake travis happy.. maybe?
2013-09-24  Sebastien after upload to pypi
2013-09-24  Sebastien Goasguenreadme fixes and emails in
2013-09-11  Ian DuffyUpdate
2013-09-11  Darren BroganRename templates/discovery.json to data/v15beta15.json
2013-09-10  Darren BroganExtract json responses, clean up
2013-09-07  Ian DuffyReadd pycrypto
2013-09-07  DarrenMerge pull request #1 from NOPping/userpassauth
2013-09-04  Ian DuffyTest accepting a auth token
2013-09-03  Sebastien Goasguenchanged port config
2013-09-01  Ian DuffyAdd temp fix for database
2013-09-01  Ian DuffyApply PEP8 formatting
2013-09-01  Ian DuffyAdjust to include the models
2013-09-01  Ian DuffyAdd sql configuration and models
2013-08-28  Ian DuffyFix issue with ssl certs not being copied over
2013-08-27  Ian DuffyAdjust to include dep on pyopenssl
2013-08-26  Ian DuffyPep8 format most of the code, comment out user as it...
2013-08-26  Sebastien Goasguenhanding pyoauth2
2013-08-26  Sebastien GoasguenMore packaging
2013-08-26  Sebastien GoasguenPackaging the app with disutils