2018-07-19  Ian DuffyMerge pull request #2 from apache/DaanHoogland-patch-1 master
2018-07-19  dahnretirement announcement DaanHoogland-patch-1 2/head
2015-05-06  Ian DuffyMerge remote-tracking branch 'helpful/patch-1'
2015-05-06  Ian DuffyChange the travis URL 1/head
2015-04-13  Ian DuffyAdd apache license to python files. closes #9
2014-09-11  BroganD1993Bumo version
2014-09-11  BroganD1993Update server certificates
2014-08-05  BroganD1993Bump version number
2014-07-28  BroganD1993Add pyjwt to dependencies, remove unnecessary arg
2014-07-27  BroganD1993Remove unnecessary print
2014-07-27  BroganD1993Upgrade database definition
2014-07-25  BroganD1993Finish support for updated gcloud
2014-07-24  BroganD1993Begin support for updated gcloud
2014-07-01  DarrenFix helptext for profile argument at config time
2014-06-26  DarrenUpdate README.rst
2014-06-25  DarrenUpdate README.rst
2014-06-25  DarrenMake use of wiki for user/developer guides
2014-06-24  DarrenAdd whitespace in HISTORY
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Add whitespace
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Bump version
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Add *ini files in migrations to package data
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Add check to ensure profile requested is in config
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Update README usage instructions
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Update readme instructions
2014-06-24  BroganD1993Add debug flag to 'gstack'
2014-06-23  BroganD1993Improve test coverage, clean operations
2014-06-22  BroganD1993Add support for cloud profiles in config, closes #7
2014-06-21  BroganD1993Remember previous config, use them as defaults - closes #6
2014-06-20  BroganD1993Restructure controller functions, private -> public...
2014-06-20  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-20  BroganD1993Add varning when no items found for zone
2014-06-20  BroganD1993Fix anything tests didn't pick up
2014-06-20  BroganD1993Fix any issues tests didn't pick up on
2014-06-19  BroganD1993shh travis, it'll all be over soon
2014-06-19  BroganD1993Fix broken tests from refactor
2014-06-18  BroganD1993Continue refactor
2014-06-18  BroganD1993Fix up db for testing
2014-06-17  BroganD1993Code cutdown in controllers
2014-06-17  BroganD1993Remove unnecessary individual description functions
2014-06-17  BroganD1993Add kwargs to generic description callback param
2014-06-17  BroganD1993Imporve base controller code
2014-06-17  BroganD1993Merge branch 'refactor' of
2014-06-17  BroganD1993Refactor aggregated / normal description functions
2014-06-17  DarrenAdd in memory database to settings for testing purposes
2014-06-16  DarrenPoint badges to correct branch
2014-06-16  BroganD1993Extract database out of project, add alembic config
2014-06-16  BroganD1993Delete template files
2014-06-16  BroganD1993Srap templates idea
2014-06-15  BroganD1993Begin refactoring
2014-06-11  BroganD1993Begin refactoring process, messy template usage
2014-06-08  DarrenFix small typo in HISTORY
2014-06-08  BroganD1993Finish networks tests
2014-06-08  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-08  BroganD1993Finish testing in Firewalls
2014-06-08  DarrenUpdate HISTORY.rst
2014-06-08  DarrenCreate HISTORY.rst
2014-06-08  DarrenLink badges to corresponding sites
2014-06-08  DarrenAdd coverage to readme
2014-06-08  BroganD1993Add project tests
2014-06-07  DarrenDelete .coverage.rc
2014-06-07  DarrenUpdate README.rst
2014-06-07  DarrenUpdate README.rst
2014-06-07  BroganD1993Rename coverage.rc to .coveragerc
2014-06-06  DarrenAdd coveragerc file
2014-06-05  BroganD1993Fix delete instance test
2014-06-05  BroganD1993Add deplyVM tests
2014-06-04  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-04  BroganD1993Fix logging in provider
2014-06-03  DarrenRemove coverage report from readme, until more impressive
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-06-03  DarrenAdd test coverage report badge to readme
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Merge branch 'unittest_addition' of
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Add tests to travis
2014-06-03  DarrenAdd testing instructions to README
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Add regions tests
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Add machine type tests
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add more info to instance response spoof
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add list by name tests
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add disks/firewalls tests, fix bugs encountered
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add aggregation list tests to instances
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Add network unittests
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Add instance tests, fix bug encountered in
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Add image unittests
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Extennd on Zone tests
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Don't worry travis, it's back to normal
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Add mock capabilities search
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Add messy exampleuser authenticattion for testing purposes
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Test api discovery
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Setup app for testing
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Add basic test structure / data
2014-05-30  DarrenFix linktext conflicts in README
2014-05-29  DarrenFix bug in that causes error when deploying
2014-05-29  BroganD1993Add back accidently deleted app.db
2014-05-29  BroganD1993Allow for dynamic config file creation
2014-05-29  DarrenIncrement version number
2014-05-29  DarrenMerge pull request #3 from NOPping/gce_ga_support
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Fix getdisk command
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Refresh instance list, per zone
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Fix deleteinstance command
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Fix error in getzone