2014-06-03  DarrenAdd testing instructions to README
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Add regions tests
2014-06-03  BroganD1993Add machine type tests
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add more info to instance response spoof
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add list by name tests
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add disks/firewalls tests, fix bugs encountered
2014-06-02  BroganD1993Add aggregation list tests to instances
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Add network unittests
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Add instance tests, fix bug encountered in
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Add image unittests
2014-06-01  BroganD1993Extennd on Zone tests
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Don't worry travis, it's back to normal
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Add mock capabilities search
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Add messy exampleuser authenticattion for testing purposes
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Test api discovery
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Setup app for testing
2014-05-31  BroganD1993Add basic test structure / data
2014-05-30  DarrenFix linktext conflicts in README
2014-05-29  DarrenFix bug in that causes error when deploying
2014-05-29  BroganD1993Add back accidently deleted app.db
2014-05-29  BroganD1993Allow for dynamic config file creation
2014-05-29  DarrenIncrement version number
2014-05-29  DarrenMerge pull request #3 from NOPping/gce_ga_support
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Fix getdisk command
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Refresh instance list, per zone
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Fix deleteinstance command
2014-05-28  BroganD1993Fix error in getzone
2014-05-27  BroganD1993Fix weird bug in first time setup
2014-05-27  BroganD1993Remove regex patterns from expected paramaters
2014-05-27  BroganD1993Merge branch 'gce_ga_support' of
2014-05-27  BroganD1993Add support for instance deploying, using ga api
2014-05-26  DarrenUpdate README.rst
2014-05-26  DarrenUpdate README.rst
2014-05-26  BroganD1993Update README, and convert to a .rst file
2014-05-24  BroganD1993Begin addition of support for GCE GA version
2014-05-15  BroganD1993Update project URL
2014-05-15  BroganD1993Remove travis issues and Bump version number
2014-05-13  BroganD1993Update readme with new configuration options
2014-05-13  BroganD1993Merge branch 'master' of
2014-05-13  BroganD1993Extract user configuration to external config file
2014-05-07  DarrenUpdate README
2014-05-07  BroganD1993Make travis happy
2014-04-25  DarrenPoint to correct travis URL
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguengitignore gstack/data/app.db
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenupdating version to 0.0.2
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenforgot to remove gcloud dir
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenrename to gstack
2013-12-04  Sebastien Goasguenrename to gstack
2013-10-21  Ian DuffyRemove unreqired debug information
2013-10-14  Ian DuffyAdd network param support to get instance
2013-10-13  Ian DuffyUpdate readme to use cached flags file
2013-10-13  Ian DuffyFix broken urls
2013-10-13  Ian DuffyChange package name
2013-10-07  Ian DuffyUse set for ssh keys.
2013-10-06  Ian DuffyClean up projects
2013-10-04  Ian DuffyMake travis happy.. maybe?
2013-10-04  Ian DuffyAdd support for networking
2013-09-25  Ian DuffyFix up ssh support
2013-09-25  Ian Duffyadd simple fix for network name, base if off the securi...
2013-09-25  Ian DuffyAdd external ip support
2013-09-24  Sebastien after upload to pypi
2013-09-24  Sebastien Goasguenreadme fixes and emails in
2013-09-24  Sebastien GoasguenFix firewalls and add usage to readme
2013-09-24  Sebastien GoasguenSome instructions in the README
2013-09-24  Ian DuffyAdd sshkey support
2013-09-23  Ian DuffyFix up the async stuff on @BroganD1993 's delete operation
2013-09-23  Darren BroganAdd zone & selflink information to deleteinstance response
2013-09-23  Darren BroganReadd cleaned/fixed deleteinstance
2013-09-21  Ian DuffyPush on with the cleanup
2013-09-21  Ian Duffycontinue with the clean up
2013-09-21  Ian DuffyHandle get* better, add error checking on disks and...
2013-09-21  Darren BroganReadd partially cleaned untested deleteimage
2013-09-21  Darren BroganChange createresponse to create_response
2013-09-20  Darren BroganClean up
2013-09-20  Darren BroganFix getmachinetype
2013-09-20  Darren BroganClean up
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyClean up
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactor' into...
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyContinue the cleaning
2013-09-20  Darren BroganBegin refactoring of
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyAdd some basic handling for instance already exists
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyFix issues around instance naming
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyContinue with the cleanup
2013-09-20  Ian Duffyuse more logical variable naming
2013-09-20  Ian Duffyadd a reminder comment
2013-09-20  Ian DuffyBreak everything, clean a part of one thing
2013-09-19  Ian DuffyBegin a clean up
2013-09-19  Ian DuffyFix up addinstance
2013-09-19  Darren BroganModify the no_items_found warning
2013-09-19  Darren BroganPort changes from master and fix list functions for...
2013-09-19  Ian DuffyPass ID instead of name
2013-09-19  Ian DuffyOnly admin can do list All on templates
2013-09-18  Ian DuffyAdd basic polling
2013-09-18  Ian DuffyFix requester
2013-09-18  Ian DuffyMove to apikey/secretkey. If you experience issues...
2013-09-17  Ian DuffyAdjust add instance to bring up VMS
2013-09-17  Ian DuffyAdd get zone id function
2013-09-17  Ian DuffyAdd function for getting service offering id
2013-09-17  Ian DuffyMake a start on add instance
2013-09-17  Darren BroganMerge branch 'master' of