README: update merge/move notice
[cloudstack-primate.git] / package-lock.json
2021-01-20  Rohit Yadavpackage: update vue, antd and dependencies
2021-01-20  Hoang NguyenExplore Test Automation (#320)
2021-01-18  Hoang Nguyennpm: Build and packaging improvements (#568)
2020-08-14  Rohit Yadavpackage: bump version to 1.0
2020-06-22  Hoang Nguyenprimate: Add support for UI customisation (#372)
2020-06-13  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies
2020-05-28  Rohit Yadavpackage: upgrade dependencies and fix buttons issues
2020-05-22  Rohit Yadavstore: implement API caching for logged in user 0.5.0-tech-preview
2020-03-27  Rohit YadavMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into featu...
2020-03-23  Rohit YadavMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into actio...
2020-03-23  Rohit Yadavpackage: commit lock file
2020-03-23  Rohit YadavMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into actio...
2020-03-09  Hoang NguyenMerge branch master into utchoang/master 226/head
2020-03-04  Rohit Yadavpackage: bump antd to v1.4.12
2020-03-02  Rohit Yadavpackage: bump to version v0.3.0 and update dependencies v0.3.0
2020-02-24  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies
2020-02-19  Hoang NguyenMerge branch master into utchoang/master
2020-02-15  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies
2020-02-11  Rohit Yadavprimate: update dependencies and fix warnings
2020-02-03  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies
2020-01-31  Hoang NguyenMerge pull request #1 from apache/master
2020-01-31  Florian Symanowskicompute: work-in-progress VM deployment wizard (#7)
2020-01-03  Ritchie VincentMerge branch 'master' of
2019-12-25  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies
2019-12-19  Ritchie VincentMerge branch 'master' of
2019-12-19  Ritchie Vincentcompute: NICs and IPs management (#71)
2019-12-12  Ritchie Vincentcompute: Custom VM migration form (#67)
2019-12-05  Rohit Yadaviam: roles rules tab (#55)
2019-11-22  Rohit Yadavupdate packages and package-lock, fix infocard
2019-11-22  Gregor Riepleslint: fix missing eslint dependencies and lint errors...
2019-11-20  Gregor RieplREADME: add build dependencies to package.json and...
2019-11-13  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies and add core-js (#16)
2019-10-21  Rohit Yadavpackage: fix npm install issue, downgrade to previous...
2019-10-21  Rohit Yadavdocs: update docs
2019-10-16  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependency
2019-10-14  Rohit YadavREADME: package upgrades and doc fix
2019-10-09  Rohit Yadavtranslation: remove flags usage
2019-10-09  Rohit Yadavpackage: update dependencies
2019-09-19  Rohit Yadavupdate packages, refactor out components
2019-09-12  Rohit YadavRemove unused vue cookies dependency
2019-08-31  Rohit Yadavupdate dependencies and cleanup
2019-08-31  Anurag AwasthiAdd translation support (#30)
2019-08-29  Rohit Yadavupgrade dependencies, ant-design and eslint to fix...
2019-08-20  Rohit Yadavupdate packages and dependencies
2019-08-05  M. Weberstyle: create new .less files structure (#3)
2019-07-05  Rohit Yadavadd fontawesome dependencies
2019-07-04  Rohit Yadavpackage updates and fix router/list groupings
2019-05-11  Rohit Yadavprimate: initial UI v0.1 v0.1.0