2018-04-18  Rafael WeingärtnerMerge pull request #44 from rafaelweingartner/apacheBanner master
2018-04-18  Rafael WeingärtnerAdd Apache event banner. 44/head
2018-03-30  Rohit Yadav4.9.3.1 release
2018-03-15  Daan Hooglandupdated #43 to include compiled content for changes...
2018-03-15  dahnMerge pull request #43 from rafaelweingartner/mailSearch
2018-03-15  Rafael WeingärtnerChange mailing list search mechanism in CloudStack... 43/head
2018-02-21  Rohit Yadavs/Berlin/Frankfurt
2018-02-09  Rohit Yadavdownloads: remove extra newline
2018-02-09  Paul AngusUpdate for 4.11 release (#42)
2017-12-06  Rohit Yadavchange apache ID to 'rohit'
2017-11-17  Rohit YadavRevert "Use 'latest' instead of last release number...
2017-11-17  Marc-Aurèle... Version 4.10 should be quoted to be used as string...
2017-11-17  Gabriel Beims... Merge pull request #41 from marcaurele/link-latest
2017-11-16  Marc-Aurèle... Use 'latest' instead of last release number to link... 41/head
2017-11-16  Marc-Aurèle... Typo fix in download url (1 was inserted) (#40)
2017-11-16  Marc-Aurèle... Merge pull request #39 from rafaelweingartner/CLOUDSTAC...
2017-09-24  Rafael WeingärtnerSolve #CLOUDSTACK-9483 39/head
2017-09-11  Rohit Yadavupdate for release
2017-09-01  Rajani Karuturicorrected install doc links
2017-08-31  Rajani Karuturiadded 4.10 api docs
2017-08-14  Rajani Karuturiupdated download urls
2017-08-14  Rajani KaruturiMerge pull request #36 from apache/4.10-release
2017-07-11  Will Stevensfixed a problem with the git instructions
2017-07-11  Will StevensMerge pull request #37 from swill/readme-fix
2017-07-11  Will Stevensupdated wording and formatting 37/head
2017-07-11  Will Stevensupdated the readme and pushed content that didn't get...
2017-07-10  Will StevensMerge pull request #35 from rafaelweingartner/updateWho...
2017-07-06  Rajani Karuturi4.10.0.0 release 4.10-release 36/head
2017-04-17  Wido den HollanderUpdate GIT URLs to point to Gitbox
2017-02-16  Rafael WeingärtnerAdded compiled HTML for PR #35 35/head
2017-02-16  Rafael WeingärtnerUpdate who page to reflect the new additions to PMC...
2017-02-15  Rafael WeingärtnerAdded compiled HTML for PR #25
2017-02-15  Rafael WeingärtnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'jannyg/patch-10'
2017-02-07  Rafael WeingartnerAdded some details about the commit process on README... 34/head
2017-02-02  Rafael WeingartnerRemove link to “” and update conferenc...
2017-01-27  Will Stevensfixed some malformed html which was causing the securit... 33/head
2017-01-27  Will Stevensupdated the 'content' directory
2017-01-26  Will Stevensfixed the copyright date
2017-01-26  Will Stevensupdated the 2017 conference details
2017-01-06  Rohit Yadavcontent: update for download links
2017-01-04  Rohit Yadavcontent: update freshly built website
2016-12-31  Sergey LevitskiyAdding Sergey and Nicolas to commiters
2016-12-01  Erik WeberAdded Delimiter Corp to known users 29/head
2016-11-20  Rohit Yadavdownloads: cloudmonkey 5.3.3 release update
2016-10-27  Rohit Yadavcontent: update for releases,
2016-08-24  Pierre-Luc... update event section
2016-08-11  Pierre-Luc... Merge branch '4.9'
2016-08-11  Pierre-Luc... fix unwanted space. close #28
2016-08-11  Pierre-Luc... Merge branch 'master' of
2016-08-08  Pierre-Luc... Update cloudstack.yml 28/head
2016-08-07  Pierre-Luc... add api for 4.9.0
2016-08-07  Pierre-Luc... update gitignore
2016-08-07  Pierre-Luc... pkg versions now varialbe in cloudstack.yml. update...
2016-06-09  Rohit YadavMerge pull request #27 from rhtyd/dot1-update-downloads
2016-06-09  Rohit Yadavdownloads: update page for security releases 27/head
2016-04-19  Pierre-Luc... add missing built file
2016-04-19  Pierre-Luc... Americas not just in america 26/head
2016-04-19  Pierre-Luc... update event section for 2016 events
2016-02-24  Jan-Arve NygårdUpdated list with 25/head
2016-02-14  Pierre-Luc... 4.8.0 with APIs, change copyright date to 2016 24/head
2015-12-21  Pierre-Luc... 4.7.0 api
2015-12-07  Will Stevensdeveloper page: fixed some repo links and now opening...
2015-11-25  Rohit YadavMerge pull request #19 from resmo/patch-1
2015-11-20  René Moseradd swiss txt to cloudstack users 19/head
2015-11-17  Pierre-Luc... Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-11-17  Pierre-Luc... fix repo instruction 18/head
2015-11-17  Rajani KaruturiMerge pull request #17 from terbolous/master
2015-11-16  Pierre-Luc... 4.6.0 is out!
2015-11-09  Wido den HollanderAdd Boris to Committer list
2015-11-04  Erik WeberUpdate the list of known CloudStack users 17/head
2015-10-13  Erik WeberMerge pull request #16 from terbolous/master
2015-10-13  Erik WeberImprovements to survey.html 16/head
2015-09-29  Sebastien GoasguenBuild latest site
2015-09-29  runsebTweak announcement feed script
2015-09-11  Wido den HollanderAdd Ceph to the features of CloudStack
2015-09-01  pdion891fix download links
2015-09-01  pdion891update download URL 15/head
2015-08-27  Erik WeberMerge pull request #14 from terbolous/master
2015-08-27  Erik WeberPython script to generate pmc and commiter list 14/head
2015-08-24  Rohit Yadavcontent: fix the install link for 4.5 on the downloads...
2015-08-24  Rohit Yadavsource: fix install doc link on downloads page for...
2015-08-24  Rohit YadavGemfile.lock: update lock file
2015-08-24  Rohit Yadavcontent: update content based on recent changes
2015-08-24  Rohit Yadavsource: update downloads page for ACS 4.5.2 and CM...
2015-07-01  Rohit Yadavwho: update list of pmc/committers from ldap
2015-07-01  Rohit Yadavsource: add Wilder to PMC list
2015-06-26  Daan Hoogland4.4.4 download info
2015-06-17  Erik WeberAdded built file
2015-06-17  Erik WeberMoved Rohit from Committers to PMC
2015-06-17  Erik WeberRemoved Bruno (milamber) from Commiters as he is PMC
2015-06-17  Erik WeberAdded last name for Daan
2015-06-17  Erik WeberAdded html files
2015-06-17  Jan-Arve NygårdUpdated organization and timezone for user
2015-06-17  Rajani Karuturichanged who page
2015-06-16  Erik WeberBuild files for last two commits
2015-06-16  Erik WeberAdd Bruno (milamber) as PMC
2015-06-16  Erik WeberUpdate VP to Sebastien
2015-06-09  Sebastien Goasguenfix developers page to reference github PR
2015-06-09  Sebastien Goasguenfix dev page
2015-05-27  Erik WeberMerge build from asf-site branch