2021-10-19  kurushi9000Update users.html.markdown (#85)
2021-10-04  Rohit Yadavrelease new cmk v6.2.0
2021-09-17  Rohit Yadavfix url
2021-09-17  Rohit Yadavbuild changes
2021-09-17  Rohit Yadavdata: update latest release
2021-07-05  Rohit Yadavupdate website for, add to archives, fix sha51...
2021-06-14  Rohit Yadavupdate site
2021-06-08  dahnMerge pull request #84 from apache/asf-yaml
2021-06-04  dahnUpdate .asf.yaml for (future) inclusivity 84/head
2021-06-04  Daan Hooglandstaging and publishg directives for asf
2021-05-21  Gabriel Beims... Remove IRC reference as it is no longer used (#81)
2021-05-21  sureshanapartiRenamed default git branch name from 'master' to 'main...
2021-04-06  fredster33Grammar fixes (#82)
2021-03-15  Daan Hooglandupdated PR80 to include compiled content
2021-03-15  dahnissues have moved to github (#80)
2021-03-15  Daan Hooglandissues have moved to github 80/head
2021-03-12  Daan Hooglandupdated PR79 to include compiled content
2021-03-12  Daan Hooglanddouble-quotes
2021-03-12  dahnMerge pull request #79 from apache/DaanHoogland-patch-1
2021-03-11  Daan Hooglandchecksum procedures 79/head
2021-03-05  dahnupdate issues link
2021-03-04  Rohit Yadavdownloads: use
2021-03-04  Rohit Yadavdownloads: remove MD5, fix KEYS url
2021-03-04  Rohit Yadavdownloads: make links https
2021-03-04  Rohit Yadavdownloads: fix version name and break
2021-03-04  Rohit Yadavdownloads: add release details
2021-03-02  Rohit Yadavarchive: add
2021-01-12  Rohit Yadavapi: add missing link to 4.15 apidocs on website
2021-01-11  Rohit Yadavupdate website for release
2020-10-13  Daan Hooglanddouble check for content
2020-10-12  Daan Hooglandupdated PR #77 to include compiled content
2020-10-02  dahnMerge pull request #77 from jlk/update-security
2020-10-01  John KinsellaRemoving procedures after PMC discussion... 77/head
2020-09-22  John KinsellaUpdating to reflect ACS now using the ASF security...
2020-07-29  Rohit Yadavrelease cloudmonkey v6.1.0 on website
2020-06-25  Andrija PanicUpdate acs-events.csv
2020-05-25  andrijapanicsbupdates a few minor things
2020-05-25  Andrija PanicUpdate downloads.html.markdown.erb
2020-05-25  Andrija PanicUpdate downloads.html.markdown.erb
2020-05-25  Andrija PanicUpdate layout.erb
2020-05-25  Andrija PanicUpdate index.html
2020-05-25  Andrija Panic4.14 update (#76)
2020-05-25  Andrija PanicUpdate users.html.markdown
2020-05-22  serverion.comUpdate users.html - Added (#73)
2020-05-22  Andrija PanicUpdate acs-events.csv (#75)
2020-05-01  andrijapanicsbRelease update 72/head
2020-05-01  Andrija PanicUpdate version to (#74)
2020-01-29  Alessandro... added hypergrid (#70)
2020-01-29  Rafael WeingärtnerRemove Safe Swiss Cloud as a known user (#71)
2019-10-26  Paul AngusAdd bylaws page to website (#69)
2019-09-23  Paul AngusMerge pull request #68 from shapeblue/413update
2019-09-17  PaulAngusmissed one :( 68/head
2019-09-17  PaulAngusfix 4.13 reference
2019-09-17  PaulAngusadd 4.13 apidocs
2019-09-17  PaulAngusupdates to website for 4.13 APIs
2019-09-17  PaulAngusMerge branch 'dynamicwholist' of
2019-09-17  PaulAngusMerge branch 'master' of
2019-09-16  Sven Vogeladd ewerk known user (#67)
2019-09-08  PaulAngusMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-16  PaulAngusDynamic who page using Apache Phonebook javascript... 66/head
2019-08-13  Andrija PanicAdded recently appointed PMCs to the list (#64)
2019-08-13  Andrija PanicAdded Server24 to the list of known users (#63)
2019-07-13  Blue Orangutanadd compiled content from PR61 65/head
2019-07-13  Paul AngusMerge pull request #61 from shapeblue/
2019-07-09  PaulAngusupdate for 4.11.3 and events 61/head
2019-04-23  Paul AngusMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-04-23  Paul Angusupdated PR59 to include compiled content
2019-04-23  Paul AngusMerge pull request #59 from shapeblue/APItidy
2019-04-23  PaulAngusadd 4.11 APIs to source and add 4.12 to API.html 59/head
2019-04-20  Paul AngusUpdate
2019-04-20  Paul AngusMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-04-20  Paul Angusupdated PR58 to include compiled content
2019-04-19  Paul AngusMerge pull request #58 from shapeblue/refactor
2019-04-15  PaulAngusremove rogue file 58/head
2019-04-15  PaulAngusremove 'content' changes for clarity
2019-04-14  Paul Angusrefactor: fix twitter since 1.1API, fix atom feed,...
2019-04-14  Paul AngusCreate acs-events.csv
2019-04-10  Rafael WeingärtnerAdd content after fixing the files extensions
2019-04-10  Rafael WeingärtnerMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-04-10  Rafael WeingärtnerFix all of the issues with file extension
2019-04-10  Rafael Weingärtnerupdated PR#57 to include compiled content
2019-04-10  Rafael WeingärtnerMerge pull request #57 from rafaelweingartner/updateCom...
2019-04-08  Rafael WeingärtnerAdd table beginning to the output and fix the UTF-8... 57/head
2019-04-08  PaulAngusUpdate committers and PMC members
2019-04-05  sbruesekeupdated events on startpage (#56)
2019-04-03  GabrielBrascherFix download link pointing to
2019-04-03  Gabriel Beims... Merge Forward master and update content files for 4...
2019-04-02  Gabriel Beims... CloudStack API docs and cloudstack.yml updated to 4...
2019-03-14  Rohit Yadavbuild and release cloudmonkey v6.0.0 release changes...
2019-03-14  Rohit YadavMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-03-14  Rohit Yadavcloudmonkey v6.0.0 release
2019-01-18  Rohit YadavMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-01-18  Rohit YadavMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into asf...
2019-01-18  Rohit Yadavwebsite: fix release notes link
2018-11-26  Paul Angusupdate asf-site from master branch source 52/head
2018-11-26  Paul AngusUpdate cloudstack.yml
2018-11-20  Paul AngusMerge pull request #47 from andrijapanic/patch-1
2018-11-20  Paul AngusMerge pull request #51 from bwsw/content-fixes
2018-11-02  Ivan A. KudryavtsevPorted to developers guide. 49/head 51/head
2018-11-01  Paul AngusMerge pull request #50 from apache/asf-site