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2020-07-20  Roy LenferinkUpdated commit message
2020-07-20  Roy LenferinkAdded Jenkinsfile to put deployment configuration in...
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2020-06-30  Maxim Solodovnik'Currently happening' section is added
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2020-05-28  Roy LenferinkMerge pull request #9 from apache/OpenPj-patch-2
2020-05-28  Piergiorgio... [COMDEV-372] - whitespace 9/head
2020-05-28  Bertrand DelacretazMerge pull request #8 from apache/OpenPj-patch-1
2020-05-28  Piergiorgio... [COMDEV-372]: update 8/head
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2020-04-03  Bertrand Delacretazmention trigger lag
2020-04-03  Bertrand DelacretazBuild trigger works, but with a granularity of about...
2020-04-03  Bertrand DelacretazTesting commit trigger, looks like it works but delayed
2020-04-03  Bertrand Delacretaztypo
2020-04-03  Bertrand DelacretazAdd footer spacing
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2020-04-03  Bertrand DelacretazUpdate
2020-04-03  Bertrand DelacretazQuery for other Apache websites that use hugo
2020-04-03  Bertrand DelacretazCreate .asf.yaml
2020-04-02  Bertrand DelacretazAdd links to the gitpubsub mechanism
2020-04-02  Maxim SolodovnikGSOC dates are updated
2020-04-02  Bertrand DelacretazMerge pull request #5 from rlenferink/feature/conversio...
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2020-03-31  Bertrand DelacretazINFRA-20009
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2020-03-31  Bertrand DelacretazLink to my pressbook instead
2020-03-09  Ismaël MejíaAdd Ismaël Mejía and ASF talk material in spanish trunk
2020-02-18  Maxim SolodovnikGSOC related pages are updated with 2020 data
2020-02-16  Roy LenferinkUpdated copyright year 2018 -> 2020
2020-01-06  Rich Bowendisclaimer about what is and is not an OFFICIAL event
2019-09-11  Bertrand Delacretazverifying sync to github after https://blogs.apache...
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2019-04-24  Shane CurcuruAdd recent Apache Way posts
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2019-04-05  Bertrand DelacretazMore link fixing
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2019-04-05  Bertrand DelacretazLink to Friends of Apache Groovy
2019-04-05  Bertrand DelacretazWebsite how to
2019-03-26  Shane CurcuruAdd pointer to 20th anniversary post
2019-03-21  Rich BowenSubtle shift in phrasing from "is a meroticracy" to...
2019-03-03  Maxim Solodovnik[COMDEV-311] site is updated with GSOC 2019 details
2018-09-20  Bertrand DelacretazLink to ServiceComb maturity model example
2018-09-13  SebbWhat is an ASF member
2018-09-13  SebbHappy New Year
2018-06-24  SebbClarify when sec creates a/c
2018-05-03  Mark ThomasCMS commit to community by markt
2018-05-03  Mark ThomasAnother broken link
2018-05-03  Mark ThomasFix link to mentoring guide
2018-04-09  Rich BowenCMS commit to community by rbowen
2018-04-09  Rich BowenCMS commit to community by rbowen
2018-04-09  Rich BowenCMS commit to community by rbowen
2018-04-09  Rich BowenCMS commit to community by rbowen
2018-03-14  SebbCOMDEV-253 Add mission statement to project web page
2018-03-08  Rich BowenSeventh time is the charm ...
2018-03-08  Rich BowenCMS commit to community by rbowen
2018-03-08  Rich BowenAdd todo list to newcomers page
2018-03-08  Rich Bowenoops
2018-03-08  Rich BowenList tasks that Comdev wants help with
2018-03-08  Rich BowenSome projects automatically add committers to the PMC...
2018-02-15  Bertrand Delacretazfix list
2018-02-15  Bertrand DelacretazRework maturity model "how to use" section with more...
2018-02-13  Piergiorgio... updated the gsoc page with the new 2018 timeline
2018-02-03  Shane CurcuruFix some footnote links (no content changes)
2018-01-24  Maxim SolodovnikCMS commit to community by solomax
2018-01-16  Mark ThomasFix mailing list address
2018-01-10  Dan KlcoSome grammatical tweaks / fixes
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2017-11-20  Bertrand DelacretazLink to svn history
2017-11-17  Shane CurcuruOrganize and improve overview, add IDs to model points...
2017-10-27  Rich Bowentypo
2017-10-27  Rich BowenLink to the ComDev JIRA in the About menu.
2017-10-01  Herve Boutemyfixed link to TAC
2017-09-20  Brett Porteradd a theme for Keynote users
2017-09-20  Brett PorterCMS commit to community by brett
2017-09-18  Craig L RussellReinforce closing the PMC vote with [RESULT][VOTE]
2017-08-03  Dave FisherFix QU30 to be private and secure
2017-07-28  Craig L Russellupdate instructions for invited committers
2017-05-24  Shane CurcuruAdd proposed topics/categories for grouped display
2017-05-23  Shane CurcuruApache Way talks from Miami with committer bios