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2020-03-30  Gary GregoryStandardize on American English spelling of 'behavior'.
2019-08-15  Rob Tompkins(update) put 1.9.4 docs into 2.x master
2019-07-21  Gary GregoryFix the site's source repository link.
2019-07-21  Gary GregoryFix the site's source repository link.
2019-07-07  Gary GregoryReplace SVN with GitBox URL.
2019-07-07  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS to access Apache resources.
2019-07-07  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS to access Apache resources.
2019-07-04  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS links to Apache.
2019-03-25  Gary GregoryAdd missing Apache license header.
2018-07-08  Gary D. GregoryToward version 2.0.0.
2018-07-08  Gary D. GregoryToward version 2.0.0.
2018-05-15  Gary D. GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2017-12-27  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-504] Change packaging from org.apache.common...
2016-11-17  Stian Soiland-Reyesactivate jacoco test coverage
2016-09-27  Stian Soiland-Reyesutf8
2016-09-21  Stian Soiland-Reyesupdated build instructions (don't mention ant anymore)
2016-09-21  Stian Soiland-ReyesDisable japicmp for now
2016-09-14  Stian Soiland-ReyesAdd japicmp report
2016-09-14  Stian Soiland-ReyesMaven 2 or 3
2016-09-14  Stian Soiland-ReyesRemoved outdated Wiki link
2016-06-06  Gary D. GregoryRegenerate JIRA and MAIL pages but nothing looks effect...
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryPrepare 1.9.3 release.
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryPrepare for 1.9.3.
2015-02-24  Sebastian BazleyCGI must be svn:executable *
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerUpdated download page in preparation for 1.9.2 release.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerSwitched to 1.9.2 release in site menu.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerAdded information about 1.9.2 release to main page.
2014-01-11  Oliver HegerDropped "Documentation" section from index.html.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerSwitched to version 1.9.1 in menu.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerUpdated releases section on overview page.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerUpdated download page in preparation for 1.9.1 release.
2013-12-07  Oliver HegerAdded a menu item for 1.9.0 release in addition to...
2013-12-07  Oliver HegerSome adaptations of the index page related to release...
2013-12-04  Oliver HegerUpdated release version and generated a new download...
2013-07-19  Benedikt RitterFix broken links
2013-07-19  Benedikt RitterUse quotation mark instead of apostrophe
2013-07-19  Benedikt RitterAdd working link to apache license
2013-07-10  Olivier Lamyfix link for 1.8.3 comment links for 1.7.0 as not anymo...
2013-07-09  Olivier Lamyfix links
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyrestore download cgi
2013-02-23  Benedikt RitterUpdate to latest parent pom - site.xml needed a little...
2011-03-12  Gary D. GregoryAdd TM to logo per Apache branding requirements.
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-57 Fix announce mod_mbox link
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonGenerate custom Mailing List pages for components ...
2010-03-24  Niall PembertonPrepare for 1.8.3 release
2010-03-22  Niall PembertonRe-organize into default Maven-2 project structure
2009-11-09  Niall PembertonPrepare site for BeanUtils 1.8.2 release
2009-10-08  Niall PembertonPrepare for the BeanUtils 1.8.1 release
2008-08-20  Niall PembertonUpdate the site/docs for BeanUtils 1.8.0
2007-08-05  Niall PembertonTLP Move change wiki URLs from "wiki.apache.org/jakarta...
2007-08-05  Niall PembertonUpdate site for 1.8.0 Beta release
2007-07-31  Niall PembertonMove Commons TLP changes
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-07-19  Niall PembertonBEANUTILS-290 - Merge Bean-Collections back into core...
2007-07-12  Niall PembertonWoops, forgot new site.xml
2007-07-11  Niall PembertonUpdate the m2 build