2016-06-06  Gary D. GregoryAdd
2016-06-02  Gary D. GregorySet release date as RC date.
2016-06-02  Gary D. GregoryApache Commons BeanUtils 1.9.3 RELEASE NOTES.
2016-06-02  Gary D. GregoryMake different versions more obvious.
2016-06-02  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-477] Updated changes.xml.
2016-06-02  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-477] Changed log level.
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryPrepare 1.9.3 release.
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryAdd self.
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryBetter JIRA description.
2016-06-01  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-433] Update to JUnit 4. Dependency is update...
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryPrepare for 1.9.3.
2016-06-01  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-490] Update Java requirement from Java 5...
2016-06-01  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-474] FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector does...
2016-06-01  Gary D. GregoryUpdate release description.
2016-06-01  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-474] FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector does...
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryJavadoc: Use the active voice.
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryFix what must have been a typo!
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryAccess static method directly.
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryRemove unused import.
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryNo need to avoid running tests on JVMs older than 1...
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryRemove unnecessary casts.
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryConvert for loops to enhanced for loops.
2016-05-31  Gary D. GregoryRely on RAT for license checking, not Checkstyle; commo...
2016-05-23  Gary D. GregoryNext release should be 1.9.3.
2016-05-23  Gary D. GregoryUse US English spelling for 'recognized'.
2016-01-18  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2016.
2015-12-09  Sebastian BazleyCollect the DOAPs
2015-11-14  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-482] Update commons-collections from 3.2...
2015-05-08  Sebastian BazleyEach version must be in its own release section
2015-02-24  Sebastian BazleyCGI must be svn:executable *
2014-10-16  Sebastian BazleyKeep trying
2014-10-16  Sebastian BazleyKeep trying; tricky to do as many things don't work...
2014-10-16  Sebastian BazleyMore trying to fix Continuum fail
2014-10-16  Sebastian BazleyAdd a bit of debug for Continuum failure - does max...
2014-10-16  Sebastian BazleyAdd a bit of debug for Continuum failure - does max...
2014-10-16  Sebastian BazleyAdd a bit of debug for Continuum failure - does max...
2014-10-15  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to method parameters.
2014-10-15  Gary D. GregoryConvert control statement bodies to block.
2014-10-15  Gary D. GregoryUpdate Javadoc link to Java 5 since we depend on it.
2014-10-07  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-465] Updated changes.xml.
2014-10-07  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-465] Made indexed list setters work again.
2014-10-03  Oliver HegerAdded Tommy Tynj√§ to contributors section.
2014-10-01  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-470] Updated changes.xml.
2014-10-01  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-470] NumberConverter now deals with BigDecim...
2014-09-30  Gary D. GregoryUse ${commons.changes.version}.
2014-09-30  Gary D. GregoryUpdate maven-changes-plugin to 2.11.
2014-09-30  Gary D. Gregory[BEANUTILS-469] Update commons-logging from 1.1.1 to...
2014-09-30  Gary D. GregoryFormat.
2014-09-30  Gary D. GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 33 to 34.
2014-06-02  Emmanuel BourgFixed a typo in the release notes
2014-05-30  Sebastian BazleyBump next release number
2014-05-30  Oliver HegerAdded a section for the next release to changes.xml.
2014-05-30  Oliver HegerUpdated doap for 1.9.2 release.
2014-05-29  Oliver HegerSet release date for 1.9.2.
2014-05-29  Oliver HegerUpdated version to next development iteration.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerSwitched to most recent version of Commons Parent.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerSet the release description for 1.9.2.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerUpdated release notes for version 1.9.2.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerAdded missing license headers.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerUpdated download page in preparation for 1.9.2 release.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerUpdated release version in properties of pom.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerSwitched to 1.9.2 release in site menu.
2014-05-25  Oliver HegerAdded information about 1.9.2 release to main page.
2014-05-25  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-458] Updated changes.xml.
2014-05-25  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-458] Added a check for null result objects.
2014-05-24  Oliver HegerAdded IntelliJ files to svn:ignore.
2014-05-24  Oliver HegerMissing SVN properties.
2014-05-24  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-463] Updated changes.xml.
2014-05-24  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-463] Added a section to the user's guide.
2014-05-24  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-463] Added an easy way to suppress the class...
2014-05-24  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-463] Added a specialized BeanIntrospector...
2014-01-11  Oliver HegerAdded section for next release in changes.xml.
2014-01-11  Oliver HegerUpdated doap file for 1.9.1 release.
2014-01-11  Oliver HegerDropped "Documentation" section from index.html.
2014-01-11  Oliver HegerEntered correct release date.
2014-01-11  Oliver HegerUpdated version to next SNAPSHOT version.
2014-01-08  Sebastian BazleyOops, updated comment but not the value
2014-01-08  Sebastian BazleyIncrease memory limit to get round Continuum OOME fails
2014-01-08  Sebastian BazleyAllow memory to be overridden on command line to try...
2014-01-08  Oliver HegerRemoved outdated README.txt.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerAdded a description for 1.9.1 release.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerSwitched to version 1.9.1 in menu.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerUpdated releases section on overview page.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerUpdated download page in preparation for 1.9.1 release.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerUpdated properties in pom related to the release version.
2014-01-06  Oliver HegerUpdated release notes for version 1.9.1.
2014-01-03  Oliver HegerMissing svn properties.
2014-01-03  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-456] Updated changes.xml.
2014-01-03  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-456] Provide another method for querying...
2014-01-03  Oliver Heger[BEANUTILS-456] Recover lost references to write methods.
2014-01-03  Oliver HegerAdded a getWriteMethod() method to BeanIntrospectionData.
2014-01-03  Oliver HegerAdded a method for obtaining a specific PropertyDescrip...
2014-01-03  Oliver HegerChanged the cache in PropertyUtilsBean to use the new...
2014-01-03  Oliver HegerAdded BeanIntrospectionData class.
2014-01-02  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright year.
2013-12-12  Oliver HegerAdded section for next release to changes.xml.
2013-12-12  Oliver HegerAdded 1.9.0 release to doap file.
2013-12-11  Oliver HegerSet the release date.
2013-12-11  Oliver HegerUpdated version to next development SNAPSHOT version.
2013-12-07  Oliver HegerAdded a menu item for 1.9.0 release in addition to...