2018-12-19  SebbHow to use a SNAPSHOT master
2018-12-19  SebbHow to use a SNAPSHOT
2018-09-19  Benedikt RitterUpdate documentation according to new plugin goalPrefix
2018-08-21  SebbUse SHA256 as the default hash
2018-07-15  Gary GregoryAdd missing entries for 4th release.
2018-06-20  Rob TompkinsPost release upversion 1.10-SNAPSHOT
2018-06-16  Rob TompkinsRelease plugin setup in properties 1.9 commons-build-plugin-1.9 commons-build-plugin-1.9-RC1
2018-06-16  Rob TompkinsPreparing for 1.9 release
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRequire Java 8.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRequire Java 8.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRequire Java 8.
2018-06-11  Gary GregoryGenerating the from the 'all' goal did not...
2018-06-09  Gary GregoryThe Animal Sniffer keeps on wanting to find a Java...
2018-05-27  Gary Gregory[COMMONSSITE-116] Add a goal for creating the NOTICE...
2018-05-27  Gary Gregory[COMMONSSITE-116] Add a goal for creating the NOTICE...
2018-05-27  Gary Gregory[COMMONSSITE-116] Add a goal for creating the NOTICE...
2018-05-27  Gary Gregory[COMMONSSITE-116] Add a goal for creating the NOTICE...
2018-05-27  Gary Gregory[COMMONSSITE-116] Add a goal for creating the NOTICE...
2018-05-26  Gary GregoryJust like for a build, exclude the template files for...
2018-05-26  Gary GregoryFix typos about fixing typos.
2018-05-21  Gary GregoryChange the Maven goal prefix from "commons" to "commons...
2018-05-21  Gary GregoryChange the Maven goal prefix from "commons" to "commons...
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryReplace broken doc links with valid ones.
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryUpdate release notes for release 1.9.
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryPolish.
2018-05-16  Gary GregorySet release date for past release 1.8.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryPrepare for release.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryAllow for use with Sanbox components.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2018-05-14  Gary GregoryUpdates for:
2018-05-14  Gary GregoryUpdates for:
2018-05-14  Gary GregoryFix for components that have a major version number...
2018-05-13  Gary Gregory[COMMONSSITE-109] [build-plugin] Target for creating...
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryDescription nits.
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryUpdate date for release 1.8.
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryAdd placeholder for version 1.9.
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryUpdate plugin version in the xdoc.
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 45 to 46. Build success...
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryRemove SVN tags now that we are in Git.
2018-05-13  Gary GregoryUpdate NOTICE for 2018.
2018-04-06  Pascal SchumacherFix GitHub Pull Request help link
2018-04-05  Rob TompkinsUpversion to 1.9-SNAPSHOT
2018-04-02  Rob TompkinsPrepare version for release 1.8 commons-build-plugin-1.8 commons-build-plugin-1.8-RC1
2018-04-01  Rob TompkinsRemove declared java versions, skip enforcer
2018-04-01  Rob Tompkinscommons-parent requires java version declaration
2018-04-01  Rob Tompkinsupdates to RELEASE-NOTES
2018-04-01  Rob Tompkinscommons-parent: 43 -> 45
2018-04-01  Rob Tompkins(changes) add MD5 => SHA1
2018-03-26  SebbMD5 => SHA1
2018-01-07  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 42 to 43.
2017-12-16  Gary GregoryAdd some comments.
2017-12-16  Gary GregoryMaven JDepend plugin did not have its version specified.
2017-12-16  Gary GregoryUpdate versions-maven-plugin from 2.3 to 2.5.
2017-12-16  Gary GregoryAllow for a fourth release since components like Apache...
2017-11-30  Rob Tompkinsadding antrun site publication to pom
2017-11-30  Rob Tompkinscommons parent 41 -> 42, again
2017-11-30  Rob Tompkinsscm: svn -> git
2017-11-29  Rob Tompkinscommons parent 41 -> 42
2017-11-29  Rob Tompkinsadding .gitignore
2017-10-12  Pascal remove the branch parameters...
2017-10-08  Pascal fix travis badge and remove redundant licens...
2017-10-08  Pascal Schumacher.travis.yml: remove oraclejdk7 as travis does not suppo...
2017-10-08  Pascal remove license badge, as travis...
2017-09-25  Benedikt RitterMove changes entry for COMMONSSITE-94 to version 1.8
2017-09-25  Benedikt RitterCOMMONSSITE-94: Include JavaDoc badge in file.
2017-07-04  Sebastian BazleyEOL style
2017-02-11  Sebastian BazleyNew Year
2017-02-11  Sebastian BazleyMinor fix to sort out EOLs
2017-02-11  Sebastian BazleyEOL needed to ensure generated files have the correct...
2017-01-29  Matt SickerFix typo in template
2016-12-08  Gary D. GregoryAdd Travis CI configuration file. Add Badges.
2016-11-22  Gary D. Gregory1.7-SNAPSHOT -> 1.8-SNAPSHOT.
2016-11-19  Gary D. GregoryUse versions-maven-plugin 2.3. Version 2.2 causes an...
2016-11-19  Gary D. GregoryAdd
2016-11-19  Gary D. GregoryAdd
2016-11-19  Gary D. GregoryPrepare release 1.7.
2016-11-19  Gary D. GregoryDocs for
2016-11-17  Gary D. GregoryGroupId is duplicate of parent groupId.
2016-11-16  Gary D. GregoryCreate a section for unreleased 1.7 in changes.xml.
2016-11-16  Gary D. Gregory[COMMONSSITE-91] Build plugin does not pass the JIRA_ID...
2016-11-16  Gary D. GregoryJIRA is more than a "Bugtracker" (sic) so use "Issue...
2016-11-16  Gary D. Gregory[COMMONSSITE-90] Include badges in the file.
2016-11-16  Gary D. GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 40 to 41.
2016-06-29  Stian Soiland... Use @JIRA_ID@ instead of VFS as example
2016-06-29  Stian Soiland... Grammar fixes
2016-06-29  Stian Soiland... clarify contributions and CLA requirements
2016-06-29  Stian Soiland... Clarify license and contributions
2016-05-21  Gary D. Gregorycommons-parent 39 -> 40.
2016-04-24  Sebastian BazleyFix up refs
2016-04-24  Sebastian BazleyMissing parameters
2016-04-24  Sebastian BazleyUpdate to next SNAPSHOT version
2016-04-19  Sebastian BazleyTry to sort out site url
2016-04-19  Sebastian BazleyUpdate docs
2016-04-18  Sebastian BazleyChange to use variable subdir property whilst the exact...
2016-04-18  Sebastian BazleyUse full project name.
2016-04-18  Sebastian BazleyApache
2016-04-18  Stian Soiland... Don't rat-check download page templates
2016-04-17  Sebastian BazleyDrop Ant ref