Bump findbugs-maven-plugin from 2.5.2 to 3.0.5
[commons-chain.git] / apps /
2021-01-08  Gary GregoryRemove unused imports.
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove redundant calls to super().
2016-06-07  Gary D. GregoryUpdate old school @exception with new school @throws.
2013-07-31  Benedikt RitterCHAIN-86 - Make CatalogFactory an interface
2013-07-03  Benedikt RitterCHAIN-98 - Refactor command interface and base Implemen...
2013-06-15  Benedikt RitterCHAIN-83 - Rename o.a.c.chain2.generic package to o...
2013-04-24  Sebastian BazleyTrailing spaces
2013-04-24  Sebastian BazleyPrivate immutable fields might as well be final (helps...
2012-08-07  Simone Tripodijust fixed raw types
2012-08-07  Simone Tripodijust fixed raw types
2012-07-26  Elijah ZupancicCHAIN-72
2012-07-26  Elijah ZupancicCHAIN-47
2012-07-24  Elijah ZupancicCHAIN-75 Updated serialVersionUID field in chain classe...
2012-07-19  Simone Tripodijust removed empty lines, no functional modifications
2012-07-19  Simone Tripodiunified @version javadoc tag to Id only - some used...
2012-07-18  Simone Tripodiskip samples deploy via mvn expression rather than...
2012-07-18  Simone Tripodirenamed core module artifactId adding the -core postfix
2012-07-18  Simone Tripodiskip site deploying for sample applications
2012-07-18  Simone TripodiXML format, no functional modifications
2012-07-18  Simone TripodiXML format, no functional modifications
2012-07-18  Simone TripodiXML format, no functional configuration
2012-07-18  Simone Tripodifixed servlet elements order according to web-app XSD
2012-07-18  Simone TripodiXML format, no functional configuration
2012-07-18  Simone Tripodifixed resource location in classpath
2012-07-18  Simone TripodiXML format, no functional configuration
2012-07-18  Simone Tripodiadded missing license header
2012-06-29  Simone Tripodi[CHAIN-69] Fixed Checkstyle / PMD Warnings - patch...
2012-04-19  Simone Tripodi[CHAIN-68] SNAPSHOT tomcat plugin breaks the build...
2012-04-18  Simone Tripodi[CHAIN-66] Updated Chain documentation to include new...
2012-02-27  Simone Tripodi[CHAIN-65] Rename package org.apache.commons.chain...
2009-11-12  Niall PembertonUpdate to the latest BeanUtils 1.8.2 release
2008-06-01  Niall PembertonRoll version to 1.3-SNAPSHOT following Chain 1.2 release
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonAdd description to readme
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonUpgrade to Logging 1.1.1 version
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonAdd 2nd example webapp that uses ChainProcessor
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonFix typo
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonAdd a note on how to build the example webapp
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonRemove old example apps that don't work
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpgrade to latest commons-parent and minor corrections
2007-07-31  Dennis LundbergChanges because of the TLP move.
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-04-27  Niall PembertonMinor changes to example L&F
2007-04-27  Niall PembertonCHAIN-36 - Add Example webapp for Servlet Mapper Commands
2006-11-30  Niall PembertonAdd missing licenses, minor build/site improvements
2006-11-29  Henri YandellFixed copyright header
2006-05-27  Dennis LundbergChange groupId to org.apache.commons
2006-05-27  Dennis LundbergChange groupId to org.apache.commons
2005-11-21  Dion GillardBug 37314 - Fixes to POMs
2005-02-26  Dirk Verbeecksvn:keywords correction
2004-10-21  Craig R. McClanahanAdjust the example chain configuration file to reflect...
2004-06-01  Ted Nathan HustedAdd controller application.
2004-06-01  Ted Nathan HustedAdd tests.
2004-06-01  Ted Nathan HustedJavadoc and code formatting.
2004-06-01  Ted Nathan HustedAdd simple CommandAction class.
2004-06-01  Ted Nathan HustedJavadoc updates.
2004-06-01  Ted Nathan HustedAdd ProfileCheck and Profile classes.
2004-04-10  Craig R. McClanahanTweak build.xml to allow property substitution of the...
2004-04-09  Ted Nathan HustedAdd entry for RegisterAdd mapping
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedAdd OpenOffice presentation
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedAdd LogonUser Command
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedMove validation config under struts-config, convert...
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedSimplify checklogin tag
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedExpand Logon action
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedAdd Menu mapping
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedOptimize imports
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedRefactor entry keys
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedJavadoc, refactorings
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedAdd LogonAction to postcheck state
2004-04-08  Ted Nathan HustedRemove development cruft
2004-04-01  Ted Nathan HustedCorrect scope reference
2004-04-01  Ted Nathan HustedAdd LogonUser command
2004-04-01  Ted Nathan Husted"Simplified" version using conventional Struts signatures
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedImplement code to pass LogonUser test. Test for failure.
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedAdd LogonUser test.
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedEnable LocaleChange action
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedAdd LocaleChange test
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedCome current
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedRefactor class and packages naming.
2004-03-29  Ted Nathan HustedRemove obsolete file (using version under Struts example)
2004-03-28  Ted Nathan HustedRefactor MailReader and related classes
2004-03-27  Ted Nathan HustedExtend design of CommandAction
2004-03-27  Ted Nathan HustedAdd test and code for LocaleCommand
2004-03-27  Ted Nathan HustedRename ActionContext as Helper objects.
2004-03-26  Ted Nathan HustedAdd Junit dependency for testing.
2004-03-26  Ted Nathan HustedInterpose interface for ActionContext; clean up comment...
2004-03-25  Ted Nathan HustedInitial import of MailReader Example application for...