2015-12-10  Sebastian BazleyObsolete DOAP test-maven3-profile test-maven3-profile
2010-10-07  Niall PembertonAdd a maven3 profile with a bunch of reports
2010-10-07  Niall Pembertoncreate a branch for testing m3
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonAdd cobertura-maven-plugin and upgrade findbugs-maven...
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonUpgrade maven-changes-plugin from version 2.0 to 2.3
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonUpgrade maven-checkstyle-plugin from version 2.1 to 2.6
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonCreate a branch to test Maven 3
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-57 Fix announce mod_mbox link
2010-09-15  Niall PembertonFix default target
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 15
2010-04-09  Niall PembertonReplace m1 generated ant build with hand writtern one
2010-04-09  Niall Pembertonconsistency
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonRe-generate chanin mailing list page
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonUpdate building instructions
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonMove changes.xml to default m2 location
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonOops, revert accidental change
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonRe-organize to standard m2 layout
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonGet the java-1.3 profile working
2010-04-08  Niall PembertonAdd custom mailing list page generated by commons-build...
2010-03-30  Sebastian BazleyFix up jakarta download references
2010-03-28  Niall PembertonRemove m1 cvs-usage.xml & navigation.xml files
2010-03-28  Henri YandellRemoving M1 build, M2 build seems fine
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-14 (and maven-javadoc-plugin...
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpdate components to point to the new download pages
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonRe-generate the download pages using the new commons...
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 13 of commons-parent
2009-11-12  Niall PembertonUpdate to the latest BeanUtils 1.8.2 release
2009-10-20  Niall PembertonUpdate to commons-parent-12
2009-05-28  Sebastian BazleyFix remaining doap files in commons-proper
2008-08-20  Niall PembertonUpgrade to latest clirr plugin version 2.2.2 (fixes...
2008-07-21  Niall Pembertonchange commons-parent to version 11
2008-06-01  Niall PembertonRoll version to 1.3-SNAPSHOT following Chain 1.2 release
2008-05-29  Niall PembertonSet release date, if RC3 succeeds
2008-05-29  Niall PembertonFix typos - thanks to Sebb
2008-05-29  Niall PembertonReduce FindBugs noise - remove dead code (not even...
2008-05-29  Niall PembertonFix CHAIN-44 - CatalogFactory instance varibale prevent...
2008-05-29  Niall Pembertonimplement log() methods
2008-05-29  Niall PembertonAdd mock ServletConfig implementation
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonAdd description to readme
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonUpgrade to Logging 1.1.1 version
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonAdd 2nd example webapp that uses ChainProcessor
2008-05-28  Niall PembertonUse more efficient iterator on the entrySet to avoid...
2008-05-23  Niall PembertonAdd findbugs plugin
2008-05-23  Niall Pembertoncorrect references io --> chain
2008-05-23  Niall PembertonFix typo in the project description and checkstyle...
2008-05-22  Niall PembertonUpdate logging version
2008-05-22  Niall PembertonAdd xerces dependency to get ant build working on JDK 1.3
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonUpgrade to Logging 1.1.1
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonFix typo
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonFix svn properties - thanks to Sebb
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonCorrect link
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonUpdate release date (hopefully!)
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonUse m2 svn page
2008-05-21  Niall Pembertonminor change
2008-05-21  Niall PembertonAdd a note on how to build the example webapp
2008-05-20  Niall Pembertonadd SNAPSHOT back
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonExclude dependencies MyFaces API is dragging in
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonAdd links to JDK javadocs, regenerate download page...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonFix javadoc warnings
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpdate copyright years
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpdate building instructions
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonAdd example apps to source distro
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonAdd xml-apis to m1 build for JDK 1.3 and re-generate...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpdate m1 build and re-generate ant build
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpdate site menus
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpdate release notes and update and re-organize changes...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonAdd a couple of missing license headers
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonAdd clirr report, remove PMD and specify reporting...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonRemove old example apps that don't work
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonCHAIN-43 - ChainListener URL translation does not work...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonUpgrade to latest commons-parent and minor corrections
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonAdd some debugging to ChainListener
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonCHAIN-42 - Various scope mappers use incorrect equaliza...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonRemove markup from changes.xml - m2 doesn't render...
2008-05-20  Niall PembertonRemove £{basedir} for checkstyle config - doesn't work...
2008-05-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-10 pom
2008-04-27  Henri YandellFixing the headerFile location as per CODEC-67 and...
2008-03-14  Henri YandellFixing the assemblies to say project.version instead...
2008-03-09  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 9 of commons-parent
2008-03-02  Niall PembertonAdd Issue Tracking and Download pages generated by...
2008-03-02  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-8 and add configuration prope...
2008-03-02  Niall Pembertonadd m2 site.xml
2008-01-15  Niall Pembertonupgrade to commons-parent-7
2008-01-09  Niall Pembertonremove local resources - this will (hopefully) be in...
2008-01-07  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 6 release
2008-01-04  Henri YandellRemoving STATUS.html - there's no canonical data in...
2007-12-02  Simon KitchingCHAIN-41 fix bad ant buildfile. Code now depends on...
2007-11-15  Niall PembertonUpdate m2 build - add assembly descriptors and get...
2007-08-23  Henri YandellChanging name to 'Commons Xxx'
2007-08-22  Henri YandellRemoving the 'Commons ' from the names so all component...
2007-08-19  Phil SteitzUpdated commons parent version to 4.
2007-08-05  Niall PembertonTLP Move change wiki URLs from "
2007-07-31  Matthew Jason... Apache Apache
2007-07-31  Niall PembertonMove Commons TLP changes
2007-07-31  Dennis LundbergChanges because of the TLP move.
2007-07-31  Henri YandellFixing svn locations after TLP move
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-07-30  Henri YandellMoving to a css on the Commons site
2007-07-29  Henri YandellFixing the mailing list addresses
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP