2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'. master
2018-02-26  Alex Nordlund[CLI-282] TypeHandler should throw ParseException for...
2018-02-26  Gary GregoryAdd Eclipse artifacts to .gitignore.
2017-10-07  pascalschumacherpom.xml: use commons.findbugs.version as maven-findbugs...
2017-10-07  Amey Jadiyeadded findbug and checkstyle support while building...
2017-09-25  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'CLI-279'
2017-09-25  Benedikt RitterCLI-279: Add changes entry
2017-09-24  Krishna Mohanadding period to javadocs 19/head
2017-09-22  Rob Tompkinscloses #14, closes #16
2017-09-22  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-21  Pascal Schumacher.travis.yml: install java 6 compatible maven version 18/head
2017-09-21  Pascal Schumacher.travis.yml: install open-jdk6, as it was removed from...
2017-09-21  Cody RankTweak Javadoc spelling 17/head
2017-08-04  pascalschumacherupdate
2017-08-01  pascalschumacheradd default mvn default (clean, test, clirr, rat and...
2017-08-01  pascalschumacheradd apache license header to existing-readable.file...
2017-07-31  Rob TompkinsCLI-217: More DefaultParser constructor docs.
2017-07-29  Rob TompkinsCLI-217: thanks Rubin
2017-07-29  Rob Tompkinsreturn to standard .gitignore
2017-07-29  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of
2017-07-28  pascalschumacher.travis.yml: add openjdk6
2017-07-28  pascalschumacherRemove oraclejdk7 from travis configuration, because...
2017-06-27  Rubin SimonsAdded option to test which traverses extra if-path 15/head
2017-06-23  Rubin SimonsAdded tests for partial matching enable/disable
2017-06-23  Rubin SimonsAdded support for disabling partial option matching
2017-06-23  Rubin SimonsIgnore IntelliJ IDEA files too
2017-06-22  Rubin SimonsIgnore IDE specific files
2017-06-15  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'CLI-277'
2017-06-15  Bruno P. KinoshitaRemove @version tags
2017-06-14  Benedikt RitterCLI-277: Add generics to TypeHandler 13/head
2017-06-14  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'CLI-274'
2017-06-14  Benedikt RitterAdd CLI-274 to changes.xml
2017-06-13  Béla Schaumseparate testcases 12/head
2017-06-12  Bela SchaumUpdate
2017-06-12  Béla Schaumchange and add file in
2017-06-09  Bela SchaumMerge branch 'master' into patch-1
2017-06-09  Benedikt RitterDisplay coverage data for master branch
2017-06-09  Benedikt RitterUse travis-jacoco profile from parent pom to fix failin...
2017-06-09  Benedikt RitterAdd Travis CI and badges
2017-06-08  Benedikt RitterAdd site-content directory to gitignore
2017-06-08  Benedikt RitterUpdate documentation after CLI has been migrated to git
2017-06-08  Benedikt RitterUpdate SCM information in pom.xml after CLI has been...
2017-06-08  Benedikt RitterAdd .gitignore file
2017-06-05  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to private fields.
2017-06-05  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to method parameters.
2017-06-05  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to local variables.
2017-06-05  Benedikt RitterLocal variable can be private
2017-05-27  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding to pom
2017-05-27  Gary D. Gregory[CLI-276] Adjust access-modifier of checkRequiredOption...
2017-04-17  Bela SchaumUpdate 10/head
2017-04-17  Bela SchaumUpdate
2017-04-17  Bela SchaumUpdate
2017-04-17  Bela SchaumUpdate
2017-04-17  Bela Schaum[CLI-274] misseed import
2017-04-17  Bela Schaumimplement EXISTING_FILE_VALUE type handler
2017-04-07  Gary D. GregoryAdd oraclejdk7 to Travis CI.
2017-03-27  Benedikt RitterCorrect @since tags for methods added by CLI-271
2017-03-27  Benedikt RitterRestore clirr report generation
2017-03-25  Benedikt RitterCLI-271: CommandLine.getXXX and CommandLine.hasXXX...
2017-03-13  Benedikt RitterRemove hard coded version from package JavaDoc
2017-03-13  Benedikt RitterUpdate cli project after 1.4 release
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterPrepare website for CLI 1.4 release
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterUpdate to latest commons-parent pom
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterPrepare CLI release 1.4
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterMake CheckStyle happy
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterExclude .htaccess file from RAT report
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterAdd description for next release
2017-03-09  Benedikt RitterAdd CLI-269 to changes.xml
2017-02-25  Robert ScholteCLI-269: Introduce CommandLine.Builder
2017-02-16  Benedikt RitterJavaDoc fixes. Patch provided by GitHub user sebkur...
2016-11-16  Gary D. GregoryAdd starter TravisCI configuration. Will pick up Travis...
2016-09-27  Stian Soiland... utf-8 in build (just in case)
2016-09-27  Stian Soiland... utf-8
2016-09-08  Benedikt RitterCLI-265: Optional argument picking up next regular...
2016-09-07  Benedikt RitterAdd missing ALv2 header
2016-09-07  Benedikt RitterCLI-265: Optional argument picking up next regular...
2016-09-07  Benedikt RitterMake header comment a Java block comment instead of...
2016-09-07  Benedikt RitterAdd missing ALv2 header
2016-08-18  Benedikt RitterBetter explain how getArgs works. Thanks to Thomas...
2016-07-27  Benedikt RitterAdd missing @since tag
2016-07-27  Benedikt RitterJavaDoc tweaks
2016-07-27  Benedikt RitterCLI-267: Add an addRequiredOption method to Options...
2016-06-21  Benedikt RitterCLI-266: HelpFormatter.setOptionComparator(null) doesn...
2016-06-20  Benedikt RitterIgnore tests purposely left empty test bodies. Thanks...
2016-06-19  Benedikt RitterDon't use wildcard imports
2016-06-19  Benedikt RitterRemove unnecessary subclassing of DefaultParserTest...
2016-05-20  Gary D. GregoryStandardize on US English spelling (recognised -> recog...
2016-01-19  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2016 in NOTICE.txt
2015-12-09  Sebastian BazleyCollect the DOAPs
2015-07-08  Gary D. Gregorymaven-pmd-plugin 3.4 -> 3.5.
2015-06-26  Benedikt RitterUpdate to latest parent pom
2015-06-22  Benedikt RitterAdd next version to changes.xml
2015-06-17  Benedikt RitterPost release clean up
2015-06-14  Benedikt RitterPrepare 1.3.1 bug fix release
2015-06-14  Benedikt RitterMake checkstyle happy
2015-06-14  Benedikt RitterAdd missing license header
2015-06-09  Benedikt RitterCLI-252: LongOpt falsely detected as ambiguous. This...
2015-05-11  Benedikt RitterUpdate maven coords in This also closes...
2015-05-09  Benedikt RitterDocument release of Apache Commons CLI 1.3
2015-05-09  Benedikt RitterBump devlopment version