2013-11-23  Thomas NeidhartUpgrade to commons-parent 32.
2013-10-21  Sebastian BazleyASF Branding
2013-10-21  Sebastian BazleyIgnore IDE file
2013-05-19  Sebastian BazleyLANG-894 some doap files have incorrect download page
2013-03-22  Sebastian BazleyFix up URLs so they point to actual sites; this allows...
2013-02-27  Olivier Lamyoups my bad
2013-02-27  Olivier Lamylink to current dev javadoc
2013-02-27  Olivier Lamycurrent release is 1.2
2013-02-27  Olivier Lamyfix javadoc link
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyrestore download cgi
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamylast released version is 1.2
2013-02-17  Thomas NeidhartAdd more descriptive methods to Option.Builder, adapt...
2013-02-17  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-224] Add hasArgs and hasArg method to new Builder.
2013-02-17  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-224] Add static builder methods to Option, check...
2013-02-17  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-231] removed DoubleCheckedLocking test in checksty...
2013-02-12  Thomas NeidhartSuppress pmd warnings.
2013-02-12  Thomas NeidhartRe-organize new features to reflect significance.
2013-02-12  Thomas NeidhartUpdate site content.
2013-02-12  Thomas NeidhartUpdate release notes.
2013-02-12  Thomas NeidhartAdding missing since tags.
2013-02-12  Thomas NeidhartUpdate download page.
2013-02-11  Thomas NeidhartIgnore pmd warning, cannot happen.
2013-02-11  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-230] Options.getRequiredOptions returns now an...
2013-02-11  Thomas NeidhartUpdate pom.xml with contributors.
2013-02-11  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-224] Added default Builder constructor.
2013-02-11  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-224] Added new fluent builder API to Option, depre...
2013-02-09  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-218] Clarify javadoc of CommandLine.getOptionValue.
2013-02-06  Thomas NeidhartChange revision/data tags to Id, remove authors, javado...
2013-02-06  Thomas Neidhartmigrate package.html to
2013-02-06  Thomas NeidhartAdded since info to deprecated tags.
2013-02-06  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-214] Added method Options.addOption(String, String...
2013-02-06  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-227] updated changes.xml.
2013-02-06  Thomas Neidhart[CLI-227] Convert unit tests to junit 4, upgrade junit...
2013-01-30  Sebastian Bazleydeveloped by => developed at
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyFix some obvious raw types
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyFix some obvious raw types
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyFix some obvious raw types
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleySimplify exception testing
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyUnused variables
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyExceptions not thrown
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleySuppress deprecation warnings for test classes
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyRaw types
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyImports and raw tytpes
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyException not thrown
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyDocument unexpected list contents
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyMissing @Override
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyMissing @Deprecated tag
2013-01-30  Sebastian BazleyMissing @Deprecated tag
2013-01-30  Thomas NeidhartPrefer a checkstyle suppression over a private construc...
2013-01-30  Thomas NeidhartFix clirr errors by adding old method signatures and...
2013-01-30  Thomas NeidhartAdd suppression for magic number warning.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartFix checkstyle warning wrt inner assignments, added...
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartFix typos.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartFix clirr error: return type of a public static method...
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartAdd Apache license header to suppressions.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartAdd findbugs exclude filter.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartDocument and cleanup throws clauses.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartFix checkstyle warnings, add suppressions for not possi...
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartAdd checkstyle suppressions, allow empty blocks with...
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartAdd missing @Deprecated annotations, reorder fields...
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartDisable checkstyle aggregate results in site generation.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartCheckstyle warning: variable order, complete javadoc.
2013-01-29  Thomas NeidhartChange checkstyle config: set explicitely severity...
2013-01-28  Thomas NeidhartFix Clirr error wrt return type of Option#clone().
2013-01-28  Thomas NeidhartMore typos, another raw type warning.
2013-01-28  Thomas NeidhartAdded javadoc for member fields, formatting, fix eclips...
2013-01-28  Thomas NeidhartComplete javadoc, fix typos, fix findbugs warning:...
2013-01-28  Thomas NeidhartFix javadoc typos.
2013-01-28  Thomas NeidhartUpdate copyright.
2013-01-27  Thomas NeidhartCorrect header template, allow legacy package.html.
2013-01-27  Thomas NeidhartFix more checkstyle warnings.
2013-01-27  Thomas NeidhartFix checkstyle warnings, minor formatting, typos, compl...
2013-01-27  Thomas NeidhartFix typos.
2013-01-27  Thomas NeidhartComplete changes.xml with resolved issues for 1.3 from...
2013-01-26  Olivier Lamyuse new released parent
2013-01-16  Olivier Lamyignore imported javadocs
2013-01-10  Olivier Lamyuse default path for svn pubsub
2013-01-09  Olivier Lamyignore site-content
2013-01-09  Olivier Lamyfix path
2012-12-18  Olivier Lamyfix checkstyle configuration
2012-12-17  Olivier Lamyfix checkstyle rule which has been renamed in last...
2012-12-17  Olivier Lamyupgrade some maven plugins versions
2012-12-17  Olivier Lamyfix links to previous javadoc
2012-12-17  Olivier Lamyfaster checkout with excluding javadocs directory which...
2012-12-17  Olivier Lamyconfigure cli for site deployment via svnpubsub
2012-10-30  Emmanuel BourgMinor syntax changes
2012-10-30  Emmanuel BourgImproved the javadoc of HelpFormatter
2012-05-28  Gary D. GregoryFix comment typo.
2012-05-28  Gary D. GregoryUpdate to commons-parent 25 and other plug-ins to work...
2011-12-15  Emmanuel BourgRemoved unnecessary final modifiers
2011-12-15  Emmanuel BourgReplaced StringBuilder with StringBuffer wherever possi...
2011-10-14  Olivier Lamyignore *.iml
2011-08-01  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the gump profile (the Gump config has been...
2011-08-01  Emmanuel BourgUpgrade to commons-parent version 21
2011-06-02  Emmanuel BourgImproved the Javadoc of MissingOptionException (CLI...
2011-04-22  Gary D. GregoryFix Oracle Javadoc site references (was Sun.)
2011-04-21  Sebastian BazleySince we're now using Java 1.5, use the current JUnit...
2011-04-21  Simone Tripoditrailing spaces
2011-04-21  Simone Tripoditrailing spaces
2011-04-21  Simone Tripodioptions is a collection of Option, so the iterator...