2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigrename method to make Sonar happy master
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigdon't hide field
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigsilence Sonar
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigupgrade Jacoco for JDK9+ so it no longer kills the...
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2018-12-15  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-475 implement equals and hashCode
2018-11-19  Stefan Bodewigshorten method name
2018-11-18  Stefan Bodewignot really COMPRESS-470: put extra effort in deleting...
2018-11-18  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2018-11-18  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-470 make sure all ScatterZipOutputStreams...
2018-11-10  Stefan Bodewiguse try-with-resources properly
2018-11-10  Stefan Bodewigthis was supposed to be public
2018-11-10  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-469 add lenient flag that allows accepting...
2018-10-07  Stefan Bodewigmake Sonar less unhappy
2018-10-07  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-466 allow ZipFile to not parse local file...
2018-10-07  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-466 fill nameMap outside of the loop parsing...
2018-10-07  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-466 mark stream as contiguous when reading...
2018-10-07  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-466 extract logic that calculates data offset...
2018-10-03  Stefan Bodewiguse createTempDirectory rather than custom implementation
2018-09-21  Stefan Bodewigmake Lister optionally use ZipFile
2018-09-07  Stefan Bodewigrecord fix, closes #69
2018-09-07  Stefan Bodewigcorrectly set hasCo..LevelChanged with repeated setLeve...
2018-08-16  Stefan Bodewigadd details
2018-08-16  Stefan Bodewignote to self, remove workaround when next parent become...
2018-08-16  Stefan Bodewigmake site-deploy again
2018-08-16  Stefan Bodewigmake Sonar less unhappy
2018-08-16  Stefan Bodewigupdate security page with CVE-2018-11771
2018-08-16  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.18' and prepare next iteration
2018-08-14  Stefan Bodewigsuppress "Possible heap pollution" warning
2018-08-14  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2018-08-13  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC1 of Commons Compress 1.18 1.18-RC1 rel/1.18
2018-08-13  Stefan Bodewigupdate commons-build generated pages
2018-08-13  Stefan Bodewigupdate release notes for upcoming RC
2018-08-12  Stefan Bodewigmake japicmp work again
2018-08-10  Stefan Bodewigunused import
2018-08-10  Stefan Bodewigtake note of 1.18's changes
2018-08-10  Stefan Bodewigfix javadoc warnings
2018-08-10  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-462 can't read from AR without opening an...
2018-08-09  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-463 throw exception when detecting a truncated...
2018-08-09  Stefan Bodewigensure archive streams really mean EOF if they say so
2018-08-09  Stefan Bodewigverify the compressor streams really mean EOF when...
2018-07-28  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-460 rudimentary javadocs and tests
2018-07-28  Carmi GrushkoAllow specifying Zstandard compression level
2018-07-11  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-459 no reason to encode the name twice
2018-07-11  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-459 record change
2018-07-11  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-459 use ZipEncoding consistently
2018-07-11  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-459 fix writing of multibyte names and add...
2018-07-11  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2018-07-11  Jens ReimannFix writing of multibyte name entries
2018-07-11  Jens ReimannFix reading of multibyte name entries
2018-07-08  Arne Babenhauserheide(doc) fix typo in javadoc
2018-07-03  Stefan Bodewigupgrade to parent 47
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigcloses #65
2018-07-01  Jeanne Boyarskyfix typo in syntax. Files is a static method so there...
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2018-07-01  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-455 handle APK Signing Block
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace changes
2018-07-01  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-457 improve resource cleanup in close() implem...
2018-06-28  Stefan BodewiggetCanonicalPath may return a path ending in a / already
2018-06-19  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-456 adapt description to code change
2018-06-19  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-456 make optional dependencies explicit
2018-06-19  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-456 ensure we import all packages we actually...
2018-06-15  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2018-06-15  Stefan Bodewiganchor seems to be different now
2018-06-15  Stefan Bodewigfix edge case vulnerability detected by @DidierLoiseau
2018-06-11  Gary GregoryRemove @version $Id$ tags from pre-git SVN days.
2018-06-09  Stefan Bodewigfollow @PascalSchumacher's example and prepare for...
2018-06-03  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.17' and prepare next iteration
2018-05-31  Stefan Bodewigtypos
2018-05-30  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC1 of Commons Compress 1.17 1.17-RC1 rel/1.17
2018-05-30  Stefan Bodewigtrailing whitespace
2018-05-30  Stefan Bodewigupdate release notes
2018-05-30  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-454 search for STORED data descriptor stopped...
2018-05-25  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-453 record change
2018-05-24  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-453 replace while loop with equivalent Arrays...
2018-05-24  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-453 improve exception message
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2018-05-12  Stefan Bodewigexamples -> use guide
2018-05-11  Stefan Bodewigadd test for path sanity check
2018-05-11  Stefan Bodewigdon't leak resources
2018-05-11  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2018-05-11  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2018-05-11  Stefan Bodewigadd tests for Expander
2018-05-11  Stefan Bodewigunit tests for Archiver
2018-05-10  Stefan Bodewigchanges report doesn't seem to allow HTML
2018-05-10  Stefan Bodewighightlight COMPRESS-445 in "what's new" section
2018-05-09  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-452 use password-less constructor in test
2018-05-09  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-452 document new constructors
2018-05-09  Stefan Bodewigchar[] overloads don't need to talk about encoding
2018-05-09  Stefan Bodewigadd another constructor overload without password
2018-05-09  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2018-05-09  Stefan Bodewigadd char[] constructors to SevenZFile
2018-05-09  Stefan Bodewiguse Arrays.copyOf
2018-05-09  Stefan BodewigCOMPRESS-450 add a bit of documentation to examples...
2018-05-08  Stefan Bodewigbetter check result of mkdirs
2018-05-08  Stefan Bodewigremove more complex examples package, move remaining...
2018-05-07  Stefan Bodewigreduce API surface by removing filter from signatures
2018-05-07  Stefan Bodewigprovide some more detailed examples
2018-05-07  Stefan Bodewigavoid "new File*putStream" constructor
2018-05-07  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace