Update 0.9.1 release version
[commons-crypto.git] / Makefile
2016-01-18  Ferdinand XuRepackages. This closes #45 from winningsix/repackages
2016-01-15  Ferdinand XuAdd profiles to enable cross platform compling This...
2016-01-12  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #37 from winningsix/34
2016-01-12  Dapeng Sun(孙大鹏)Merge pull request #32 from sundapeng/explicit-cipher...
2016-01-12  dianfuMerge pull request #33 from vanzin/no-sbt-in-make
2016-01-11  Marcelo VanzinDon't invoke sbt from the makefile.
2016-01-06  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #5 from sundapeng/cipher-refactory
2016-01-06  Sun Dapengfix style
2016-01-06  Sun DapengRefactory concepts: codec -> cipher+transformation
2015-11-12  dianfuRefactor codec related classes to package com.intel...
2015-11-12  dianfuUpdate README adding documentation about how to make...
2015-11-12  dianfuAdd back the version file
2015-04-01  dianfuadd publish support for sonatype
2015-04-01  dianfuadd script to build javadoc and packageSource
2015-03-31  dianfuchange groupId to com.intel.chimera
2015-03-30  dianfuupdate the group id
2015-03-27  dianfu0.0.1 ready