Update 0.9.1 release version
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2016-02-01  Ferdinand XuUpdate 0.9.1 release version release-0.9.1 0.9.1
2016-01-20  Ferdinand XuMake transformation as required parameter when obtain...
2016-01-19  dianfuAdd positioned read and seek capability to PositionedCr...
2016-01-18  Jerry ChenBug Fix: doFinal should use the parameter for out buffer
2016-01-18  Ferdinand XuRepackages. This closes #45 from winningsix/repackages
2016-01-18  Ferdinand XuFix bug relates to StreamInput. This closes #46 from...
2016-01-15  dianfuCipher.getInstance throw GeneralSecurityException
2016-01-14  Sun DapengAdd findbugs and rat check plugin to build
2016-01-14  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #40 from dianfu/positioned-stream
2016-01-14  dianfuAdd PositionedCryptoInputStream and PositionedCryptoOut...
2016-01-14  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #42 from dianfu/improve_utils
2016-01-14  dianfuchange the log level to error when exception is encountered
2016-01-14  dianfuRename CipherUtils back to Utils and change the excepti...
2016-01-14  dianfuRename Utils to ChimeraUtils
2016-01-12  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #37 from winningsix/34
2016-01-12  Dapeng Sun(孙大鹏)Merge pull request #32 from sundapeng/explicit-cipher...
2016-01-12  dianfuMerge pull request #33 from vanzin/no-sbt-in-make
2016-01-12  Sun Dapengremove unused LOG
2016-01-12  Dapeng Sun(孙大鹏)Merge pull request #20 from sundapeng/random-factory
2016-01-12  Sun DapengExplicit close() on Cipher
2016-01-12  Sun Dapengremove Utils.getSecureRandom(Properties props)
2016-01-11  Dapeng Sun(孙大鹏)Merge pull request #30 from sundapeng/master
2016-01-11  Sun Dapengmake SecureRandom clean
2016-01-11  Sun DapengFix remove public of interface method and etc
2016-01-11  Sun Dapenguse JavaSecureRandom as Openssl fallback
2016-01-11  Sun Dapengrefactory random
2016-01-11  Sun DapengFix missing equality sign in OpensslNative.c
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #23 from winningsix/REMOVESOFILE
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #16 from winningsix/Doc
2016-01-11  Dapeng Sun(孙大鹏)Merge pull request #15 from sundapeng/cbc-cipher
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuRemove so file and use Maven plugin to trigger make
2016-01-11  Sun Dapengfix merge
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #12 from winningsix/CipherFactory
2016-01-11  Sun DapengAdd Cipher unit test
2016-01-11  Sun Dapengrevert stream unit test
2016-01-11  Sun Dapengadd 192bit key support
2016-01-11  Sun Dapengaddress comment
2016-01-11  Sun DapengAdd CBC cipher support
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #21 from winningsix/master
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuRemove unused imports and add back the override annotations
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuChange cipher to interface
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuSome refactory for Cipher class
2016-01-11  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #17 from winningsix/findbugs
2016-01-08  Ferdinand XuUpdate patch addressing the Haifeng's comments
2016-01-08  Ferdinand XuFix findbugs issue
2016-01-07  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #10 from winningsix/README
2016-01-07  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #11 from winningsix/RemoveDirectBuff...
2016-01-07  Ferdinand XuRename variable for BUFFER_SIZE
2016-01-07  Ferdinand XuMake the created buffer reusable in skip ChannelInput
2016-01-07  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #8 from winningsix/RemoveDirectBuffe...
2016-01-07  Ferdinand XuChannelInput uses Buffer as skip buffer instead of...
2016-01-06  Jerry ChenStandardize the names and remove chimera from method...
2016-01-06  Jerry ChenRename one default conf key to be consistent and define...
2016-01-06  Ferdinand XuMerge pull request #5 from sundapeng/cipher-refactory
2016-01-06  Sun Dapengadd javadoc for Cipher
2016-01-06  Sun Dapengfix style
2016-01-06  Sun Dapengfix comments and variables
2016-01-06  Sun Dapengfix UnitTests
2016-01-06  Sun DapengRefactory concepts: codec -> cipher+transformation
2016-01-05  Ferdinand Xu1.0.0-snapshot
2016-01-05  Ferdinand Xu0.9.0 release 0.9.0
2015-12-14  Ferdinand XuAdd findbugs and fix related bugs
2015-12-09  dianfuBugfix: should use method getName() instead of name...
2015-12-09  dianfuMinor improvement: skip trying other codec classes...
2015-11-20  dianfuChange mothod Utils.getSecureRandomClass to Utils.getSe...
2015-11-20  Ferdinand XuAdd default value for caes ctr nopadding codec class
2015-11-19  Ferdinand XuSimplify configuration usage
2015-11-16  dianfuAvoid unnecessary copy from outBuffer to user provided...
2015-11-16  dianfuRemove ChannelStreamInput as it's unused currently
2015-11-16  dianfuRemove unnecessary copy in CryptoInputStream#read
2015-11-16  dianfuRefactor: remove unnecessary parameters of a few method...
2015-11-12  dianfuAdd test for ReadableByteChannel and WritableByteChannel
2015-11-12  dianfuAdd comments for newly added classes
2015-11-12  dianfuFix read bug related to method skip
2015-11-12  dianfuRefactor codec related classes to package com.intel...
2015-11-12  dianfuAdd WritableByteChannel inteface for CryptoOutputStream
2015-11-12  dianfuRefactor CryptoOutputStream: Add Output support
2015-11-12  dianfuRefactor Input related classes to package com.intel...
2015-11-12  dianfuRefactor CryptoInputStream: ReadableByteChannel as...
2015-11-12  dianfuAdd back the version file
2015-11-11  dianfuRename ChimeraUtils to Utils
2015-11-11  dianfuBugfix: StreamInput should return -1 to the caller...
2015-11-11  Ferdinand XuClean up read method of crypto inputstream
2015-11-11  dianfuremove unused code in CryptoInputStream
2015-11-11  dianfuAdd unit tests for one byte encryption test and tests...
2015-11-11  dianfuRefactor the interface of CryptoInputStream/CryptoOutpu...
2015-04-01  dianfuusing JceAesCtrCryptoCodec if not configured
2015-03-31  dianfuchange groupId to com.intel.chimera
2015-03-30  dianfuupdate the group id
2015-03-27  dianfu0.0.1 ready