2018-10-05  Marcelo VanzinCRYPTO-141: Avoid calling operations on an invalid... master 89/head
2018-10-04  Marcelo VanzinBind clirr:check to verify phase, publish clirr report.
2018-10-04  Marcelo VanzinCRYPTO-135: Add comment about need for blocking sinks.
2018-10-02  Marcelo VanzinClean up a few build warnings.
2018-10-01  Marcelo VanzinRevert to commons-parent v43.
2018-10-01  Marcelo VanzinAdd OS X to Travis CI matrix.
2018-10-01  Marcelo VanzinCleanup tests to not catch exceptions unnecessarily.
2018-10-01  Marcelo VanzinAdd clirr:check target to CI build.
2018-09-27  Marcelo VanzinBump requirement to Java 1.8
2018-06-16  Gary GregoryThe the patrol.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2018-01-07  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 42 to 43.
2017-11-20  Xianda KeCRYPTO-125: Add new testcases for GCM cipher
2017-11-20  Xianda KeCRYPTO-60: opensslCipher support GCM mode
2017-05-28  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding to pom
2017-02-15  SebbTab police
2017-02-15  SebbCRYPTO-129 Revert unnecessary exposure of instance...
2017-02-11  SebbCRYPTO-134 CipherByteBufferExample should not truncate...
2016-11-30  Hendrik SalyFixed a typo
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterRemove tailing white spaces
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'CRYPTO-131'
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterCRYPTO-131: Provide FAQ page
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterFix mess I created in last commit
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterSort pom.xml elements
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterAdd FAQ page
2016-11-26  Benedikt RitterFix broken JavaDoc link
2016-11-21  Sun DapengFix travis
2016-11-21  Tian JianguoCRYPTO-129: Change access of instance variables
2016-11-21  Sun DapengFix Coverall badge
2016-11-19  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-11-19  Gary GregoryAdd Coverall badge.
2016-11-14  Xianda KeCRYPTO-127: CryptoInputStream#read should handle non...
2016-10-24  Junjie ChenCRYPTO-125: CryptoOutputStream does not call write...
2016-09-07  Sun DapengCRYPTO-124: Fix JavaCryptoRandom extend java.util.Random
2016-09-07  Sun DapengCRYPTO-123: Clean CRYPTO build script.
2016-08-17  Sun DapengCRYPTO-122: Fix CRYPTO website after 1.0.0
2016-07-25  Dapeng Sun[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-07-25  Dapeng Sun[maven-release-plugin] prepare release CRYPTO-1.0.0-RC1 CRYPTO-1.0.0 CRYPTO-1.0.0-RC1
2016-07-25  Dapeng SunRelease Notes for 1.0.0
2016-07-22  Sun DapengFix assembly
2016-07-22  Sun DapengUpdate autogen documents
2016-07-22  Sun DapengCRYPTO-119: Fix checkstyle issues
2016-07-22  Sun DapengCRYPTO-118: Fix pmd and findbugs issues
2016-07-19  Xianda KeCRYPTO-116: Fix compile error at 64 bits windows
2016-07-19  Sun DapengCRYPTO-117: Define WINDOWS when _WIN64 and CYGWIN defined
2016-07-13  SebbDocn
2016-07-13  SebbWindows works
2016-07-13  SebbInitial example; changes.xml needs more work
2016-07-13  SebbDocn
2016-07-13  SebbDocn
2016-07-11  SebbMinGW now works
2016-07-10  SebbCRYPTO-104 Native code should provide getVersion()...
2016-07-10  SebbMake compiled filename agree with source file
2016-07-10  SebbCRYPTO-63 Add JNA binding
2016-07-10  SebbUnused
2016-07-10  SebbCRYPTO-111 Include minimal main class to show that...
2016-07-10  SebbCRYPTO-114 exception.c/exception.h are not used
2016-07-09  SebbCRYPTO-113 Improve error reporting by factories
2016-07-09  SebbAnd class name
2016-07-09  SebbFix file name
2016-07-09  Sebbwinutils.h not needed on Windows
2016-07-09  SebbWindows uses LoadLibrary/GetLastError
2016-07-09  SebbBetter fix for LoadLibrary parameter on Windows
2016-07-09  SebbUndefine snprintf on MinGW
2016-07-09  SebbNo need to save the libary pointer once initialised
2016-07-09  SebbCRYPTO-112 OpenSslCipher.loadingFailureReason should...
2016-07-09  SebbAlso catch UnsatisfiedLinkError in case OpenSSL library...
2016-07-09  SebbSyntax error: missing closing parenthesis
2016-07-09  SebbFix up Windows build:
2016-07-09  Sebb/lib/ directory contains valid source files!
2016-07-09  SebbAlready included in org_apache_commons_crypto.h
2016-07-09  SebbAlready included near top of file
2016-07-09  SebbIt works on MacOSX
2016-07-09  SebbCRYPTO-110 Provide component version and name
2016-07-09  SebbUnused import
2016-07-09  SebbCRYPTO-103 NativeCodeLoader.getVersion() is not needed
2016-07-09  SebbJavadoc
2016-07-08  SebbNo point recreating the File object
2016-07-08  SebbClasspath does not need jni-classes
2016-07-08  ggregoryUse try-with-resources.
2016-07-08  ggregoryUse try-with-resources.
2016-07-08  ggregoryFormatting: Missing spaces.
2016-07-08  ggregoryUse try-with-resources.
2016-07-08  ggregoryFormatting: Missing spaces.
2016-07-08  ggregoryUse try-with-resources.
2016-07-08  ggregoryStatement unnecessarily nested within else clause.
2016-07-08  ggregoryUnused import: org.apache.commons.crypto.Crypto.
2016-07-08  ggregoryThe declared exception GeneralSecurityException is...
2016-07-08  ggregoryAdd missing '@Override' annotations.
2016-07-07  SebbShow JNA status
2016-07-07  SebbShow version if available; warn if JNI/JNA could not...
2016-07-07  SebbSkip tests if JNA cannot be enabled
2016-07-07  SebbIf JNA cannot find the correct library, ensure the...
2016-07-07  SebbMore instructions
2016-07-07  Sun DapengCRYPTO-96: OpenSSL Random implementation silently falls...
2016-07-07  Kristian RosenvoldFixed the remaining incorrect files
2016-07-07  Kristian RosenvoldAdded .gitattributes to fix line feed issues once and...
2016-07-06  SebbStupid Git
2016-07-06  SebbFix name so it agrees with the class
2016-07-06  SebbWindows does not have /dev/random