10 hours ago  SebbDocco - no code changes master
11 hours ago  SebbEnsure both samples will run; try 1.1.0 and now
17 hours ago  sebbASFTry 1.1.0
18 hours ago  SebbUse different name
18 hours ago  SebbAdhoc tests
18 hours ago  SebbAdd sample program runs to check builds further
19 hours ago  SebbFix up syntax error caused by comment removal
19 hours ago  SebbNeed Java8 for now
19 hours ago  SebbNeed Java8 for now
19 hours ago  SebbTry alternate fix
20 hours ago  SebbTry to get QL completing
20 hours ago  SebbIllegal-access deny causes other problems
20 hours ago  SebbRevert 46c7441 - fix initialisation circularity
21 hours ago  SebbAlign comparable methods; more docs
21 hours ago  SebbAdd some doc pointers
21 hours ago  SebbDocumentation corrections
33 hours ago  SebbRe-use the library once found by NativeLibrary.
33 hours ago  SebbWhat version did we detect?
34 hours ago  SebbMust use same library name for all 3 classes
3 days ago  SebbTry to set argline conditionally
3 days ago  SebbTry to set argline conditionally
3 days ago  SebbWill this help?
3 days ago  SebbTemporarily disable failures
3 days ago  SebbTry to avoid output crash
3 days ago  SebbLooks like this was done ages ago
3 days ago  SebbLooks like JVM warnings may be causing test fails
3 days ago  SebbShow version info
3 days ago  SebbDon't write to stdout in tests
3 days ago  SebbCheck run conditions
3 days ago  SebbShow build details
3 days ago  SebbUseless parentheses (PMD)
3 days ago  SebbAvoid crash in CodeQL test
3 days ago  SebbNo point having cron job as well
3 days ago  SebbSuppress noisy Maven output
3 days ago  SebbSimplify; provide fallback names in .c files
3 days ago  SebbMerge branch 'master' into sebb-docker
3 days ago  SebbCRYPTO-163 Makefile does not recompile objects if local...
7 days ago  SebbRedundant; does the same as the previous two lines
7 days ago  SebbShow generated native files
7 days ago  SebbFix up comments
7 days ago  SebbEnsure the correct openssl config file is present
8 days ago  SebbMerge branch 'master' into sebb-docker
8 days ago  SebbAllow for Checkstyle syntax change
8 days ago  SebbDocument build process
8 days ago  SebbMerge branch 'master' into sebb-docker
8 days ago  SebbCorrect capitalisation
10 days ago  SebbAdd missing win and linux builds from pom profiles
10 days ago  SebbInstructions are in README file
11 days ago  SebbFix warning
11 days ago  SebbFix warning
12 days ago  SebbMerge branch 'master' into sebb-docker
12 days ago  SebbFix up some docs
12 days ago  SebbHow to add items to build
12 days ago  SebbNo longer needed
12 days ago  SebbKeep Docker files together; add some docn
12 days ago  SebbMerge branch 'master' into sebb-docker
12 days ago  SebbMissing path separator
13 days ago  SebbDon't copy build script
13 days ago  SebbOops, wrong level
13 days ago  SebbSample build of native code
13 days ago  Sebbsudo no longer present nor needed
13 days ago  SebbMore recent Ubuntu
13 days ago  SebbUse ASF download CDN
2022-06-13  SebbNo longer needed
2022-06-13  SebbLet's see if Windows can join the other builds
2022-06-13  SebbTry setting in script
2022-06-13  SebbWrong syntax for PowerShell
2022-06-13  SebbFind is slow
2022-06-13  SebbLooks like we need to set OPENSSL_HOME
2022-06-13  SebbStart with C
2022-06-13  SebbNeed quotes
2022-06-13  SebbTrigger ourselves
2022-06-13  SebbKeep looking for the openssl header files
2022-06-13  SebbDummy change to trigger GH builds
2022-06-12  SebbRestore main build; hive off Windows
2022-06-12  SebbAgain
2022-06-12  SebbAgain
2022-06-12  SebbKeep trying
2022-06-12  SebbWindows wants "
2022-06-12  SebbAlternative find
2022-06-12  SebbTry c:
2022-06-12  SebbWromg command for Windows
2022-06-12  SebbDuh! Wrong OS
2022-06-12  SebbAllow to continue
2022-06-12  SebbTrying to fix Windows build
2022-06-12  SebbDon't trigger on changes to maven GH action
2022-06-12  SebbLooks like Windows has yet to be tried
2022-06-12  SebbTypo
2022-06-10  Jochen WiedmannUndoing accidental white space changes.
2022-06-10  Jochen WiedmannCRYPTO-160: Improve quality for methods, that JavaCrypt...
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryAdd Ubuntu build to GitHub
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryBump commons.surefire.version from 3.0.0-M5 to 3.0...
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryRemove redundant entry
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryBump commons.javadoc.version from 3.3.2 to 3.4.0
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryClean up.
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryBump spotbugs-maven-plugin from to
2022-06-09  dependabot... Bump spotbugs-maven-plugin from to
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryBump commons-parent from 52 to 53
2022-06-09  Gary GregoryBump github/codeql-action from 1 to 2 #159