2020-08-28  Gary GregoryUpdate POM version numbers for Apache release 1.1.0 commons-crypto-1.1.0-RC1 rel/commons-crypto-1.1.0
2020-08-28  Gary GregoryPrepare for 1.1.0 RC1.
2020-08-28  Gary GregoryAdd thanks to testing section entries.
2020-08-28  Gary GregoryAdd a testing section to the release notes.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryPrepare for 1.1.0 RC1.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryRemove reference to subversion.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryAdd macos dylib file to gitignore.
2020-08-27  Gary GregorySort in AB order.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryRemove extra blank lines.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryMore debug loging.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryFix spelling 'Itenium' -> 'Itanium'.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryFormatting.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryMore startup debug logging.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryFix mesage in test.
2020-08-27  Gary GregoryStandardize on US English spelling.
2020-08-26  Gary GregoryBetter output for JNA error conditions like "** WARN...
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryFix letter case in Javadoc and change docs.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryFix broken Javadoc @see tags.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryAttribution.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryUse Java NIO to copy bytes instead of custom loop....
2020-08-23  Gary Gregory- Bullet-proof internal initialization.
2020-08-23  Gary Gregory- Simplify exception handling.
2020-08-23  Gary GregorySimpler property loading. More tests.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryDon't hide useful comments.
2020-08-23  Gary Gregory- Make
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryMake package private instance variable private: output:
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryUse final.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryJavadoc: Fix spelling.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryRemove reference to svn.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryBetter logging.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryJavadoc. Better logging.
2020-08-23  Gary GregorySort methods in AB order.
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryFormat method for longer lines.
2020-08-23  garydgregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryClean up main output; close Javadoc tags; formatting.
2020-08-23  Gary D. GregoryFix ARM and ARM hard-float builds
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryIntermittent Failure in GCMCipherTest#testGcmTamperedDa...
2020-08-23  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #105 from aremily/gcmtestfix
2020-08-22  Gary GregoryUpdate instructions.
2020-08-16  garydgregoryDocument build and site changes.
2020-08-16  garydgregorymaven-resources-plugin 3.1.0 -> 3.2.0.
2020-08-16  Gary GregoryDrop unused property slf4j-api.version.
2020-08-16  Gary GregoryDon't override newer version of plugin managed by paren...
2020-08-16  Gary GregorySpotBugs replaced FindBugs which is configured feom...
2020-08-16  garydgregorySort in AB order.
2020-08-16  garydgregoryReplace Apache CLIRR with JApiCmp.
2020-08-16  garydgregoryDrop commons.changes.onlyCurrentVersion.
2020-08-16  garydgregoryDrop unused property commons-logging.version.
2020-08-16  garydgregoryReplace Apache CLIRR with JApiCmp.
2020-08-16  Gary GregoryFix Homebrew docs.
2020-08-09  Alex RemilyAddresses 105/head
2020-08-06  Gary GregoryCan't use --no-transfer-progress before Maven 3.6.1.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryDisplay Maven version early on.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryLots of clean ups.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryUse try-with-resources.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryRefactor org.apache.commons.crypto.utils.IoUtils.cleanu...
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryRemove compiler warning and document.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryRemove compiler warning and document.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryRemove compiler warning and document.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryNo need to override stock methods and implement them...
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryUse try-with-resources.
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryAdd --no-transfer-progress to CI builds.
2020-08-04  Gary GregoryDocument empty blocks.
2020-08-04  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent 51 -> 52.
2020-08-04  Gary GregoryUpdate maven-checkstyle-plugin 3.0.0 -> 3.1.1.
2020-08-04  Gary GregoryDocument PR merge.
2020-08-04  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #104 from geoffreyblake/travis_fixes
2020-08-04  Geoff BlakeSet JAVA_HOME properly for aarch64 and ppcle builds... 104/head
2020-07-31  Gary GregoryJavadoc fix (Java 11): Replace <tt>Foo</tt> with {...
2020-07-27  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 50 to 51.
2020-07-24  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #102 from geoffreyblake/windows_fixes
2020-07-24  Geoff BlakeEnable i386 TravisCI builds, enable win32 and win64... 102/head
2020-07-24  Geoff BlakeChange #include<Windows.h> to #include<windows.h> to...
2020-06-13  Gary GregoryAdd some build help.
2020-06-13  Gary GregoryNeed double quote when JAVA_HOME contains spaces.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryAdd missing annotations.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryUse final.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryRemove trailing white space.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryUse try-with-resources.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryRemove unused imports.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryFix Javadoc.
2020-06-06  Gary GregoryNo need to nest else.
2020-06-01  Gary GregoryUpdate some info for Java version and other Windows...
2020-05-26  Gary GregoryMerge pull request #101 from XenoAmess/patch-1
2020-05-25  XenoAmessfix typo 101/head
2020-05-08  Geoffrey BlakeUpdate pom.xml to explicitly prevent cleaning during...
2020-05-07  aremilyJaCoCo Increase for Streams (#99)
2020-04-24  Geoffrey BlakeAdditional unit tests for JNA, Cipher, Random, Utils...
2020-04-21  Adam RetterCI Improvements (#96)
2020-04-12  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS.
2020-04-12  Gary GregoryUpdate year.
2020-04-12  Gary GregoryDocs.
2020-04-12  Gary GregoryDocs.
2020-04-12  Gary GregoryDocs.
2020-04-11  Gary GregoryAdd missing actions.
2020-04-11  Gary GregoryAdd ggregory as developer.
2020-04-10  Gary GregoryUpdate docs for 1.1.0 label.
2020-04-10  Gary GregorySite reports.
2020-04-10  Gary GregoryRemove redundant modifiers.
2020-04-10  Gary GregoryOrganize imports.