2017-12-08  Mladen TurkDo not set event if not initialized 1.0.x 1.0.x
2015-08-18  Sebastian BazleyMove assembly to standard location
2015-08-08  Sebastian BazleyFix indentation
2015-08-08  Sebastian Bazley+= serialVersionUID
2015-08-08  Sebastian BazleyAlways use blocks for conditionals
2015-08-08  Sebastian BazleyAlways use blocks for conditionals
2014-08-20  Sebastian BazleyFIx URL
2014-06-19  Emmanuel BourgAdded support for MIPS N32 and N64 ABI, thanks to Sphin...
2013-10-21  Sebastian BazleyASF Branding
2013-10-18  Mladen TurkApply fix for DAEMON-281
2013-10-18  Mladen TurkApply fix for DAEMON-308
2013-10-01  Emmanuel BourgMarked DAEMON-289 as fixed in 1.0.16 since the fix...
2013-10-01  Emmanuel BourgMerged revision(s) 1458896 from commons/proper/daemon...
2013-08-20  Sebastian BazleyTypo
2013-06-19  Sebastian BazleyUpdate to CP30; add missing commons property
2013-06-11  Sebastian BazleyAdd XSD
2013-06-10  Sebastian BazleyDon't use wildcard imports (even in test classes)
2013-04-04  Sebastian BazleyUpdate to latest CP version
2013-04-04  Sebastian BazleyTypo
2013-03-28  Mladen TurkBump to next dev version
2013-03-28  Mladen TurkUpdate versions before tag
2013-03-27  Mladen TurkRegen configure
2013-03-27  Mladen Turkgcc for parisc does not have milp32/mlp64 flags
2013-03-27  Mladen TurkRegen configure
2013-03-27  Mladen TurkFix copy/paste typo
2013-03-27  Mladen TurkRegen configure
2013-03-27  Mladen TurkFurther improove hpux support
2013-03-27  Mladen TurkFurther improove hpux support
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkRegen configure
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkUse correct flag for GCC
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkOops. Use older autoconf
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkUpdate regenerated configure
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkFix typo
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkRewrite hp-ux part
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkFix typo
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkAdd support for non-gcc HP-UX compiler
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkAdd two more Jira issues
2013-03-26  Mladen TurkDAEMON-288: Apply patch provided by Mike Miller
2013-03-25  Mladen TurkFix typo which can cause core if LD_LIBRARY_PATH was...
2013-03-23  Mladen TurkFix DumpThreads from services. Seems the call to Attach...
2013-03-20  Mladen TurkAxe duplicate cpu target
2013-03-18  Mladen TurkBump to next version
2013-03-18  Mladen TurkBump to next version
2013-03-17  Sebastian Bazleytrunk (or active branch) versions should only ever...
2013-03-15  Mladen TurkUpdate next release links
2013-03-15  Mladen TurkBump to release before tag
2013-03-13  Mladen TurkFix typo in comment
2013-03-13  Mladen TurkDAEMON-286: Ensure we have a full thread sync
2013-03-13  Mladen TurkDAEMON-287: No need to close service_status_handle
2013-03-11  Mladen TurkMake sure we unlock the rotated file before closing...
2013-03-08  Mladen TurkUse larger default stop wait hints
2013-03-08  Mladen TurkMake code more readable - no functional change
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkSync config.sub with config guess
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkMake sure config.guess is executable
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkUpdate config.guess to the latest one
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkEnuse we have a limit to a correct buffer size
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkBump version numbers to 1.0.14
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkBump version numbers to 1.0.14
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkEnsure that execv uses absolute or relative path
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkAddition to DAEMON-284 patch. Ensure we use safe string...
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkApply DAEMON-284 patch
2013-03-07  Mladen TurkApply DAEMON-288 patch
2013-03-06  Sebastian BazleyAdd recent tags
2013-03-06  Mladen TurkFix DAEMON-280
2013-03-06  Mladen TurkFix DAEMON-278 by calling setInprocEnvironment for...
2013-03-06  Mladen TurkFix DAEMON-281
2013-03-06  Mladen TurkDAEMON-283: Make sure we instantiate class only for...
2013-02-06  Sebastian BazleyDon't leave main code line with release version
2013-02-06  Mladen TurkPrepare for 1.0.13 tag
2013-02-06  Mladen TurkFix DAEMON-275
2013-02-06  Mladen TurkUpdate versions to 1.0.13
2013-02-05  Mladen TurkDAEMON-276 Fix log file corruption
2013-01-24  Sebastian BazleyRevert accidental commit in r1438141
2013-01-24  Sebastian BazleyUpdate download page after running 'mvn commons:downloa...
2013-01-16  Sebastian BazleyOnly RC tags should omit the SNAPSHOT suffix
2013-01-16  Sebastian BazleyDon't forget year change
2013-01-16  Sebastian BazleyStandardise EOL style
2013-01-13  Mladen TurkUse correct version
2013-01-13  Mladen TurkAdd prebuilt configure
2013-01-11  Mladen TurkAdd missing issue fixed
2013-01-09  Mladen TurkMake sure STOP and SHUTDOWN share the same code
2013-01-09  Mladen TurkDAEMON-274: Make sure shutdown works
2013-01-09  Mladen TurkUpdate version and currenty release year
2012-12-10  Mladen TurkAdd few more common locations for detecting jdk
2012-12-04  Mladen TurkUpdate release notes with latest bug fixes
2012-12-04  Mladen TurkDAEMON-269 Add support for UAC for prunmgr.exe
2012-12-04  Mladen TurkIncrement current version numbers
2012-12-04  Mladen TurkDAEMON-268: Fix regression in -home directive
2012-11-27  Sebastian BazleyNext SNAPSHOT version
2012-11-22  Mladen TurkUpdate versions to release before tag
2012-11-22  Mladen TurkUpdate docs
2012-11-22  Mladen TurkUpdate release notes
2012-11-22  Mladen TurkDAEMON-245: Backport from trunk
2012-11-21  Sebastian BazleyUpdate RN with all current resolved issues where "Fix...
2012-11-21  Mladen TurkDAEMON-262: Autorefresh property page in case service...
2012-11-21  Mladen TurkDAEMON-252: Ensure the signal name event is the same...
2012-11-21  Mladen TurkDAEMON-264: Add -cwd parameter which defaults to root
2012-11-21  Mladen TurkDAEMON-261: Allow services names with spaces
2012-11-21  Mladen TurkDAEMON-257: Search for few more 'dafault' locations
2012-11-21  Mladen TurkDAEMON-267: Report service as stopped pnly when VM...