2021-01-14  Mark ThomasTag 1.2.4-RC2 COMMONS_DAEMON_1_2_4_RC2 commons-daemon-1.2.4 commons-daemon-1.2.4-RC2 rel/commons-daemon-1.2.4
2021-01-14  Mark ThomasAdd not on updating the RC number
2021-01-14  Mark ThomasAdd RC property
2021-01-13  Mark ThomasMOre automation for the release process
2021-01-13  Mark ThomasAdd previous version property to POM
2021-01-12  Mark ThomasUpdate copyright year to 2012
2021-01-12  Mark ThomasAdd guess for 1.2.4 release date
2021-01-08  Gary GregoryRemove unused import.
2021-01-08  Gary GregoryCollapse multiple identical catch clauses into one.
2021-01-06  Mark ThomasRegenerate in preparation for 1.2.4 release
2021-01-06  Mark ThomasNeed to use Java 8 to build (JARs will still target...
2021-01-06  Mark ThomasCorrect a path
2021-01-06  Mark ThomasRemove file that appears to be unused
2021-01-06  John PatrickJUnit v4.13.1
2021-01-06  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-428 remove unnecessary code
2020-12-08  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-426
2020-12-08  Mark ThomasRemove unused code
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryRemove redundant modifiers like public on interface...
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryRemove useless return.
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove redundant calls to super().
2020-11-18  Gary GregoryNormalize spelling in Javadoc.
2020-11-18  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2020-11-18  Mark ThomasSimplify we there is no longer a need to support Java...
2020-11-17  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2020-11-17  Gary GregoryFormat and comment empty block.
2020-11-17  Gary GregoryRevert "Use Java 7 diamonds."
2020-11-17  Gary GregoryUse Java 7 diamonds.
2020-11-17  Rob Tompkins(docs) fix typographical error
2020-11-13  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-424 - Ensure stdout/stderr msgs are not...
2020-11-13  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-425 avoid crash if options is not set in...
2020-10-30  Gary GregoryTypo.
2020-10-25  Gary GregoryAdd SECURITY.MD.
2020-09-14  Mark ThomasUpdate version from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 ready for next dev...
2020-09-14  Mark ThomasClarify which components are impacted by changes.
2020-08-27  Mark ThomasRegenerate readme
2020-08-27  Mark ThomasRegenerate download page
2020-08-27  Mark ThomasAdd estimate of 1.2.3 release date
2020-08-27  Mark ThomasRemove unused logo files
2020-08-25  Mark ThomasRemove unnecessary import
2020-08-25  Mark ThomasUpdate to latest Commons parent
2020-08-25  Mark ThomasCopyright updates
2020-08-25  Mark ThomasDAEMON-422. Implement a configuration print option
2020-08-24  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-412 for unix - Add NMT support
2020-08-24  Mark ThomasFix comment typo
2020-08-24  Mark ThomasReplace tabs with spaces so indents look right
2020-08-24  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-412 for Windows - Add NMT support for jvm...
2020-08-24  Mark ThomasFix compilation error for release builds and remove...
2020-08-16  SebbUse animal API version for Java 6
2020-08-16  SebbAllow compilation with Java 14
2020-08-10  SebbFix old codehaus issue link
2020-08-05  Gary GregoryAdd --no-transfer-progress to CI builds.
2020-06-26  Gary Gregory[DAEMON-419] Update arguments.c to support Java 11...
2020-06-26  Gary GregoryUpdate arguments.c to support Java 11 --enable-preview...
2020-06-26  mads1980Update arguments.c to support Java 11 --enable-preview...
2020-05-14  Mark ThomasCode clean-up. Remove unused imports.
2020-05-14  Gary GregoryMore debug logging in prunsrv.c and javajni.c.
2020-05-14  Gary GregoryMatch formatting.
2020-05-14  Gary GregoryAdd debug logging to help figure out start/stop problems.
2020-05-13  Gary GregoryBetter build help.
2020-03-30  Gary GregoryStandardize on American English spelling of 'behavior'.
2020-02-20  Ray Wangpsupport.m4: remove incorrect definition
2019-12-18  Gary GregoryRemove unnecessary array creation for varargs.
2019-12-18  Gary GregoryRemove trailing white spaces on all lines.
2019-12-12  Gary GregoryMore startup on Windows logging in javajni.c. #14.
2019-12-12  Gary GregoryMore startup logging. (#14)
2019-12-10  Gary GregoryJavadoc: Replace <code></code> HTML tags with Javadoc...
2019-12-10  Gary GregoryFix typo.
2019-11-23  Mark ThomasExpand debug logging for Java start mode
2019-11-22  Gary GregoryRevert [DAEMON-414] prunsrv uses its log is before...
2019-11-22  Gary GregoryRevert "[DAEMON-414] prunsrv uses its log is before...
2019-11-22  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-410. jsvc search path
2019-11-21  Mark ThomasFix DAEMON-411 Correct ' interact with desktop' configu...
2019-11-21  Gary Gregory[DAEMON-414] prunsrv uses its log is before it is initi...
2019-11-21  Gary Gregory[DAEMON-414] prunsrv uses its log is before it is initi...
2019-10-04  Mark ThomasIncrement version number for next development cycle
2019-10-01  Mark ThomasAvoid compilation warning with x64 VS 2017
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasPrior to tag, update with best guess of release date
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasUpdate changelog
2019-09-30  Mark Thomasstdout and stderr need to be open in shared mode
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasUpdate source assemblies to exclude ignored files.
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasMerge .gitignore files into a single file
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasUpdate changelog
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasUpdate release instructions
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasUpdate source distribution contents
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix possible unsafe code warnings reported with VS...
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasEnable building for x64 on command line with VS 2017
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix warnings when -W4 rather than -W3 is used
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix warning
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasRemove unused assignments
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix remaining unreferenced formal parameter warnings
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasUpdate change log
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasRemove unused parameters
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix some -W4 compiler warnings "unreferenced formal...
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasRemove unused parameter from method. Fixes some -W4...
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix some -W4 compiler warnings "unreferenced formal...
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasRemove unused code
2019-09-30  Mark ThomasFix potential access to uninitialised variable
2019-09-25  Mark ThomasAdd best guess for 1.2.2 release date
2019-09-25  Mark ThomasUpdate generated pages
2019-09-25  Mark ThomasUpdate to Commons Parent 49