2017-12-21  Gary GregoryPrepare release. DBCP_2_2_0 DBCP_2_2_0_RC3
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryPrepare release.
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryPrepare release.
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryPrepare release.
2017-12-21  Gary GregoryAdd ggregory as a developer.
2017-12-20  Gary Gregory[DBCP-481] Update Apache Commons Pool from 2.4.2 to...
2017-12-18  marktAdd no-arg constructor to test JDBC drivers. DBCP now...
2017-12-04  Mark ThomasFix Java 9 nag and ensure all possible exceptions are...
2017-12-04  Mark ThomasRemove unnecessary ;
2017-12-04  Mark ThomasFix trailing whitespace
2017-10-28  Gary GregoryFormatting.
2017-10-28  Gary GregoryBetter assert message.
2017-10-27  Gary GregoryAlways use blocks.
2017-10-27  Gary GregoryUse final.
2017-10-27  Gary GregoryNo need to nest.
2017-10-27  Gary Gregoryfindbugs-maven-plugin 3.0.3 -> 3.0.5.
2017-10-27  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-10-27  Gary GregoryUpdate from commons-parent 40 to 42 and Maven Jacoco...
2017-10-13  Benedikt RitterDBCP now uses git
2017-10-08  Pascal SchumacherFix spelling mistakes (closes #6)
2017-08-18  Gary GregoryRemove now useless SVN @version Id tag.
2017-08-18  Gary GregoryNo need to set ivars to null in declarations.
2017-08-15  Gary GregoryAdd a toString() method for debugging.
2017-08-06  Pascal Schumacherupdate
2017-08-04  Pascal fix link to homepage
2017-08-03  Pascal add build-status and maven-central badge
2017-08-03  Pascal correct version of latest release
2017-08-03  ggregory[DBCP-478] Wrong parameter name in site documentation for
2017-08-03  ggregoryUpdate 2.2 release date template.
2017-07-28  Pascal Schumacheradd .travis.yml
2017-05-28  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding to pom
2017-03-20  Bernd Eckenfelssite: examples from gitweb not SVN
2016-11-08  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-474.
2016-11-03  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-457
2016-11-03  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-458
2016-11-03  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-459
2016-11-03  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-462
2016-11-02  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-463
2016-11-02  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-468
2016-11-02  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-472
2016-11-02  Mark ThomasIgnore IDE files
2016-09-04  Benedikt RitterAdd site-content dir to .gitignore
2016-09-03  Benedikt RitterAdd .gitignore with entries for maven files
2016-09-03  Benedikt RitterChange SCM information to new git repository location
2016-08-07  Matt SickerCopy javadoc link back to trunk trunk
2016-08-07  Matt SickerRevert version to 2.2-SNAPSHOT
2016-08-02  Matt SickerMake release date for 2.2 almost ready in changelog
2016-08-02  Matt Sicker[DBCP-454] Fix osgi import-header instruction
2016-08-01  Gary D. GregoryTypo in comment.
2016-07-29  Matt SickerUpdate version to snapshot in trunk
2016-07-27  Matt SickerRevert: Update version number in pom to 2.2
2016-07-27  Matt SickerUpdate version number in pom to 2.2
2016-07-27  Matt SickerFix version number
2016-07-27  Matt SickerUpdate other autogenerated files for 2.2
2016-07-27  Matt SickerUpdate download page for 2.2
2016-07-27  Matt SickerUpdate release notes for 2.2
2016-07-27  Matt SickerPrepare release scripts for version 2.2
2016-07-21  Gary D. Gregory[DBCP-446] NullPointerException thrown when calling...
2016-07-21  Gary D. GregoryTest plain use case of org.apache.commons.dbcp2.Delegat...
2016-06-07  Gary D. GregoryUpdate old school @exception with new school @throws.
2016-05-31  Gary D. Gregoryfindbugs-maven-plugin 3.0.2 -> 3.0.3.
2016-05-10  Gary D. Gregorycommons-parent 39 -> 40.
2016-04-20  Gary D. GregoryFormat nit.
2016-04-20  Gary D. GregoryStatement unnecessarily nested within else clause.
2016-03-17  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-456
2016-03-17  Mark ThomasFix DBCP-453
2016-03-17  Mark ThomasEnsure that the cacheState setting is used when stateme...
2016-03-17  Mark ThomasFix IDE auto-boxing warnings
2016-02-10  Gary D. GregoryJavadoc: Use the active voice.
2016-02-10  Gary D. GregoryBetter Javadoc.
2016-02-09  Gary D. GregoryJavadoc typo.
2016-02-09  Gary D. GregoryFormat nit.
2016-02-08  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to method parameters.
2016-02-08  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to local variables.
2016-02-08  Gary D. GregoryAdd final modifier to private fields.
2016-02-05  Gary D. GregoryTypo "jmx" -> "JMX".
2016-02-05  Gary D. GregoryJavadoc: Refer to commons-dbcp2 and commons-pool2 inste...
2016-02-05  Gary D. GregoryFix Javadoc "jdbc" -> "JDBC".
2016-02-05  Gary D. GregoryFormat nits.
2016-01-20  Mark ThomasMinor Javadoc fixes
2016-01-18  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2016.
2015-12-16  Mark ThomasFix some Javadoc warnings
2015-12-10  Phil SteitzRemove trailing spaces and re-ordered imports.
2015-12-09  Sebastian BazleyCollect the DOAPs
2015-12-08  Phil SteitzRemoved unused local variable.
2015-12-08  Phil SteitzVerify that all properties are set when BasicDataSource...
2015-12-07  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect fix for DBCP-452.
2015-12-07  Phil SteitzAdded missing property. JIRA: DBCP-452.
2015-11-26  Sebastian BazleyFix syntax
2015-11-01  Phil Steitzs/2.1.2/2.2 to reflect API update.
2015-10-29  Gary D. Gregory[DBCP-451] Add constructor DriverManagerConnectionFacto...
2015-10-29  Gary D. GregoryAdd test Properties ctor.
2015-10-28  Gary D. Gregoryfindbugs-maven-plugin 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2.
2015-10-28  Gary D. Gregorycommons-parent 38 -> 39.
2015-10-28  Gary D. GregoryParent here (38) uses assembly 2.5.5.
2015-10-28  Gary D. GregoryFix broken XML.
2015-10-28  Gary D. GregoryAdd description.
2015-10-28  Gary D. Gregory[DBCP-449] Cannot use DBCP on Google App Engine.
2015-09-08  Phil SteitzSpecify JTA version preferred in OSGI import. JIRA...
2015-09-08  Phil SteitzUpdated commons parent version.