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5 days ago  Gary GregoryBump spotbugs-maven-plugin from 4.2.2 to 4.7.2
2022-07-04  Gary GregoryAdd missing namespace and XSD to SpotBugs filter file.
2022-07-04  Gary GregoryAdd missing namespace and XSD to SpotBugs filter file.
2021-01-11  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle configuration DTD link.
2015-05-23  Thomas NeidhartPost-release commit.
2013-10-15  Thomas NeidhartRemove DoubleCheckedLocking check as it has been remove...
2012-12-13  Thomas NeidhartPerform changes wrt EmailConstants as agreed on ml.
2012-12-11  Thomas NeidhartAdd exclude filter for findbugs warning in EmailExcepti...
2012-12-11  Thomas NeidhartAdded findbugs exclude filter.
2012-12-09  Thomas NeidhartDisable magic number and interface is type checks.
2012-03-04  Siegfried Goeschl[EMAIL-113] Fixing broken Checkstyle report
2009-06-07  Siegfried GoeschlRemoving obsolete files
2008-05-23  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-30 - fix the checkstyle configuration to...
2007-07-29  Benjamin Speakmon- project info fixes.
2007-06-20  Benjamin Speakmon- remove basedir property reference; tested on java...
2007-02-28  Dion Gillardno author tags
2007-02-27  Dion GillardAllow empty catch blocks as long as there is text ...
2006-11-29  Henri YandellFixed the copyright header
2005-08-25  Henning SchmiedehausenDon't clobber these files when using cw.
2005-08-25  Henning SchmiedehausenUse CodeWrestler to bring all license notices to "2001...
2005-08-25  Henning Schmiedehausenmake the binary distribution contain the dependency...
2005-07-05  Dion GillardAdd apache license to files that missed it.
2004-11-25  David Eric PughMissing configuration files for build