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2022-06-05  Alex HerbertIntroduce end-of-line normalization
2022-06-05  Alex HerbertUpdate README badges
2022-01-03  Matt Juntunenupdating notice year
2021-09-30  Matt Juntunenusing latest commons-rng syntax
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenremoving .txt extension from LICENSE and NOTICE files
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenpreparing for 1.1-SNAPSHOT development
2021-08-13  Matt Juntunenupdating NOTICE year; adding missing NOTICE and LICENSE...
2021-07-23  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-63: more minor SonarQube fixes 176/head
2021-06-22  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-126: replacing usage of commons-numbers Linear... 174/head
2021-06-05  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-122: using package-private visibility in tests... 167/head
2021-06-05  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-124: replacing DoublePrecisionContext with... 166/head
2021-03-23  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-116: updating OSGi headers to export subpackages 138/head
2020-12-18  Matt Juntunenfixing test docs, formatting, and compile errors
2020-12-17  Arturo BernalGEOMETRY-105 - Replace the try-catch pattern with asser...
2020-12-06  Matt JuntunenMerge pull request #105 from arturobernalg/fetaure...
2020-12-05  Arturo BernalGEOMETRY-103 - Migrate to JUnit 5 104/head
2020-07-19  Matt Juntunenupdating README files and pom after 1.0-beta1 release
2020-07-07  Matt JuntunenReverting name change after discussion on dev ML.
2020-07-04  XenoAmesschange GeometryInternalError to GeometryInternalExcepti...
2020-07-04  XenoAmessadd break to a loop.
2020-07-02  Matt Juntunenremoving redundant groupId and version entries from...
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghSimplify Collections usage
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghUse `final` modifier consistently
2020-06-25  Baljit SinghGEOMETRY-63: Fix some SonarQube smells 79/head
2020-05-27  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-94: adding PlaneConvexSubset additional implem...
2020-05-24  Gilles SadowskiRemove dead and unnecessary links in module pages ...
2020-05-23  Gilles SadowskiTypo (web site).
2020-05-06  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-92: adding specialized segment, ray, and rever...
2020-02-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge commit 'refs/pull/68/head' of https://github...
2020-02-23  Matt Juntunenadding missing license and project files 68/head
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove trailing whitespace.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove unnecessary else clauses.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertUse final
2020-02-04  Alex HerbertMerge pull request #60 from darkma773r/geometry-75
2020-02-04  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-63__Matt'
2020-02-04  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-63: simplifying AbstractConvexHyperplaneBounde... 62/head
2020-01-28  Matt JuntunenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into geome...
2020-01-16  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-85__Matt'
2020-01-16  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-85: adding user guide entry for the enclosing... 56/head
2020-01-16  Matt JuntunenGEOEMTRY-85: throwing exception instead of returning...
2020-01-16  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-85: using list instead of array for EnclosingB...
2019-12-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-45__Matt'
2019-12-22  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-45: renaming packages in hull and enclosing... 46/head
2019-12-18  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-62__Matt'
2019-12-18  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-62: fixing checkstyle issues in unit tests... 44/head
2019-11-28  Gilles SadowskiIndentation.
2019-11-28  Gilles SadowskiUse "isEmpty()".
2019-11-27  Gilles SadowskiGEOMETRY-65: Remove "Serializable".
2019-11-24  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-32__Matt'
2019-11-24  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-32: refactoring BSP and related classes; also...
2019-07-04  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS links to Apache.
2019-07-04  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS links to Apache.
2019-06-12  Benjamin KroghAdded a proposed fix for [GEOMETRY-58] 35/head
2019-06-12  Benjamin KroghAdded a failing test case for welzlencloser correspondi...
2019-06-10  Karl Heinz Marbaise[GEOMETRY-57] - BigFraction Constructors are private
2019-05-20  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-29__sven'
2019-03-18  Sven RathgeberGEOMETRY-29 rename fromThreePoints to fromPoints, corre...
2019-03-15  Sven RathgeberGEOMETRY-29 first version.
2019-02-05  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-11__matt'
2019-02-02  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-11: replacing double tolerance values with... 22/head
2018-11-09  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-23__matt'
2018-11-09  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-23: removing polar and spherical methods from...
2018-10-18  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-23: removing Euclidean point classes and makin...
2018-10-07  Gilles SadowskiTrailing spaces.
2018-09-25  Gilles SadowskiWeb site files.
2018-09-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-20__matt'
2018-09-23  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-20: removing getNorm1(), getNormInf(), distanc... 13/head
2018-09-15  Matt Juntunenmerging with master
2018-09-14  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-8__matt'
2018-09-14  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-8: simplifying exception handling to use mix... 9/head
2018-09-14  Matt Juntunenmerging with master
2018-09-14  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-9__matt'
2018-09-14  Gilles SadowskiUnchecked exceptions should not appear in the "throws...
2018-09-03  Matt Juntunenremoving overloading of 'of' method for points and...
2018-07-20  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-3_GEOMETRY-4__matt'
2018-07-20  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'cleanup' into geometry-3-4 6/head
2018-07-20  Matt JuntunenMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2018-07-20  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'master' into geometry-3
2018-06-22  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'master' into polar-spherical-working
2018-06-16  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'geometry-3' into cleanup
2018-06-07  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-5__matt'
2018-06-05  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-4: fixing javadoc issues; mvn site now succeeds
2018-06-03  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-4: addressing issues from CheckStyle and SpotB...
2018-06-03  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-5: adding initial README files 5/head
2018-06-03  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'master' into geometry-3
2018-05-22  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-3: making euclidean point and vector construct...
2018-05-22  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-2__matt'
2018-05-21  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-2: Cleaning up API to remove necessity of... 2/head
2018-04-20  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-1_move_from_cm'
2018-04-19  Gilles SadowskiTrailing whitespace.
2018-04-19  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-1: moving over existing geometry code from... 1/head