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2022-06-05  Alex HerbertUpdate README badges
2022-05-29  Alex HerbertSkip select plugins in JMH module
2022-05-04  MattGEOMETRY-147: adding linecast and line intersection...
2022-04-23  MattGEOMETRY-146: adding near/far methods to PointMap and...
2022-03-18  MattGEOMETRY-142: adding PointMap and PointSet implementations 194/head
2022-01-03  Matt Juntunenupdating notice year
2021-09-30  Matt Juntunenusing latest commons-rng syntax
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenremoving .txt extension from LICENSE and NOTICE files
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenpreparing for 1.1-SNAPSHOT development
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenupdate README versions
2021-08-13  Matt Juntunenupdating NOTICE year; adding missing NOTICE and LICENSE...
2021-08-08  Matt Juntunenexclude example modules from deployment
2021-07-20  Matthew Juntunenfixing spotbugs issues in examples
2021-07-20  Matthew JuntunenGEOMETRY-136: removing DoubleFormats utility that has...
2021-06-12  Matt Juntunenimprovements to DoubleFormats performance 172/head
2021-06-06  Matt Juntunenremoving dependabot config; updating build deps 169/head
2021-06-05  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-122: using package-private visibility in tests... 167/head
2021-06-05  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-124: replacing DoublePrecisionContext with... 166/head
2021-04-21  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-118: adding component-specific transform metho...
2021-04-20  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding solid geometry teapot tutorial
2021-04-08  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-119: adding Vectors.normalizeOrNull() method... 143/head
2021-04-06  dependabot[bot]Bump jmh.version from 1.27 to 1.29
2021-03-28  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-115: adding initial IO modules 141/head
2021-03-23  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-116: updating OSGi headers to export subpackages 138/head
2020-12-26  Matt Juntunenadding version bumps suggested by dependabot
2020-12-26  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-109: renaming BoundarySourceXX.from() to Bound... 124/head
2020-12-23  Arturo BernalMinor Improvement 123/head
2020-12-18  Matt Juntunenfixing test docs, formatting, and compile errors
2020-12-17  Arturo BernalGEOMETRY-105 - Replace the try-catch pattern with asser...
2020-12-08  Arturo BernalGEOMETRY-106 - Refine Module 114/head
2020-12-08  Matt JuntunenMerge pull request #110 from apache/dependabot/maven...
2020-12-08  Matt Juntunenfixing test and checkstyle failures in examples-io
2020-12-06  dependabot[bot]Bump jmh.version from 1.22 to 1.26 110/head
2020-12-06  Matt JuntunenMerge pull request #105 from arturobernalg/fetaure...
2020-12-05  Arturo BernalGEOMETRY-103 - Migrate to JUnit 5 104/head
2020-07-19  Matt Juntunenupdating README files and pom after 1.0-beta1 release
2020-07-04  Matt Juntunenusing enhanced for loop when possible
2020-07-04  XenoAmessfix README.md in a sub-module.
2020-07-04  XenoAmessremove redundant group-id
2020-07-02  Matt Juntunenremoving redundant groupId and version entries from...
2020-07-02  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding BSP tree tutorial 83/head
2020-07-01  Baljit SinghFix README links
2020-07-01  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding 3D mesh classes, PartitionedRegionB... 80/head
2020-05-31  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: improving implementation of Sphere.toTree... 78/head
2020-05-27  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-94: adding PlaneConvexSubset additional implem...
2020-05-06  Matt Juntunenupdating examples-io module with new type names
2020-05-06  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-92: adding specialized segment, ray, and rever...
2020-04-16  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' of https://gitbox.apache.org...
2020-04-16  Gilles SadowskiNew maven module "examples-io": Shows how to save a...
2020-03-30  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-83: adding Circle and Sphere class; making... 74/head
2020-02-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge commit 'refs/pull/68/head' of https://github...
2020-02-23  Matt Juntunenadding missing license and project files 68/head
2020-02-04  Alex HerbertMerge pull request #60 from darkma773r/geometry-75
2020-02-04  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-75: small tweaks from PR feedback 60/head
2020-02-02  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-75: improving input vector creation in VectorP...
2020-02-01  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-85: bumping commons-rng 1.2 -> 1.3; using...
2020-02-01  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-75: using multiple input vectors per benchmark
2020-01-28  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-75: adding performance module and VectorPerfor...