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2022-06-05  Alex HerbertIntroduce end-of-line normalization
2022-05-04  Matt Juntunenupdating changes.xml
2022-04-30  Mattfixing spotbugs issues
2022-03-18  MattGEOMETRY-142: adding PointMap and PointSet implementations 194/head
2021-11-03  Matt Juntunenupdating checkstyle and pmd versions 188/head
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenremoving unused assembly files
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenadding 1.1 release entry to changes.xml
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenmerging release branch changes
2021-08-21  Matt Juntunenpreparing RC1
2021-08-16  Matt Juntunenimplementing changes from rc3 feedback 181/head
2021-08-14  Matt Juntunenexcluding ConfusingTernary PMD rule
2021-08-12  Matt Juntunenadding example module section to userguide
2021-08-07  Alex HerbertAdd XML schema
2021-08-01  Matt Juntunenupdate changes.xml
2021-07-24  Matt Juntunenadding changes to changes.xml
2021-07-20  Alex HerbertChange PMD ruleset name from rng to geometry
2021-07-20  Matthew Juntunenfixing spotbugs issues in examples
2021-07-19  Matt Juntunenignoring spotbugs false positives
2021-06-05  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-124: replacing DoublePrecisionContext with... 166/head
2021-04-20  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding solid geometry teapot tutorial
2021-03-28  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-115: adding initial IO modules 141/head
2020-12-10  Matt Juntunenbumping pmd and spotbugs versions; using managed antrun...
2020-07-19  Matt Juntunenupdating release files after 1.0-beta1 release
2020-07-05  Matt Juntunenfixing checkstyle suppression on windows; adjusting...
2020-07-02  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding BSP tree tutorial 83/head
2020-07-01  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding 3D mesh classes, PartitionedRegionB... 80/head
2020-05-27  Matt Juntunenadding references to hyperplane and hyperplanesubset...
2020-05-27  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-97: using the term 'centroid' to refer to...
2020-05-27  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-94: adding PlaneConvexSubset additional implem...
2020-05-06  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-92: adding specialized segment, ray, and rever...
2020-03-30  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-83: adding Circle and Sphere class; making... 74/head
2020-03-30  Gary GregoryStandardize on American English spelling of 'behavior'.
2020-02-21  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-88__Matt'
2020-02-21  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-88: reverting ConvexSubPlane to Facet name... 65/head
2020-02-20  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-74__Matt'
2020-02-20  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-74: adding RegionCutRule for fine-grain contro... 64/head
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertUpdate PMD rules
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove trailing whitespace.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertAllow 1 as a magic number
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertAdd spot bugs exclusions.
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertUpdate PMD rules to be more lenient.
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertUpdate checkstyle
2020-01-28  Matt JuntunenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into geome...
2020-01-21  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-80__Matt'
2020-01-20  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-80: simplifying Transform class hierarchy... 59/head
2020-01-16  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-85__Matt'
2020-01-16  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-85: adding user guide entry for the enclosing... 56/head
2020-01-10  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-84__Matt'
2020-01-10  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-84: updating convex hull API: making methods... 54/head
2020-01-08  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-81__Matt'
2020-01-08  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-81: renaming ConvexSubPlane to Facet
2020-01-07  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-68__Matt'
2020-01-05  Matt Juntunenadding entry to userguide explaining equals() vs eq... 50/head
2020-01-04  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-83: adding shape-generation packages with...
2019-12-29  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-68: adding linecast examples to user guide
2019-12-25  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-79__Matt'
2019-12-25  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-79: removing AttributeBSPTree and FunctionTran... 49/head
2019-12-25  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-72__Matt'
2019-12-24  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-72: adding BoundarySource interface and implem... 48/head
2019-12-23  Matt Juntunenadding back portion of userguide lost in merge; fixing... 47/head
2019-12-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-45__Matt'
2019-12-23  Gilles SadowskiTrailing spaces.
2019-12-22  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-73__Matt'
2019-12-22  Gilles SadowskiTrailing spaces.
2019-12-22  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-73: adding user guide 45/head
2019-12-18  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-62__Matt'
2019-12-18  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-62: fixing checkstyle issues in unit tests... 44/head
2019-11-25  Gilles SadowskiUpgrade "commons-skin".
2019-11-24  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-32__Matt'
2019-11-24  Matt Juntunenadding documentation to checkstyle suppression rules
2019-11-24  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-32: refactoring BSP and related classes; also...
2019-09-26  Gilles SadowskiEnable CheckStyle (based on the configuration for ...
2019-07-21  Gary GregoryFix the site's source repository link.
2019-07-07  Gary GregoryReplace Apache HTTP URL with HTTPS version.
2019-07-07  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS to access Apache resources.
2019-07-04  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS links to Apache.
2019-01-27  Gilles SadowskiGEOMETRY-40: Fix template file (web site).
2018-11-09  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-23__matt'
2018-10-07  Gilles SadowskiTrailing spaces.
2018-09-25  Gilles SadowskiWeb site files.
2018-09-22  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'master' into geometry-17
2018-09-18  Gilles SadowskiProject information.
2018-04-07  Gilles SadowskiSetting up "master" branch.