2020-07-05  Matt Juntunenfixing capitalization commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc2
2020-07-05  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'master' into 1.0-beta1-release; including...
2020-07-05  Matt Juntunenfixing checkstyle suppression on windows; adjusting...
2020-07-04  Matt Juntunenadding missing CONTRIBUTING files
2020-07-04  Matt Juntunenadding back additional badges in READMEs
2020-07-04  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-99: using in equals and Double... 93/head
2020-07-04  Matt Juntunenexcluding travis.yml from distribution
2020-07-04  Matt Juntunenupdating READMEs; bumping rc number
2020-07-04  Matt JuntunenMerge branch 'master' into 1.0-beta1-release; including...
2020-07-04  Matt Juntunenusing enhanced for loop when possible
2020-07-04  XenoAmesschange GeometryInternalError to GeometryInternalExcepti...
2020-07-04  XenoAmesssimplify if
2020-07-04  XenoAmessadd break to a loop.
2020-07-04  XenoAmesschange a field to local variable, as I didn't see anywh...
2020-07-04  XenoAmessfix in a sub-module.
2020-07-04  XenoAmessremove redundant group-id
2020-07-04  XenoAmessupgrade dependencies
2020-07-04  XenoAmessfix javadocs 2
2020-07-04  XenoAmessfix length-too-long
2020-07-04  XenoAmessfix typos.
2020-07-04  XenoAmessfix javadocs
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenadding release manager entry commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc1
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenrelease candidate
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenadding download page
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenbumping versions to 1.0-beta1
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenadding 1.0-beta1 javadoc links and release entry
2020-07-03  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-63: adding assertions to test case
2020-07-03  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-63: swapping assertion argument order
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenremoving empty test
2020-07-03  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-63: removing unnecessary braces in lambdas...
2020-07-03  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-63: throwing NoSuchElementException in SimpleT...
2020-07-03  Matt Juntunenupdating dist-archive pom dependencies; removing redund...
2020-07-02  Matt Juntunenremoving redundant groupId and version entries from...
2020-07-02  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding BSP tree tutorial 83/head
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghUse consistent imports organization 82/head
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghSimplify Collections usage
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghSimplify lambda usage
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghSimplify Stream usage
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghRemove redundant local variables
2020-07-02  Baljit SinghUse `final` modifier consistently
2020-07-01  Baljit SinghRemove redundant interface declaration
2020-07-01  Baljit SinghRemove unnecessary semicolon
2020-07-01  Baljit SinghFix README links
2020-07-01  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: adding 3D mesh classes, PartitionedRegionB... 80/head
2020-06-26  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-50: using SafeNorm for 3D norm computation 81/head
2020-06-25  Baljit SinghGEOMETRY-63: Fix some SonarQube smells 79/head
2020-05-31  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-95: improving implementation of Sphere.toTree... 78/head
2020-05-27  Matt Juntunenadding references to hyperplane and hyperplanesubset...
2020-05-27  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-97: using the term 'centroid' to refer to...
2020-05-27  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-94: adding PlaneConvexSubset additional implem...
2020-05-24  Gilles SadowskiRemove dead and unnecessary links in module pages ...
2020-05-23  Gilles SadowskiTypo (web site).
2020-05-06  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-96: optimizing HyperplaneSubset.Builder implem... 76/head
2020-05-06  Matt Juntunenupdating examples-io module with new type names
2020-05-06  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-92: adding specialized segment, ray, and rever...
2020-04-16  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'master' of
2020-04-16  Gilles SadowskiNew maven module "examples-io": Shows how to save a...
2020-04-08  Matt Juntunenupdating commons-numbers dependency to 1.0-beta1
2020-04-07  Matt Juntunenremoving dist-archive module from release profile to...
2020-04-05  Alex HerbertExclude dist-archive generated SHA 512 properties file...
2020-03-30  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-83: adding Circle and Sphere class; making... 74/head
2020-03-30  Gary GregoryStandardize on American English spelling of 'behavior'.
2020-03-24  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-91: updating AbstractConvexHyperplaneBoundedRe... 73/head
2020-03-11  Matt JuntunenMerge pull request #69 from darkma773r/geometry-56
2020-03-11  Matt Juntunenupdating developer entry
2020-03-10  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-56: downgrading JXR version to prevent dist... 69/head
2020-03-07  GillesMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-36__Matt'
2020-03-07  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-36: adding Rotation2D class
2020-03-07  GillesGEOMETRY 90: Use lambda.
2020-03-07  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-90: adding QuaternionRotation.Slerp class... 72/head
2020-03-04  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-56: adding initial dist-archive module
2020-02-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge commit 'refs/pull/68/head' of https://github...
2020-02-23  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-89__Matt'
2020-02-23  Matt Juntunenadding missing license and project files 68/head
2020-02-22  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-89: adding linear, linearTranspose, and normal... 66/head
2020-02-21  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-88__Matt'
2020-02-21  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-88: reverting ConvexSubPlane to Facet name... 65/head
2020-02-20  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-74__Matt'
2020-02-20  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-74: adding RegionCutRule for fine-grain contro... 64/head
2020-02-18  aherbertAllow openjdk-ea to fail.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove whitespace
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove jxr version control.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertUpdate spotbugs dependency for java 13 support.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertUpdate PMD rules
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove trailing whitespace.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertAdd missing import
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove unnecessary else clauses.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertRemove redundant field initialisers
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertUse final
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertAllow 1 as a magic number
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertAdd spot bugs exclusions.
2020-02-18  Alex HerbertEnsure Comparators also implement Serializable.
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertAdd profile for the examples module.
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertRemove redundant report goals from after success
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertDisable PMD failOnViolation.
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertUpdate PMD rules to be more lenient.
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertUpdate pmd
2020-02-17  Alex HerbertUpdate checkstyle
2020-02-04  Alex HerbertMerge pull request #60 from darkma773r/geometry-75
2020-02-04  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-63__Matt'