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last changeWed, 4 May 2022 02:35:51 +0000 (22:35 -0400)
2022-05-04  Matt Juntunenupdating changes.xml master
2022-05-04  MattGEOMETRY-147: adding linecast and line intersection...
2022-05-01  Mattaddressing sonar issues
2022-04-30  Mattfixing spotbugs issues
2022-04-23  MattGEOMETRY-146: adding near/far methods to PointMap and...
2022-03-18  MattGEOMETRY-142: adding PointMap and PointSet implementations 194/head
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-01-29  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-143: defining strict rules in CutAngle for...
2022-01-16  Arturo BernalFix javadoc.
2022-01-03  Matt Juntunenupdating notice year
2021-11-20  Matt JuntunenGEOMETRY-141: add GeometryInternalUtils.sameInstance... 189/head
2021-11-03  Matt Juntunenupdating checkstyle and pmd versions 188/head
2021-10-21  Arturo BernalMinor Changes:
2021-10-07  Matt Juntunenupdating build for jdk17 186/head
2021-09-30  Matt Juntunenusing latest commons-rng syntax
8 months ago rel/commons-geometry-1.0 RC4 becomes v1.0 official release
9 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc4 commons-geometry-1.0-rc4
9 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc3 commons-geometry-1.0-rc3
9 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc2 commons-geometry-1.0-rc2
9 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-rc1 RC1
22 months ago rel/commons-geometry-1.0-beta1 RC3 becomones v1.0-beta1 official...
22 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc3 Release candidate: 1.0-beta1-rc3
22 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc2 Release candidate: 1.0-beta1-rc2
22 months ago commons-geometry-1.0-beta1-rc1 Release candidate: 1.0-beta1-rc1
2 weeks ago master
8 months ago 1.0-release
22 months ago 1.0-beta1-release
2 years ago GEOMETRY-56
2 years ago GEOMETRY-54
2 years ago GEOMETRY-53