Merge pull request #2 from XenoAmess/patch-1
[commons-graph.git] / pom.xml
2020-07-24  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'pr-3'
2020-06-13  Amey JadiyeMerge branch 'test-fix' of
2020-06-13  Amey Jadiyeminimum things required for development in defaultGoal
2020-06-12  Amey Jadiyeadded required plugin versions
2020-06-12  Amey Jadiyeupgrade basic things
2020-06-12  Amey Jadiyeadded required plugin versions
2020-06-10  Amey Jadiyeupgrade basic things
2014-01-07  SebbAdd Apache prefix and (Sandbox) suffix
2013-05-18  Simone TripodiSANDBOX-457 - Adding an implementation of a bidirection...
2012-08-03  Tommaso Teofiliadded myself in the commons/graph developers section
2012-07-27  Simone Tripodiplugin's configuration is used to store Eclipse m2e...
2012-07-27  Simone Tripodicommons-parent updated to v25
2012-07-12  Marco SperanzaAdded taglist plugin
2012-03-25  Simone Tripodireintegrated the dropped marker interfaces work and...
2012-03-17  Simone Tripoditest resources dir doesn't exist
2012-03-17  Simone Tripodiexplicit basedir
2012-03-17  Simone Tripodimain resources not needed ATM
2012-03-13  Simone Tripodiupgraded checkstyle plugin to 2.9.1
2012-03-13  Simone Tripodiavoid hardcoded target jdk version
2012-03-13  Simone Tripodiupdated parent pom to 24
2012-03-08  Simone Tripodihide internal stuff just before to create the package
2012-03-04  Marco SperanzaRemoved unneeded GroboUtil dependency
2012-03-03  Marco Speranza[SANDBOX-400] Switch the Base graph implementation...
2012-02-19  Claudio Squarcellaadded myself to the developer list of commons graph...
2012-02-14  Marco Speranzafixed english mistakes
2012-02-09  Simone Tripodishaded all internal-use only classes, so users cannot...
2012-02-06  Simone Tripodiadded MST benchmarks, code provided by Thomas Neidhart
2012-02-06  Simone Tripodiadded Thomas Neidhart in the developers list
2012-02-03  Simone Tripodiadded Matteo Moci in the contributors list
2012-02-02  Simone Tripodi[SANDBOX-380] Add cobertura report and increase test...
2012-02-01  Gary D. GregoryUpdate to commons-parent 23.
2012-01-25  Simone Tripodiupgraded junit dependency
2011-12-20  Simone Tripodiadded missing issueManagement section
2011-12-20  Simone Tripodiadded missing contributors
2011-11-18  Simone Tripodiupgrated parent
2011-11-18  Simone Tripodimoved assembly descriptors in the proper location
2011-07-03  Simone Tripodiadded checkstyle suppressions
2011-06-27  Simone Tripodiadded Marco Speranza in the contributors list
2011-06-19  Niall PembertonUpdate pom.xml properties for the issue-tracking page...
2011-06-16  Simone Tripodieven if graph is not on jira, its id should be GRAPH...
2011-06-16  Simone Tripodiupgrated junit version
2011-06-16  Simone Tripodiremoved unneeded dependencies
2011-06-11  Simone Tripodiadded missing jdepend dependency (it causes compilation...
2011-06-11  Simone Tripodifirst checkin of commons-graph mvn2 pom