Add GitHub code of conduct page that points to the Apache page.
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2013-10-10  James W. CarmanPreparing code for a 2.0 release.
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgDocumentation improvements
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the custom download page and use directly the...
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgAdded a link to the Javadoc in the menu
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRefreshed the issue tracking page
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRefreshed the mailing list page
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgUse relative links in the menu
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgDon't generate the modules sites, everything is aggrega...
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgAdded an aggregated Cobertura report
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgAdjusted the base directory of the assemblies to use...
2013-10-08  Sebastian BazleyFile no longer exists
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgDownload page update for JCI 1.1
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgReplaced 'Mustang' with 'Java 6' in the FAQ
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the references to the javac compiler
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyrestore download cgi
2011-03-09  Gary D. GregoryFollow branding reqs from
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-57 Fix announce mod_mbox link
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonGenerate custom Mailing List pages for components ...
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpdate components to point to the new download pages
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonRe-generate the download pages using the new commons...
2008-03-04  Niall PembertonAdd source and binary assembly descriptors
2008-03-02  Niall PembertonAdd Issue Tracking and Download pages generated by...
2007-08-01  Niall PembertonCommons TLP: directory "dist/jakarta/commons" has moved...
2007-07-31  Dennis LundbergJCI is no longer in the sandbox.
2007-07-31  Niall PembertonMove Commons TLP changes
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-07-29  Henri YandellFixing the mailing list addresses
2007-06-18  Torsten Curdtjci release,
2007-06-11  Torsten Curdtsort of working assembly construction
2007-06-06  Torsten Curdtrevert versions,
2007-05-30  Torsten Curdtlicense headers
2007-04-17  Torsten Curdtrephrased a few o=paragraphs,
2007-04-13  Niall PembertonAdd assembly to create source and binary distros
2007-03-29  Torsten Curdtadded more docs, tags/1.0-RC1@524580 tags/1.0-RC2@524580 tags/1.0-RC3@524580 tags/1.0-RC4@524580 tags/1.0@524580 trunk@524580
2007-03-25  Torsten Curdtsome doc and site work
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtlog test in debug
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergInherit from the parent and remove the parts that are...
2006-07-16  Henri YandellChanging to None...
2006-05-07  Torsten Curdtfix link to scm
2006-05-07  Torsten Curdtfiddling with the multi-project site *sigh*
2006-05-05  Torsten Curdtsome more work on the site, combined javadocs e.g.
2006-05-04  Torsten Curdtslowly
2006-05-04  Torsten Curdtslowing working towards a m2 multi-project site ...grr
2006-04-25  Torsten Curdtmove to multi-module maven2 build
2006-03-10  Torsten Curdtextending the testcase to show the behavior Patrick...
2005-12-11  Torsten Curdtapplied various patches from Mark Proctor
2005-11-24  Torsten Curdtthanks to Mark Proctor:
2005-11-11  Torsten Curdta simple factory implementation
2005-11-10  Torsten Curdtremoved StringUtils runtime dep, different extensions...
2005-11-10  Torsten Curdtremoved unused adapter code
2005-11-09  Torsten Curdtsome fixes from Mark Proctor
2005-11-08  Torsten Curdtpass in a configuration (thanks to Mark Proctor)
2005-11-08  Torsten Curdtimplemented method (thanks to Mark Proctor)
2005-11-08  Torsten Curdtprovide a classloader for the compiler
2005-11-07  Torsten Curdtupdated TODO, fixed a spelling mistake, look for the...
2005-10-20  Torsten Curdtsupport for the compilation problem handler
2005-10-05  Torsten Curdtalso support transactional stores
2005-09-25  Torsten Curdtfixed the testcases, fixed groovy error handling (does...
2005-09-24  Torsten Curdtfurther refactoring and consolidation
2005-09-21  Torsten Curdtfor those using it already ...sorry for the big changes :)
2005-09-19  Torsten Curdtintroduced a CompilationResult, optional CompilatioProb...
2005-08-24  Torsten Curdtprovide compilation errors and warnings
2005-08-18  Torsten Curdtfixed the deps,
2005-08-18  Torsten Curdtupdated the list of supported compilers,
2005-08-18  Torsten Curdtproper dir structure (thanks to Joerg)
2005-08-17  Torsten CurdtCompilationProblem changed to an interface (thanks...
2005-08-16  Torsten Curdtfixed a potentially wrong type name
2005-08-16  Torsten Curdtupgraded to janinio >= 2.3.4,
2005-08-16  Torsten Curdta very rough outline how the groovy compilation could...
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtproper name
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtfixed the dependency delete test
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtformatting
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtformatting and cleanup
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtclose the streams (thanks to Joerg)
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtdistinguish between reload and check
2005-08-15  Torsten Curdtreload should not be called by the classloader itself
2005-08-14  Torsten Curdtmore testcases,
2005-08-14  Torsten Curdtmore testcases
2005-08-13  Torsten Curdtimproved testcase coverage
2005-08-12  Torsten Curdtdon't need that method
2005-08-12  Torsten Curdtmore tests,
2005-08-12  Torsten Curdtfixed the testcases,
2005-08-12  Torsten Curdtprepare to log tests
2005-08-11  Torsten Curdtseparate class loading from monitoring
2005-08-11  Torsten Curdtadded testcases,
2005-08-10  Torsten Curdtmake the reloading classloader stoppable,
2005-08-09  Torsten Curdtfall back to a simple wait for now
2005-08-09  Torsten Curdtremoved false bcel dep,
2005-08-08  Donald J. Brown * Adding constructors that accept the compiler impleme...
2005-07-30  Torsten Curdtupgrade to jdtcore 3.1
2005-07-04  Torsten Curdtadded testcase skeletons,
2005-07-01  Davanum SrinivasUpdated to latest JDT
2005-03-31  Torsten Curdtinitial janino implementation,
2005-03-27  Torsten Curdtsupport monitoring multiple repositories
2005-02-21  Torsten Curdtignore "unused imports"
2005-02-20  Torsten Curdtreloading resources from a monitored repository
2005-02-14  Torsten Curdtfix a race condition. start the monitor thread after...
2005-02-07  Torsten Curdtproper package name
2005-01-12  Torsten Curdtuse commons-logging
2005-01-03  Torsten Curdtinitial import from cocoon-trunk