2020-11-21  Gary GregoryAdd missing '@Override' annotations.
2020-11-21  Gary GregoryUse for-each. Use final.
2020-09-20  Gary GregoryIgnore Eclipse files.
2019-08-15  sebbASFSCM: SVN => Git
2017-05-31  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding to pom trunk
2016-01-19  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2016 in NOTICE.txt
2015-12-09  Sebastian BazleyCollect the DOAPs
2014-07-20  Gary D. GregoryAdd .pmd to svn:ignore.
2014-07-20  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2014.
2014-05-12  Emmanuel BourgUpdated the dependency on ASM (5.0.2)
2013-10-22  Henri Yandelldeveloped at->developed by
2013-10-14  Emmanuel BourgDOAP update for JCI 1.1
2013-10-10  James W. CarmanPreparing code for a 2.0 release.
2013-10-10  Stefan Bodewigwelcome to 2013
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgDo not attempt to build the assemblies for the examples
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgUpdated the copyright year in the notice files
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the examples profile
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgAlign the version of the plugins with the parent pom
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgDocumentation improvements
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgEnable the examples module by default but don't deploy...
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgFixed the examples
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the custom download page and use directly the...
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgAdded a link to the Javadoc in the menu
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRefreshed the issue tracking page
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgSet the project language (used by the TortoiseSVN spell...
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRefreshed the mailing list page
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgUse relative links in the menu
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgDon't generate the modules sites, everything is aggrega...
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgAggregated the test reports
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgAdded an aggregated Cobertura report
2013-10-09  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the maven-project-info-reports-plugin configura...
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgPreparation for 1.1 RC1
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgAdjusted the base directory of the assemblies to use...
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgDisabled the assembly plugin for the sub modules
2013-10-08  Sebastian BazleyFile no longer exists
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgGenerate an empty manifest to work around the "Manifest...
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgDownload page update for JCI 1.1
2013-10-08  Sebastian BazleyAdd examples as optional build
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgDisabled an assertion in testDeleteFileDetection failin...
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the commented main method in FilesystemAlterati...
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgMade listenersSet final in FilesystemAlterationObserverImpl
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgRelease notes for JCI 1.1
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the old dist script
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgReplaced 'Mustang' with 'Java 6' in the FAQ
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgRemoved the references to the javac compiler
2013-10-08  Emmanuel BourgFixed a NPE when FilesystemAlterationMonitor.stop(...
2013-08-27  Sebastian BazleyJCI-74 - FilesystemAlterationMonitor.delay is not safel...
2013-08-27  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc
2013-08-27  Sebastian BazleySimplify
2013-08-27  Sebastian BazleyJCI-67 Dubious use of mkdirs() return code
2013-08-21  Sebastian BazleyDocument the isPackage() bug
2013-08-21  Sebastian BazleyJCI requires 1.5+ now so no need to check for this
2013-08-21  Sebastian BazleyJCI-59 Allow the tests to complete without completely...
2013-08-21  Sebastian BazleyOops - remove debug accidentally committed as part...
2013-08-21  Sebastian BazleyJCI-73 Drop javac compiler; it only works on Java 1.5
2013-08-20  Sebastian BazleyPrivate immutable field might as well be final
2013-08-20  Sebastian BazleyJCI-68 FilesystemAlterationMonitor NullPointerExceptio...
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyDocument build requirement
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyExplicit unboxing
2013-08-19  Sebastian Bazley@Overrides
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyJava5: generics and annotations
2013-08-19  Sebastian Bazleyjavac can now use asm/asm/3.3.1
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyJavac needs different version of ASM from core(test)
2013-08-19  Sebastian Bazleyvafer 0.4 dropped a required class
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyOops!
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyUpdate dependency versions
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyDedup commons-io dependency
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyCurrent version of Logging
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyCentralise version control in parent pom
2013-08-19  Emmanuel BourgRenamed childs -> children
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyTag 1.0
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyJCI-72 - jsr199 module refers to itself as jsr166
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyBranding
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyAdd optional profiles for currently disabled modules
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyBranding
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyBranding
2013-08-19  Sebastian BazleyBranding: it is Apache Commons, not just Commons
2013-08-19  Emmanuel BourgUpdated the dependency on Commons Lang
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyMake immutable private fields final
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleySuppress generics warnings interfacing to non-generics...
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyUnused variables
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyAdd @Deprecated
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyException not thrown
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyRaw types
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyUnnecessary casts
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyMissing @Overrides
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgMake fam thread a daemon thread (JCI-65)
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgAdded a name to the fam thread
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgGenerification
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyBetter test error messages
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyShow whether class files are generated before failing...
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgBuild fam with the other modules
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgUpgrade target/source level to 1.5, with the right...
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyAdd tests for 1.7
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyFix deprecation warning
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyAllow for testing with Java 1.7
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc fixes
2013-08-18  Sebastian BazleyDocument excluded module
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgSupport target/source 1.7 with the Eclipse compiler
2013-08-18  Emmanuel BourgReplaced StringBuffers with StringBuilders