2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP tags/1.0-RC2 1.0-RC2
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) tags/1.0-RC2@560659
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP tags/1.0-RC2@560657
2007-05-29  Torsten Curdtgpg keys for the release signing tags/1.0-RC2@560656
2007-05-23  Torsten CurdtRC2
2007-05-23  Torsten Curdt[maven-scm] copy for tag commons-jci-1.0 tags/1.0-RC2@541093
2007-04-25  Niall PembertonRemove tab characters from source (no actual code changes) tags/1.0-RC2@538079
2007-04-19  Niall PembertonUpdate Dependencies: Remove unnecessary Commons Collect...
2007-04-19  Niall PembertonUpdate Dependencies: Remove unnecessary Commons Collect...
2007-04-19  Niall PembertonRemove copyright statement from source file headers...
2007-04-17  Torsten Curdtrephrased a few o=paragraphs,
2007-04-13  Niall PembertonAdd LICENSE and NOTICE files to all modules in maven...
2007-04-13  Niall PembertonAdd assembly to create source and binary distros
2007-04-12  Torsten Curdtfixed up
2007-04-03  Torsten Curdt[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-04-03  Torsten Curdt[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0-RC1
2007-04-03  Torsten Curdt[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-04-03  Torsten Curdt[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0-RC1
2007-04-02  Torsten Curdt[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2007-04-02  Torsten Curdt[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0-RC1
2007-04-02  Torsten Curdtuse gpg plugin from parent, tags/1.0-RC1@524960
2007-04-02  Torsten Curdtignore cobertura files
2007-04-02  Torsten Curdtenable the gpg plugin
2007-04-01  Torsten Curdtown jira project
2007-04-01  Torsten Curdtold cobertura version
2007-04-01  Torsten Curdtinstrument for coverage
2007-04-01  Torsten Curdtupdated TODO
2007-04-01  Torsten Curdtgraduatation from sandbox
2007-03-29  Torsten Curdtadded more docs, tags/1.0-RC1@524580 tags/1.0-RC2@524580 tags/1.0-RC3@524580 tags/1.0-RC4@524580 tags/1.0@524580 trunk@524580
2007-03-27  Torsten Curdtdocumentation,
2007-03-25  Torsten Curdtsome doc and site work
2007-03-25  Torsten Curdtfixed up the jsp example,
2007-03-24  Torsten Curdtwork around (for now) as the compiler refuse to compile...
2007-03-24  Torsten Curdtpackage.html files (still skeletons)
2007-03-17  Torsten Curdtcommand line example working (with commons cli 1.0...
2007-03-16  Torsten Curdtcommand line compiler example (still with cli problems),
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtexample skeletons
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtstandard layout
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtclean up,
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtdocs,
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtclean ups,
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtno trace
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdttailored logging
2007-03-10  Torsten Curdtbetter logging
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtbe more fuzzy
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtcache classes in javac,
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtlog test in debug
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtresouce dirs for tests
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtresource dirs,
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtmove out some \ -> / conversion into utils,
2007-03-07  Torsten Curdtcheck for the tools jar
2007-03-06  Torsten Curdtfail a test if javac is not in the classpath
2007-03-06  Torsten Curdtuse the stream that gets closed
2007-03-06  Torsten Curdtindenting,
2007-03-06  Torsten Curdtargh! wrong separator
2007-03-06  Torsten Curdtlog to console (at least it should)
2007-03-06  Torsten Curdthopefully make windows happy
2007-03-05  Torsten Curdtremoved the maven jci plugin experiment (will be moved...
2007-03-03  Torsten Curdtfixed up the deps on the tests
2007-03-03  Torsten Curdtadded the dep on the parent tests
2007-03-03  Torsten Curdtcreate test jar
2007-03-01  Torsten Curdtworking js compilation,
2007-02-26  Torsten Curdtno test sub project anymore
2007-02-26  Torsten Curdtignore eclipse and maven files
2007-02-26  Torsten Curdtignore eclipse and maven files
2007-02-26  Torsten Curdta first attempt - boy does jsr199 suck
2007-02-26  Torsten Curdtno javassist anymore,
2007-02-26  Torsten Curdta first sort of working version of compiling javascript...
2007-02-24  Torsten Curdtnitpicking,,
2007-02-22  Torsten Curdtfixed the javac compilation :)
2007-02-22  Torsten Curdtmove test into the compilers / core,
2007-02-21  Torsten Curdtsplit the compiler testcases,
2007-02-19  Torsten Curdtdo not copy on every check
2007-02-19  Torsten Curdtbetter project separation,
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtnitpicking
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdt
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtrefactoring
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtuse the released parent
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtmoved tests to the sub project,
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtmove test into sub project
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtmoving test into sub projects
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtas the other
2007-01-21  Torsten Curdtupdated
2007-01-12  Dennis LundbergUnify naming.
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergIgnore target directory.
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergFormating and de-tab.
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergRemove the parts that are inherited from the parent.
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergFormating.
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergInherit from the parent and remove the parts that are...
2006-11-29  Henri YandellApplying NOTICE file change. Amazing how many of our...
2006-11-29  Henri YandellFixed copyright headers. Apologies if this breaks thing...
2006-11-09  Torsten Curdtmostly nitpicking and deprecating things that will...
2006-09-23  Torsten Curdt
2006-08-27  Dennis LundbergIgnore target directory.
2006-08-12  Torsten Curdtcommented out a testcase, moved to standard layout
2006-08-12  Torsten Curdtmoving the fam outside of core, standard layout
2006-08-12  Torsten Curdttests into standard location
2006-08-10  Henri YandellSwitching viewcvs url to viewvc
2006-08-10  Henri YandellSwitching from to people.apache...
2006-07-22  Torsten CurdtGSoC: using javac through jci by Peter Konstantinov