2018-10-28  henribJEXL-278: refined logic to better capture ambiguous... master
2018-10-25  henribJEXL-278: added logic to better capture ambiguous state...
2018-10-22  henribJEXL: nitpicks in Javadoc
2018-09-18  henribMerge dmitri-blinov/documentation-brushup into JEXL-233
2018-09-18  henribJEXL-274: added JexlBuilder option, interpreter code...
2018-09-18  dmitri-blinovMerge branch 'master' into documentation-brushup
2018-09-18  Dmitri BlinovDocumentation update cleanup
2018-09-18  Dmitri BlinovDocumentation update
2018-09-17  henribJEXL-275: added option, tests and changes
2018-09-13  henribJEXL-273: changes & release notes
2018-09-13  henribJEXL: more tests on do...while loops
2018-09-13  henribMerge branch 'experimental-do-while' of https://github...
2018-09-13  henribJEXL-175: changes & release notes
2018-09-13  henribReuse parsing method;
2018-09-13  Dmitri BlinovMerge branch 'experimental-regex' of https://github...
2018-09-13  Dmitri BlinovRegex literal to be parse-time constant
2018-09-12  henribMerge branch 'master' into experimental-regex
2018-09-12  henribJEXL-272: releases notes typo
2018-09-12  henribJEXL-272: properly detect and report null property...
2018-09-12  Henri BiestroJEXL-271: reporting the unbound parameters (curry(...
2018-09-10  henribJEXL: enable easier log lib change and package rename
2018-09-10  henribJEXL-271, JEXL-270: release notes, changes
2018-09-10  henribJEXL-271: simplified curry(...) after being hinted...
2018-09-10  henribJEXL-270, JEXL-271: fix hoisting resolution and use...
2018-08-20  Dmitri BlinovIntroduce regex Pattern literal ~//
2018-08-20  Dmitri BlinovIntroduce do/while loop syntax
2018-08-16  henribJEXL-267: added test illustrating intended behaviors
2018-08-16  henribJEXL-266: augmented example/prototype with 2 forEach...
2018-08-15  henribJEXL-266: added an example/prototype through forEach...
2018-08-08  henribJEXL: cleansing and refactoring the
2018-08-06  henribJEXL-265: making namespace identifier explicit in gramm...
2018-08-02  henribJEXL-264: adding syntax in javacc jjt, escaping/unescap...
2018-08-02  henribJEXL-261: reload namespaces which are classes on setCla...
2018-05-23  henribJEXL-260: performance regression fix
2018-05-21  henribJEXL-261: api change, added logic in engine and interpr...
2018-05-20  henribJEXL-260: added logic in interpreter, added test, updat...
2018-05-16  henribJEXL: fixing preparation to add 'escaped' identifiers
2018-05-16  henrib[JEXL]:
2018-05-16  henrib[JEXL]:
2018-04-11  Henri BiestroJEXL-256: a test/sample for throwing (jexl) exception...
2018-03-05  Henri BiestroJEXL-255: separated script execution cancellation and...
2018-03-04  Henri BiestroJEXL-255: implemented a test timeout annotation, fixed...
2018-02-07  Henri BiestroJEXL-252, JEXL-250: syntax documentation
2018-02-07  Henri BiestroJEXL-252, JEXL-250: hardened logic and more tests
2018-02-07  Henri BiestroJEXL-252, JEXL-250: hardened logic and more tests
2018-02-06  Henri BiestroJEXL-252, JEXL-250: hardened logic and more tests
2018-02-06  Emmanuel BourgJEXL-254: Fixed the name of the test classes
2018-02-05  Henri BiestroJEXL-252, JEXL-250: added safe navigation and string...
2018-02-04  Emmanuel BourgUpdated the year in NOTICE.txt
2018-02-03  Henri Biestro[JEXL] Attempting git commit
2018-02-02  Emmanuel BourgReplaced the Subversion URLs with the equivalent ones...
2018-01-22  Henri BiestroJEXL-246:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL-248:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL-248:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL-246:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-21  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-20  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-20  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-18  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-16  Henri BiestroJEXL-246:
2018-01-16  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-11  Henri BiestroJEXL-246:
2018-01-11  Henri BiestroJEXL-246:
2018-01-08  Henri BiestroJEXL-246:
2018-01-08  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2018-01-07  Gary D. GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 42 to 43.
2017-12-04  Henri BiestroJEXL-245:
2017-11-29  Henri BiestroJEXL-243:
2017-11-20  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2017-11-06  Henri BiestroJEXL-244:
2017-10-27  Henri BiestroJEXL-243:
2017-10-27  Henri BiestroJEXL-240:
2017-10-23  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2017-10-19  Henri BiestroJEXL-241:
2017-10-19  Henri BiestroJEXL-241:
2017-10-08  Pascal Schumacherfix java 6 build on travis by using precise distribution
2017-10-06  Henri BiestroJEXL:
2017-10-06  Henri BiestroJEXL-238:
2017-10-06  Henri BiestroJEXL-240:
2017-10-06  Henri BiestroJEXL-240:
2017-09-06  Bruno P. KinoshitaFix typos in Javadoc
2017-08-10  Pascal Schumachertry to fix build on travis by increasing max memory...
2017-08-10  Pascal fix travis badge
2017-08-09  Pascal add build status badge and remove now redund...
2017-08-09  Pascal Schumacher.travis.yml: build pull requests (not only trunk)
2017-08-09  Pascal Schumacher.travis.yml: remove oraclejdk7 (no longer available)
2017-07-14  Henri BiestroJEXL-224:
2017-07-14  Henri BiestroJEXL-224:
2017-07-14  Henri BiestroJEXL-224: added logic to allow detecting an overloaded...
2017-07-14  Henri BiestroJEXL-224: ObjectContext rewrite based on lower level...
2017-07-05  Henri BiestroJEXL-236: modified arguments class checks & casts,...
2017-07-05  Henri BiestroJEXL: added null coalescing operator script test
2017-07-05  Henri BiestroJEXL: added empty and nested set tests
2017-07-01  Henri BiestroJEXL-227: JexlScriptEngineFactory.getEngineVersion...
2017-07-01  Henri BiestroJEXL-234: updated JexlArithmetic.start,ends}With to...
2017-06-28  Henri BiestroJEXL-231: Syntax for accessing List elements is not...