2009-09-15  Sebastian BazleyUpdate copyright to 2009
2009-09-14  Sebastian BazleyAdd some coercion tests
2009-09-14  Henri BiestroMade {Expression,Script}Factory use a specialized ...
2009-09-14  Henri BiestroWhen arithmetic operations are performed on 'natural...
2009-09-14  Henri Biestrofix tryExecute which was not using the index argument
2009-09-12  Sebastian BazleyRestore ExpressionFactory and ScriptFactory
2009-09-05  Rahul AkolkarThe 2.0 branch is now trunk.
2009-09-03  Henri BiestroAllow multiple statements in UnifiedJEXL expressions...
2009-09-03  Henri BiestroAllow single line comment ## to behave like //; add...
2009-09-03  Sebastian BazleyRemove unused code and variables
2009-09-03  Sebastian BazleyUnnecessary casts
2009-09-03  Henri BiestroAllow single line comment // to end on EOF; add test
2009-09-03  Henri BiestroNo functional change;
2009-09-03  Henri BiestroAdded integer division behavior change; added (some...
2009-09-02  Henri BiestroAdded more expressions to check; the ';' is necessary...
2009-09-02  Sebastian BazleyFix tests which failed due to change in promotion rules...
2009-09-02  Henri BiestroJEXL-87:
2009-09-02  Henri BiestroJEXL-90: fix in Parser, enforce 2 expressions are separ...
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroDocument setSilent/setDebug/setLenient/setFunctions...
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroAdded nb-configuration.xml (Netbeans specific) to list...
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroRemoved suite() and main() methods from tests.
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroMoved to test directory
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroImplementation moved to
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroRefactored BitwiseOperator to use asserter.
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroMade ExpressionImpl implement both Script and Expressio...
2009-08-30  Henri BiestroNo functional change, just a reordering to make grammar...
2009-08-29  Henri BiestroModified tests to check the Debugger on tearDown.
2009-08-29  Rahul AkolkarFix typos.
2009-08-29  Henri Biestro*Parser.jjt*: modified grammar to make last statement...
2009-08-29  Henri Biestroadded Unicode escape sequence to String literal handlin...
2009-08-27  Henri Biestrohenrib moved from contributor to committer status
2009-08-21  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-88 - name clash getMostSpecific...
2009-08-13  Sebastian BazleyFix bug in value of BIGD_DOUBLE_MIN_VALUE
2009-08-13  Sebastian BazleyRemove unused commented line (same as existing line)
2009-08-11  Rahul AkolkarClearer (IMO) and consistent Javadoc.
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyInitial JSR-223 documentation
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyLink for JSR-223 docn
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyTidy control examples
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyExamples have moved
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyExamples have moved
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyBasic test app for Jexl
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyBoxing/unboxing
2009-08-11  Sebastian BazleyMising @Override
2009-08-10  Rahul AkolkarChange foreach syntax -- now aligned with enhanced...
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarSuppress verified warnings.
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarSerial version UIDs for test classes.
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarFour unused variables in tests -- remove three, use...
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarAdd serial version UIDs where missing.
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarClass outline was really hard to read, reordering coupl...
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarVarious MethodKey fixes:
2009-08-08  Rahul AkolkarLenient mode should not throw exception when getting...
2009-08-07  Rahul AkolkarTry list executors before duck.
2009-08-07  Rahul AkolkarRename last Velocity originated classes (the prefixes...
2009-08-07  Rahul AkolkarRemove now unused class.
2009-08-07  Rahul AkolkarTurn examples directory code into unit tests.
2009-08-06  Sebastian BazleyBasic application for testing using the JSR-223 scripti...
2009-08-06  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-43 add docn for Map access
2009-08-06  Sebastian BazleyTest variable as map index
2009-08-06  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-78 Ternary operator throws Exception when JexlEngi...
2009-08-06  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-75 Array literal syntax is not supported
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-74 Maps do not handle integer keys correctly
2009-08-05  Rahul AkolkarLine width < 79.
2009-08-05  Rahul AkolkarVarious minor improvements:
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyAdd @since 2.0 markers
2009-08-05  Rahul AkolkarCleanup and create a shell for 2.0 release notes.
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-73 Undefined variables not reported correctly
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-68 Change Asserter to use provided JexlEngine
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-68 (part) Rename JEXLEngine => ENGINE for consistency
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-68 (part) Rename engine => ENGINE
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-72 Remove deprecated classes and methods entirely
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-68 Revert part of r801035 (incorrectly removed...
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyDelete deprecated code (part 1)
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyType safety fixes and explicit boxing
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyRename local JEXL variable to avoid potential confusion...
2009-08-05  Sebastian BazleyMake boxing explicit (use Integer.valueOf() for numbers...
2009-08-04  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-68 Remove usage of deprecated classes in tests
2009-08-04  Sebastian BazleyStop using deprecated ExpressionFactory
2009-08-04  Sebastian BazleyMissing @Override
2009-08-04  Sebastian BazleyTidy some Eclipse warnings
2009-08-03  Sebastian BazleyForgot method Javadoc
2009-08-03  Sebastian BazleyGive scripts access to a logger
2009-08-03  Sebastian BazleyDocument deprecation
2009-08-03  Sebastian BazleyType-safety fix
2009-08-03  Sebastian BazleyDefault constructor was unusable because this(null...
2009-08-03  Sebastian BazleyOops - don't use == to compare Strings!
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyStop checkstyle complaining
2009-08-02  Rahul AkolkarFix bad syntax in reference.
2009-08-02  Rahul AkolkarRemove old artifacts for the checkstyle plugin that...
2009-08-02  Rahul AkolkarMove to standard m2 directory layout:
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyRemove redundant null checks
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyRemove Autoboxing
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyUnnecessary cast; @Override
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc fixes; add @Override tags
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyType safety
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyType safety
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyRemove unnecessary casts and null checks
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyUnused variable
2009-08-02  Sebastian BazleyJEXL-60 - fix header