2015-11-24  Benedikt RitterJXPATH-160: ValueUtils.getValue throws exception with...
2015-11-24  Benedikt RitterAdd test proofing that JXPATH-118 is not a problem...
2015-11-24  Benedikt RitterAdd .gitignore and update NOTICE.txt. Thanks to Uwe...
2015-11-22  Benedikt RitterAdd IntelliJ files to svn:ignore
2015-11-22  Benedikt RitterJXPATH-162: Concurrency problem for JXPathContextFactor...
2015-11-18  Benedikt RitterSet maven compiler properties as suggested by Gary...
2015-11-18  Benedikt RitterAdd all tickets resolved in JIRA to changes.xml
2015-11-18  Benedikt RitterUpdate path to 1.3 api docs
2015-11-18  Benedikt RitterConvert project to standard maven layout
2015-11-18  Benedikt RitterAdd markdown files for github contributors
2015-11-18  Benedikt RitterUpdate to latest commons-parent pom
2015-05-08  Sebastian BazleyEach Version must be in its own release section
2014-12-05  Sebastian BazleyMove to Apache RAT
2014-02-04  Gary D. Gregory[JXPATH-166] JXPathContextReferenceImpl.addNodePointerF...
2014-02-04  Gary D. GregoryAdd changes.xml.
2014-02-04  Gary D. GregoryUpdate copyright for 2014.
2013-10-21  Sebastian BazleyASF Branding
2013-09-14  Sebastian BazleyUseless ;
2013-09-14  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc syntax
2013-09-14  Sebastian BazleyUnnecessary casts
2013-09-14  Gary D. GregoryNo need to lazy-init statics contextFactory and compila...
2013-09-13  Gary D. GregoryAdd Maven-Eclipse artifacts to svn:ignore.
2013-03-22  Sebastian BazleyFix up URLs so they point to actual sites; this allows...
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyfix links to previous versions
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyuse last parent and restore download cgi
2013-02-26  Olivier Lamyignore *.iml
2013-01-30  Sebastian Bazleydeveloped by => developed at
2013-01-17  Olivier Lamyconfigure svnpubsub
2012-03-17  Henri YandellUpdating copyright dates in notice per expressive last...
2012-02-24  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-152] synchronized access to HashMap#put() calls...
2012-01-21  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-153] mark all dependencies as optional in OSGI...
2012-01-21  Matthew Jason... checkstyle/PMD/findbugs
2012-01-21  Matthew Jason... reformat
2012-01-21  Matthew Jason... correct a property
2012-01-21  Matthew Jason... upgrade parent; use parent javadoc-plugin version;...
2012-01-20  Matthew Jason... add missing contributor
2012-01-20  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-154] handling of inner empty/default ns in...
2012-01-20  Matthew Jason... refactor
2012-01-20  Matthew Jason... simplify empty string check
2012-01-20  Matthew Jason... revert previous commit that made some tests fail :/
2012-01-20  Matthew Jason... fix dtd
2011-10-28  David Brosiusremove unused collection
2011-10-28  David Brosiusremove unnecessary cast
2011-10-28  David Brosiusfix unit test, by checking for bean being a HttpSession...
2011-10-28  David Brosiusreduce cohesion in the interface, use Set vs. HashSet
2011-10-28  David Brosiusguard against npes on exception path
2011-10-28  David Brosiusremove dead store
2011-06-08  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-151] null handling is inconsistent
2011-06-08  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-149] relational operations do not function...
2011-06-08  Matthew Jason... further elucidate handling of null values by JXPath
2011-06-08  Matthew Jason... simplify and bulletproof cache synchronization; thanks...
2011-06-07  Matthew Jason... add source headers + svn keywords
2011-06-07  Matthew Jason... add an optional NodePointerFactory whose (indirectly...
2011-06-07  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-142] avoid NullPointerExceptions in DynamicPoin...
2011-06-07  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-141] FunctionLibrary Multithreading issue
2011-03-31  Gary D. GregoryIgnore eclipse project files.
2010-10-06  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-57 Fix announce mod_mbox link
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonGenerate custom Mailing List pages for components ...
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 15
2010-04-13  Niall PembertonRemove m1 files from source assembly descriptors
2010-04-13  Niall PembertonMove/rename "xdocs" directory to standard m2 "src/site...
2010-03-30  Sebastian BazleyFix up jakarta download references
2010-03-28  Niall PembertonRemove m1 cvs-usage.xml & navigation.xml files
2010-03-28  Henri YandellRemoving M1 build, M2 build seems fine
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-14 (and maven-javadoc-plugin...
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpdate components to point to the new download pages
2010-03-09  Niall PembertonFix jxpath for multi-module profile
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonRe-generate the download pages using the new commons...
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 13 of commons-parent
2010-03-03  Matthew Jason... sp + kw
2010-03-03  Matthew Jason... kw
2010-03-03  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-136] Cannot reproduce
2010-03-03  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-135] self-evident infinite loop
2010-03-02  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-133] use == or .equals on parent node compariso...
2010-02-28  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-131] Exception handling
2010-02-28  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-129] partial: sp 'ambiguous'
2010-02-27  Matthew Jason... ws
2010-02-27  Matthew Jason... svn keywords
2010-02-27  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-125] JXPathContext.iteratePointers() does not...
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-127] Change dynamic classloading to consult...
2009-11-12  Niall PembertonUpdate to the latest BeanUtils 1.8.2 release
2009-10-20  Niall PembertonUpdate to commons-parent-12
2009-05-29  Emmanuel BourgImplemented the ends-with function (JXPATH-132)
2009-05-28  Sebastian BazleyFix DOAP tags
2009-01-29  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-128]
2008-09-11  Matthew Jason... further tests for [JXPATH-12]
2008-08-25  Matthew Jason... add 1.3 revision to DOAP releases
2008-08-15  Matthew Jason... version
2008-08-14  Niall PembertonUpdate JXPath properties for 1.3 release and re-generat...
2008-07-30  Matthew Jason... regen release notes
2008-07-25  Matthew Jason... [JXPATH-124] protected access for helper methods in...
2008-07-21  Niall Pembertonchange commons-parent to version 11
2008-07-11  Matthew Jason... address problems found with 1.3 RC4
2008-06-23  Matthew Jason... potential NPE
2008-06-23  Matthew Jason... checkstyle/pmd
2008-06-23  Matthew Jason... reports tweakage
2008-06-20  Matthew Jason... update release notes
2008-06-20  Matthew Jason... EOL
2008-06-16  Matthew Jason... findbugs
2008-06-16  Matthew Jason... typo