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2015-11-24  Benedikt RitterActivate JaCoCo test coverage report
13 years ago JXPATH_1_3 JXPATH_1_3
13 years ago JXPATH_1_3_RC5 JXPATH_1_3_RC5
13 years ago JXPATH_1_3_RC4 JXPATH_1_3_RC4
13 years ago JXPATH_1_3_RC3 JXPATH_1_3_RC3
14 years ago JXPATH_1_3_RC2 JXPATH_1_3_RC2
14 years ago JXPATH_1_3_RC1 JXPATH_1_3_RC1
14 years ago jwsp_10_01 jwsp_10_01
14 years ago jwsdp_10_ea2_01 jwsdp_10_ea2_01
14 years ago JXPATH_1_2_RC2 JXPATH_1_2_RC2
14 years ago JXPATH_1_2 JXPATH_1_2
14 years ago JXPATH_1_1_BETA_2 JXPATH_1_1_BETA_2
14 years ago JXPATH_1_1_BETA_1 JXPATH_1_1_BETA_1
14 years ago JXPATH_1_1 JXPATH_1_1
14 years ago JXPATH_1_0_B2 JXPATH_1_0_B2
14 years ago JXPATH_1_0_B1 JXPATH_1_0_B1
14 years ago JXPATH_1_0 JXPATH_1_0
2 days ago dependabot/maven/commons-beanutils-commons-beanutils-1.9.4
2 days ago dependabot/maven/xerces-xercesImpl-2.12.2
23 months ago master
13 years ago JXPATH_1_3_RC4