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[commons-lang.git] / RELEASE-NOTES.txt
2008-03-11  Matthew Jason Bensonremove MultiFormatTest note
2008-03-11  Henri YandellUpdating release notes
2008-01-25  Niall PembertonLANG-404 Add Calendar flavour format methods to DateFor...
2007-11-16  Henri YandellCurrent state of release notes
2007-07-31  Dennis LundbergApache Apache
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-02-06  Henri YandellAdding LANG-315 to the release notes
2007-01-30  Henri YandellAdding LANG-314 to the release notes
2007-01-30  Henri YandellFixed up release notes
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-275 - StringUtils substringsBetween, implemented...
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-306 - StrBuilder appendln/appendAll/appendSeparator
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-310 - BooleanUtils isNotTrue/isNotFalse
2007-01-03  Henri YandellLANG-102 was fixed
2007-01-02  Henri Yandelljardiff/clirr passes for 2.2->2.3. No new deprecations...
2006-12-29  Henri YandellAdding bugfixes and improvements from JIRA
2006-12-26  Henri YandellStarting on Lang 2.3 release notes
2006-09-17  Henri YandellAdded methods back in that were lost in r397016 (my...
2006-09-17  Henri YandellUsed jardiff to discover a couple of removed methods...
2006-09-15  Henri YandellThe new features were really improvemens, so might...
2006-09-15  Henri YandellUsed the release notes feature of jira to generate...
2006-08-04  Henri YandellDropped the 2.1 bugfixes and new features. Moved bugzil...
2006-01-07  Stephen ColebourneNew ExceptionUtils methods getMessage/getRootCauseMessage
2006-01-05  Gary D.
2005-11-23  Gary D. Gregory37596 DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationWords "11...
2005-11-17  James W. CarmanUpdating release notes to mention new ClassUtils.getCla...
2005-10-22  Gary D. GregoryPlanned 2.2 leg work.
2005-06-01  Steven Caswelladded reference to developer's guide for more info...
2005-06-01  Gary D. Gregory- Starting with version 2.1, Ant version 1.6.x is requi...
2005-04-10  Stephen ColebourneAdd StringUtils.defaultIfEmpty
2005-03-06  Henri Yandelladded latest set of fixed issues in Bugz
2005-02-12  Henri Yandellfixed typo
2004-12-28  Stephen ColebourneToStringStyle setArrayEnd handled null incorrectly
2004-10-16  Stephen ColebourneAdd parse method that handles multiple patterns
2004-10-16  Stephen ColebourneFix unescape to handle invalid entities
2004-10-16  Stephen ColebourneAdd bug 30929
2004-10-16  Stephen ColebourneFix DateUtils.truncate oddity at the far end of the...
2004-10-16  Stephen ColebourneAdd methods to compare dates and calendars in different...
2004-10-16  Stephen ColebourneFirst cut at release notes for 2.1
2004-02-23  Gary D. GregoryCopied RELEASE-NOTES.txt to RELEASE-NOTES-2.0.txt
2003-08-19  Henri YandellMoved BitField and Validate. Will rebuild the jardiff...
2003-08-19  Stephen ColebourneRemove evaluateSet(String) which is deprecated, but...
2003-08-18  Henri YandellUpdated the api diff format.
2003-08-17  Stephen ColebourneMove capitalizeAllWords, uncapitalizeAllWords, swapCase...
2003-08-17  Stephen ColebourneRename WordWrapUtils to WordUtils and make ready for 2.0
2003-08-17  Henri YandellRemoved WordWrapUtils from release notes. Will move...
2003-08-16  Henri YandellUpdated the jardiff alias at the end.
2003-08-16  Henri YandellAdded latest bugs to the bugfix list.
2003-08-02  Stephen ColebourneUpdate status docs following CharRange/CharSet change
2003-07-30  Henri YandellBacked the 1.0.1 out. Maybe it doesn't make sense.
2003-07-30  Henri YandellAdded in the bugs fixed in the last few weeks.
2003-07-20  Stephen ColebourneUpdates pre 2.0
2003-07-19  Stephen ColebourneRework isEmpty and isNotEmpty following user feedback
2003-07-16  Stephen ColebourneRemove StringUtils.unescape
2003-07-16  Stephen ColebourneImplement changes to StringUtils.isEmpty and friends
2003-07-15  Stephen ColebourneAdd defaultString(String) back in for performance
2003-07-14  Stephen ColebourneUpdated with isEmptyTrimmed/isNotEmptyTrimmed
2003-07-12  Henri YandellRemoved tabs.
2003-07-12  Henri YandellAdded the bugs fixed by 2.0 to the release notes.
2003-07-11  Robert Burrell DonkinSmall improvements to formatting
2003-07-08  Stephen ColebourneUpdate for release 2.0
2003-07-08  Henri YandellNew release notes, though it lacks bugs from bugzilla...
2002-09-25  Stephen ColebourneCorrect the enum release notes
2002-09-25  Henri YandellRelease notes for Lang 1.0.
2002-07-25  Henri Yandellwrote a release text. tags/LANG_1_0_B1@136941
2002-07-19  Henri YandellInitial copy from jakarta-commons-sandbox