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[commons-lang.git] / RELEASE-NOTES.txt
2021-03-05  Gary GregoryRemove -SNAPSHOT from release notes.
2021-02-26  Gary GregoryRelease notes for the next release.
2020-07-10  Gary GregoryPrepare for 3.11-RC1.
2020-03-30  Gary GregoryStandardize on American English spelling of 'behavior'.
2020-03-28  Gary GregoryAdd download page link.
2020-03-23  Gary GregoryPrepare for 3.10 RC1.
2019-08-24  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge pull request #425 from shenqioa/master
2019-07-18  Gary GregoryFix documentation of Java version from "8.0" to "8".
2019-07-04  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS links to commons.apache.org.
2019-04-24  RobMerge branch 'change-to-if-statement' of https://github...
2019-04-15  Rob TompkinsMerge tag 'commons-lang-3.9'
2019-04-11  Rob TompkinsPrepare 3.9 RC2
2019-04-10  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of github.com:apache/commons...
2019-04-09  TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache...
2019-04-09  TompkinsPreparing the codebase for 3.9
2018-09-22  Rob Tompkins(fix) RELEASE-NOTES.txt on master to look like 3.8...
2018-09-22  Rob TompkinsUpdates for 3.8.1 release
2018-09-19  Rob TompkinsPrepare 3.8.1 release LANG_3_8_1 LANG_3_8_1_RC1
2018-08-20  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'LANG-1411'
2018-08-19  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-08-19  Rob TompkinsRELEASE-NOTES java 5.0 -> java 7.0
2018-08-16  Rob Tompkins(fix) release notes LANG-1290 -> LANG-1390 typo
2018-08-16  Rob Tompkins(fix) ensure character encoding in old release notes...
2018-08-15  Rob TompkinsPreparing 3.8
2018-08-09  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'LANG-1402' of https://github.com/MarkDace...
2018-07-16  Gary GregoryPrepare for release 3.8.
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.
2017-11-04  Gary GregoryPrepare for releasing 3.7.
2017-11-04  Gary GregoryPrepare for releasing 3.7.
2017-11-04  Gary GregoryPrepare for releasing 3.7.
2017-06-12  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'release-3.6'
2017-06-09  Benedikt RitterUpdate website for 3.6 release
2017-06-09  Benedikt RitterAdd release notes for 3.6 release
2017-02-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'pr/228'
2017-01-26  stonioUpdate RELEASE-NOTES.txt fix typo "vom" (closes #229)
2016-10-13  Benedikt RitterAdd LANG-1275 to RELEASE-NOTES.txt
2016-10-13  Benedikt RitterUpdate release notes for release 3.5
2016-10-02  Benedikt RitterMerge branch 'LANG-1255'
2016-09-27  Stian Soiland-ReyesEnsure UTF-8 file encoding
2015-04-03  Benedikt RitterLANG-821: Support OS X versions in SystemUtils. This...
2015-04-03  Benedikt RitterLANG-794: SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_2008, VISTA are...
2015-04-03  Benedikt RitterThe latest release is 3.3.2
2015-04-03  Benedikt RitterDocument change of constant in DurationUtils as suggest...
2015-04-03  Benedikt RitterAdd LANG-1104 to release notes
2015-03-28  Benedikt RitterUpdate RELEASE-NOTES for release 3.4
2014-04-06  Benedikt RitterAdd release notes for 3.3.2
2014-03-15  Benedikt RitterTweak release notes a bit more
2014-03-15  Benedikt RitterRemove AL header from RELEASE_NOTES as pointed out...
2014-03-15  Benedikt RitterAdd Release notes for upcoming 3.3.1 bugfix release
2014-02-22  Benedikt RitterPreparation of Commons Lang 3.3
2014-01-05  Benedikt RitterPreparing 3.2.1 RC1
2013-12-28  Benedikt RitterDocument Java version requirements for 3.2
2013-12-28  Benedikt RitterAdd release notes for 3.2 to trunk in preparation for RC2
2012-09-27  Joerg SchaibleLANG-801: Add Conversion utility to convert between...
2012-09-27  Sebastian BazleyLANG-777 jar contains velocity template of release...
2011-11-09  Henri YandellChanging planned version from 3.0.2 to 3.1
2011-11-09  Henri YandellUpdating release notes
2011-08-07  Henri YandellRemoving xml escapes
2011-08-05  Henri YandellUpdating the release notes
2011-07-11  Gary D. Gregory[LANG-718] build.xml Java 1.5+ updates.
2011-07-10  Gary D. Gregory[LANG-716] swapCase and *capitalize speedups.
2011-07-10  Gary D. Gregory[LANG-715] CharSetUtils.squeeze() speedup.
2011-07-04  Gary D. Gregory[LANG-713] [patch] Increase test coverage of FieldUtils...
2011-07-03  Henri YandellDocumenting LANG-710 in the release notes
2011-07-03  Henri YandellNoting LANG-703 in the release notes
2011-07-02  Gary D. Gregory(LANG-711) [patch] add includeantruntime=false to javac...
2011-06-17  Matthew Jason Bensonnote LANG-684 in release notes
2011-04-21  Matthew Jason Benson[LANG-697] Add FormattableUtils class
2011-04-12  Stephen ColebourneLANG-692 - Add hashCodeMulti varargs method
2011-04-11  Henri YandellNoting LANG-691 in the release notes
2011-04-08  Henri YandellNote the CharSequence API change
2011-03-03  Henri YandellUpdating the site for 3.0
2011-03-03  Henri YandellUpdating release notes
2011-02-16  Oliver Heger[LANG-678] Updates changes and release notes.
2010-12-18  Sebastian BazleyLANG-658: Forgot to document fixes made in 1034794...
2010-10-22  Oliver Heger[LANG-653] Updated release notes
2010-10-08  Oliver Heger[lang-482] Updated release notes.
2010-07-26  Henri YandellSmall text change
2010-07-25  Henri YandellUpdating release notes by copying from the current...
2010-02-25  Niall PembertonUpdate site for 2.5 release
2008-04-03  Gary D. Gregoryfix typo.
2008-04-02  Gary D. GregoryFix spelling.
2008-03-16  Henri Yandell'methods' not 'projects'
2008-03-15  Henri YandellNoting the Java requirements in our release notes
2008-03-13  Henri YandellAdding a note on the deprecated DateUtils.add method
2008-03-11  Matthew Jason Bensonremove MultiFormatTest note
2008-03-11  Henri YandellUpdating release notes
2008-01-25  Niall PembertonLANG-404 Add Calendar flavour format methods to DateFor...
2007-11-16  Henri YandellCurrent state of release notes
2007-07-31  Dennis LundbergApache Apache
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP related blanket changes:
2007-02-06  Henri YandellAdding LANG-315 to the release notes
2007-01-30  Henri YandellAdding LANG-314 to the release notes
2007-01-30  Henri YandellFixed up release notes
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-275 - StringUtils substringsBetween, implemented...
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-306 - StrBuilder appendln/appendAll/appendSeparator
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-310 - BooleanUtils isNotTrue/isNotFalse
2007-01-03  Henri YandellLANG-102 was fixed
2007-01-02  Henri Yandelljardiff/clirr passes for 2.2->2.3. No new deprecations...
2006-12-29  Henri YandellAdding bugfixes and improvements from JIRA