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2008-03-12  Matthew Jason Bensonversion
2008-01-15  Gary D. GregoryFix Javadoc copyright year once and for all.
2007-08-09  Henri YandellI suspect the next version will be 2.4
2007-02-13  Henri YandellMoving to the next version - which I'm claiming will...
2007-02-09  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.3 tags/LANG_2_3@505486 tags/LANG_2_3_RC3@505486
2007-02-06  Henri YandellRolling back version until release is done
2007-02-06  Henri YandellPreparing for release candidate
2007-01-30  Henri YandellRolling back to 2.3-SNAPSHOT
2007-01-30  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.3 prior to creating an RC tags/LANG_2_3_RC1@501634
2006-09-19  Henri YandellMoving trunk to 2.3-SNAPSHOT so we can start working...
2006-09-19  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.2-rc1 in preparation for a release...
2006-08-28  Henri YandellFixing the ASF copyright and placing it in the NOTICE...
2006-08-26  Gary D. GregoryChange "Copyright ....-2005" to "Copyright ....-2006"
2006-07-11  Niall PembertonLANG-272 Remove 2.1 build target and exclusion of ...
2005-07-04  Gary D. GregoryTowards version 2.2:
2005-06-12  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1 for the release tags/LANG_2_1@190273
2005-06-01  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC8
2005-05-31  Gary D. GregoryI've finally worked out the oddball build and class...
2005-05-29  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC7;
2005-05-27  Gary D. GregoryRefactor unit test fork attribute in a default.properti...
2005-05-22  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC6
2005-05-05  Steven Caswellupdate version to 2.1-RC5;
2005-05-01  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC4
2005-04-26  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC3
2005-04-19  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC
2005-04-14  Gary D. GregoryUpdated copyright statements for 2005.
2005-04-14  Gary D. GregoryFix Javadoc copyright year.
2005-02-26  Dirk Verbeecksvn:keywords correction
2004-10-21  Gary D. GregoryTwo items:
2004-02-18  Gary D. GregoryApply Apache License Version 2.0 by following the instr...
2003-08-21  Henri YandellVersioned with 2.0
2003-08-17  Henri YandellPreparing for rc3.
2003-07-30  Henri YandellUpdated version so that new builds will be rc2.
2003-07-14  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.0-rc1
2003-07-14  Henri YandellUpdated version to 2.0, pre-build.
2003-02-02  Henri YandellWhat? Everyone doesn't have a /usr/local/javalib/ direc...
2003-02-02  Henri YandellUpdated to reflect next version's dev.
2002-12-08  Stephen ColebourneRemove Hen's personal settings (!)
2002-12-07  Henri YandellUpdated version from 1.0 to 1.1-dev.
2002-10-04  Henri Yandell1.0'd. LANG_1_0_BRANCH@137086 tags/LANG_1_0@137086
2002-10-01  Henri YandellMoved to RC2 tags/LANG_1_0_RC2@137083
2002-09-25  Daniel RallReverting last commit back to CVS rev 1.3. I would... tags/LANG_1_0_RC1@137064
2002-09-25  Daniel RallAll build-generated content should reside under a singl...
2002-09-25  Daniel RallUpdated the component.version property for [lang] versi...
2002-07-19  Henri Yandellremoved my junit location :)
2002-07-19  Henri YandellInitial copy from jakarta-commons-sandbox