Fix DOAP tags
[commons-lang.git] / project.xml
2008-03-12  Matthew Jason Bensonversion
2008-01-17  Niall Pembertonupdate m1 & m2 builds
2008-01-07  Henri YandellUpdating my email address
2007-11-22  Henri YandellRemoved cobertura report - has GPL artifacts
2007-11-09  Henri YandellTurning on findbugs
2007-08-09  Henri YandellI suspect the next version will be 2.4
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) trunk@560659
2007-07-27  Niall PembertonRemove jakarta references from m1 and m2 builds
2007-02-13  Henri YandellMoving to the next version - which I'm claiming will...
2007-02-09  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.3 tags/LANG_2_3@505486 tags/LANG_2_3_RC3@505486
2007-02-06  Henri YandellRolling back version until release is done
2007-02-06  Henri YandellPreparing for release candidate
2007-01-30  Henri YandellRolling back to 2.3-SNAPSHOT
2007-01-30  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.3 prior to creating an RC tags/LANG_2_3_RC1@501634
2007-01-04  Stephen ColebourneLANG-275 - StringUtils substringsBetween, implemented...
2006-12-26  Henri YandellRemoved some commented out reports; added a commented...
2006-11-11  Henri Yandellremoving unnecessary part of the pom; no xml files...
2006-10-24  Henri YandellAdding in Holger and Stepan's names. I guess I should...
2006-09-29  Henri YandellMerging r451373 over from the
2006-09-27  Henri YandellMerging r450528 from
2006-09-24  Henri YandellApplying -r449108:449370 from the LANG_2_2_X branch...
2006-09-19  Henri YandellMoving trunk to 2.3-SNAPSHOT so we can start working...
2006-09-19  Henri YandellSetting version to 2.2-rc1 in preparation for a release...
2006-08-28  Henri YandellFixing the ASF copyright and placing it in the NOTICE...
2006-08-10  Henri YandellSwitching viewcvs url to viewvc
2006-07-10  Niall PembertonFix for LANG-272 - minor build changes
2006-05-16  Henri YandellSwitched url from bugzilla to jira
2006-03-29  Stephen ColebourneAdd contributor from rv387322, mutable add/subtract
2006-03-12  Stephen ColebourneRemove direct dependency on commons-build
2006-01-08  Gary D. GregoryAdded:
2006-01-01  Stephen ColebourneSwitch clover to cobertura
2005-12-01  Dion GillardUse groupId/artifactId consistently instead of simply id
2005-11-22  Dion GillardRemoved tabs
2005-11-17  James W. CarmanAdded myself as a developer.
2005-09-10  Stephen ColebourneOptimize performance of RandomStringUtils
2005-09-10  Stephen ColebourneOptimize the performance of StringUtils.replace
2005-08-27  Stephen ColebourneFix IndexOutOfBoundsException on padding
2005-08-07  Gary D. GregoryAdds contributors Oliver Heger and Nathan Beyer.
2005-07-14  Stephen ColebourneFix ClassUtils.primitiveToWrapper() to handle Void...
2005-07-06  Steven CaswellTowards version 2.2: - Set the component version to... tags/LANG_2_2_DEV_STYLE@209379
2005-06-12  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1 for the release tags/LANG_2_1@190273
2005-06-01  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC8 tags/LANG_2_1_RC8@179329
2005-05-29  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC7
2005-05-22  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC6
2005-05-05  Steven Caswellupdated status to 2.1-RC5;
2005-05-01  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC4
2005-04-26  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC3
2005-04-19  Steven Caswellupdated version to 2.1-RC; tags/LANG_2_1_RC2@162099
2005-04-14  Gary D. GregoryUpdated copyright statements for 2005.
2005-03-03  Henri YandellOops, forgot to roll this back when I killed the 2...
2005-02-12  Henri Yandelltrunk is now 2.2-dev
2005-02-07  Henri Yandellturning on pmd report
2005-01-30  Dirk VerbeeckUse SVN changelog
2005-01-30  Henri Yandellremoving nagoya references
2004-12-28  Stephen ColebourneToStringStyle setArrayEnd handled null incorrectly
2004-11-12  Stephen ColebourneHandle Java version with text prefix, as found on HP-UX
2004-07-13  Henri Yandellcleaning up some bad maven configuration. A <resource...
2004-07-11  Phil SteitzAdded C. Scott Ananian to contributors.
2004-06-01  Stephen ColebourneMore names
2004-04-09  Mark R. DiggoryRemoved extend and adjusted build settings appropriately.
2004-03-29  Gary D. GregoryTurn on Clover.
2004-03-03  Stephen ColebourneAlpha order contributers
2004-02-24  Fredrik WestermarckAdded a contributor.
2004-02-18  Gary D. GregoryApply Apache License Version 2.0 by following the instr...
2004-02-14  Stephen ColebourneAdd Maarten Coene
2004-02-10  Mark R. DiggoryMoving extension of global project.xml to ../commons...
2004-01-15  Stephen ColebourneUpdate to correct version number 2.1-dev
2004-01-15  Tim O'BrienCommons Lang Maven site now has a white banner backgrou...
2003-12-29  Gary D. GregoryUpdate my developer tag.
2003-12-15  Gary D. GregoryTweak my <developer> entry.
2003-12-14  Phil SteitzChanged junit dependency version to 3.8.1
2003-11-29  Stephen ColebourneAssign authors correctly
2003-11-18  Phil SteitzInserted empty logo to elimninate broken image from...
2003-10-23  Stephen ColebourneAnother contributer
2003-10-23  Stephen ColebourneMore contributers
2003-10-07  Stephen ColebourneMake the contributers list more readble
2003-10-07  Stephen ColebourneAdd IS_OS_UNIX to SystemUtils
2003-10-02  Stephen ColebourneFredrik is now a developer not a committer
2003-09-06  Phil SteitzAdded contributors (sans emails) to project.xml based...
2003-08-22  Phil Steitz* Added myself as a project member
2003-07-14  Henri YandellUpdating version in this, though it's not in active...
2003-04-18  Gary D. GregoryAdded myself as agreed with Henri.
2003-02-03  Jason van Zylo The CalendUtilsTest fails due to what appears to...
2003-02-02  Henri YandellUpdated to reflect next version's dev.
2002-12-07  Henri YandellUpdated version from 1.0 to 1.1-dev.
2002-11-07  Henri YandellAdded Robert [HA, you're in now] and set an id for...
2002-09-21  Henri YandellAdded an exclude for Test classes beginning with 'Abstract'
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneAdded Steve Downey as a contributor
2002-09-08  Stephen ColebourneUpdated my personal details
2002-08-28  Henri Yandellmade it run TestCases as well as Tests
2002-07-26  Jason van Zylo using the parent project.xml
2002-07-26  Henri YandellAdding Lang maven POM.