2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP LANG_1_0_BRANCH 386/head LANG_1_0_BRANCH
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) LANG_1_0_BRANCH@560659
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP LANG_1_0_BRANCH@560657
2002-11-23  Henri YandellUpdated for 1.0.1. Needs changing in main branch when... LANG_1_0_BRANCH@560656
2002-11-23  Henri YandellInputted the bugs fixed in this release to the release...
2002-11-23  Henri YandellPut in a Unit Test to check for bug #14062 and the...
2002-11-22  Henri YandellSurprisingly the isJavaVersionAtLeast was not static...
2002-11-22  Henri YandellProtected a test which fails in JDK 1.2, probably becau...
2002-11-22  Henri YandellAdded in explicit this.'s as needed by JDK 1.2's compiler.
2002-11-22  Henri YandellThought I commited this. Oh well. Fix to getMaximum :)
2002-11-22  Henri YandellApplied bugfix 13527: ExceptionUtils cannot handle...
2002-11-22  Henri YandellApplied fix to Bug #14334: NestableDelegate is not...
2002-11-22  Henri YandellApplied the two fixes for Enum to the 1.0.1 branch.
2002-11-22  Henri YandellHopefully this is going to be the first change in the...
2002-10-04  No NoThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-10-04  Henri Yandell1.0'd. LANG_1_0_BRANCH@137086 tags/LANG_1_0@137086
2002-10-04  Henri YandellUpdated to latest 1.0 release.
2002-10-01  Henri YandellMoved to RC2 tags/LANG_1_0_RC2@137083
2002-10-01  Steven Caswelljavadoc corrections: tags/LANG_1_0_1@137082
2002-10-01  Steven Caswelljavadoc corrections:
2002-10-01  Steven Caswelljavadoc corrections:
2002-09-30  Henri YandellRemoved an unused piece of code.
2002-09-30  Henri YandellJavadoc typo fixed. equals was claiming String type.
2002-09-29  Henri YandellEnsured that the builder has a default style at all...
2002-09-29  Henri YandellRemoved unused imports.
2002-09-29  Henri YandellAdded latest issues from Steve Downey's emails.
2002-09-29  Henri YandellFixed to allow a charset of "-" to work correctly.
2002-09-29  Henri YandellTest showing that new String {"-"} does not work in...
2002-09-28  Stephen ColebourneJavadoc fixes and enhancements
2002-09-28  Stephen ColebourneJavadoc fixes and enhancements
2002-09-28  Stephen ColebourneJavadoc fixes and enhancements from Steve Downey
2002-09-27  Steven CaswellAdded StringUtils defaultString variation TODO
2002-09-27  Henri YandellChanged the deleteWhitespace method to delete according...
2002-09-27  Henri YandellAdded a patch with many improvements to the javadoc...
2002-09-25  Stephen ColebourneCorrect the enum release notes
2002-09-25  Daniel RallReverting last commit back to CVS rev 1.3. I would... tags/LANG_1_0_RC1@137064
2002-09-25  Daniel RallAll build-generated content should reside under a singl...
2002-09-25  Daniel RallIgnore the generated target/ directory.
2002-09-25  Daniel RallUpdated the component.version property for [lang] versi...
2002-09-25  Daniel RallCorrected semantics of ExceptionWithoutCause broken...
2002-09-25  Henri YandellChanged my name from 'Bayard'. Yeah yeah.
2002-09-25  Henri YandellRelease notes for Lang 1.0.
2002-09-22  Stephen ColebourneCheckstyle fixes
2002-09-21  Stephen ColebourneAdded more TODOs for CharUtils and StringBuffer
2002-09-21  Henri YandellCreated a standard set of checkstyle properties.
2002-09-21  Henri YandellRemoved unused import statements.
2002-09-21  Henri YandellEnhanced documentation files. First take.
2002-09-21  Henri YandellAdded an exclude for Test classes beginning with 'Abstract'
2002-09-19  Stephen ColebourneSuperclass now specifies protected getters and setters
2002-09-19  Stephen ColebourneAdded javadoc
2002-09-19  Stephen ColebourneAdded some javadoc
2002-09-19  Henri Yandelladded another test and updated STATUS to confirm contai...
2002-09-19  Henri YandellPatch from Fredrik Westermarck <fredrik.westermarck...
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneRemove Null placeholder singleton todo
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneAdd test for Null placeholder singleton
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneAdd Null placeholder singleton
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneAdded explicit public constructor
2002-09-18  Henri YandellAnd now i'll add a comment about the public constructor.
2002-09-18  Henri YandellBeen meaning to do this. Made the constructor public...
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneRemoved identityToString todo
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneTest identityToString
2002-09-18  Stephen ColebourneAdd identityToString
2002-09-18  Steven Caswelladded printStackTrace(PrintStream) method to NonThrowab...
2002-09-18  Steven Caswellchange getCause() ExceptionWithoutCause static class:
2002-09-17  Stephen ColebourneUpdate for checked in ToStringBuilder
2002-09-17  Stephen ColebourneTidy file layout
2002-09-17  Stephen ColebourneTests for initial checkin of ToStringBuilder and assistants
2002-09-17  Stephen ColebourneInitial checkin of ToStringBuilder and assistants
2002-09-17  Stephen ColebourneExclude static fields from reflection based builder
2002-09-17  Henri YandellNeed an unescape.
2002-09-17  Henri YandellAdded some StringUtils todos.
2002-09-17  Henri YandellRemoved the @see ExtensibleEnum as there is no such...
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneUpdated status as builder package evolves
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneAdded Steve Downey as a contributor
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneAdd tests for new min, max and compare methods
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneTest CompareToBuilder
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneAdded compare methods for double and float
2002-09-15  Stephen ColebourneAdd CompareToBuilder for building compareTo methods
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneUpdate for new builder subpackage
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneNew builder subpackage created
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneAdd extra tests for reflection and multi dimensional...
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneAdded code from Steve Downey,
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneAdded code from Steve Downey,
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneMoved from superpackage
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneMoved to builder subpackage
2002-09-12  Stephen ColebourneUpdate testing for ant
2002-09-12  Steven Caswelladded printStackTrace(PrintStream) for consistency...
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellcorrected name of test case class
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellcorrected name of test case class
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellcorrected a couple of refactoring items missed:
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellupdated javadocs
2002-09-11  Steven Caswelladded NestableErrorTestCase to test suite
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellcreated
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellrefactored to share funcrionality from AbstractNestable...
2002-09-11  Steven Caswellcreated by refactoring NestableException revision 1.3
2002-09-08  Stephen ColebourneUpdated my personal details
2002-09-06  Stephen ColebourneRemoved to sandbox ready for 1.0 release
2002-08-31  Henri YandellRemoved stackTrace and getStackTrace. ExceptionUtils...
2002-08-31  Stephen ColebourneImprove checkstyle report
2002-08-31  Stephen ColebourneImprove checkstyle report